Alleged harassment and discrimination at McMaster

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 Five faculty members at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business could be facing lengthy suspensions without pay after a tribunal released a report looking into allegations of harassment and discrimination.A three person tribunal was created in 2010 under the university’s anti-discrimination policy to look into a dispute inside the school, surrounding then-dean Paul Bates.When Bates took over the position in 2004 it was met with animosity from some faculty members who believed he didn’t have enough academic experience to take over the role.The tribunals report outlines two groups within DeGroote, one consisting of faculty with academic backgrounds and the other with business backgrounds. Each accused the other of harrassment.Complaints against Bates were dismissed. but the tribunal found three members from the group who wanted to see Bates removed from his position as dean should receive lengthy suspensions without pay or benefits. Two others should receive reduced, but still lengthy suspensions without pay, and a sixth faculty member should receive a formal written reprimand.It seems the President of the university plans to follow through on these recommendations. In a statement released this morning he writes:“I fully accept the tribunal’s findings, including the various orders and recommendations, and have already begun the process of implementing the recommended sanctions and other remedies.”There are many things that remain unclear. The university won’t say how long a lengthy suspension is and the tribunal has not released the names of any of the faculty members who will be reprimanded.The university says arrangements are being made to make sure there is no impact on the students in the school but didn’t specify if new staff members would have to be hired to replace those suspended. read more