3 Stoney Creek residents arrested for drug trafficking

Two men and a woman are facing drug trafficking charges following a month-long investigation by Hamilton police.Members of the Hamilton Police Service Vice and Drug Unit began investigating a man suspected of deal drugs in Stoney Creek in early September.Officers raided a home on Oct. 1. and arrested Jason Rosa, 36, for allegedly trafficking cocaine in the area of Arvin Ave.Police executed a second search warrant at a home near Macintosh Dr. and seized roughly $3,000 worth of cocaine and a small amount of marijuana.A 64-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were arrested and charged.Rosa was held for a bail hearing while the other two accused were released on a promise to appear in court at a later date. read more

Schneider Electric selects Simio for Wonderware MES scheduling capabilities

first_imgThis production scheduling innovation helps users ensure on-time delivery. Now Wonderware MES 2014 software users have improved capabilities to determine the best detailed production schedule scenario to help meet delivery deadline challenges. Schneider Electric offers the industry’s leading Wonderware manufacturing operations management software. Simio 3-D simulation-based planning and scheduling software innovations help users meet production deadlines more often at less cost. With this partnership, Simio and Schneider Electric will help customers improve productivity, increase business agility and deepen quality management while reducing the cost of compliance.Tom Troy, Director, Operations & Asset Portfolio, Schneider Electric, predicts this game-changing partnership will benefit Wonderware and Simio users alike. “The real-time production data our Wonderware MES software provides is essential for accurate, timely simulation-based scheduling. This has been a challenge with traditional MES offerings. But our partnership with Simio allows our customers to easily add a real-time scheduling component, using a rules-based engine and deep simulation. It’s an offering unmatched in the market today. To remain competitive, manufacturers need to move beyond command and control and into operations optimisation, problem resolution and workforce improvements. This partnership allows them to take that first step, and our customers will be able to rely on Wonderware and Simio offerings to lead the way.”According to Dr. Dennis Pegden, CEO of Simio, “Simio differs from traditional scheduling software because it provides planners and master schedulers a quick way to see the odds they will hit delivery and cost targets, especially after an unexpected situation occurs.” For example if a new, important order arrives or a machine breaks down, or workers don’t show up or supplies are late, users can re-run their schedule in minutes, taking into account the recent situation to find the best new production schedule scenario.Simio’s simulation-based planning and scheduling uses a purpose-built simulation model of the production operation to fully capture both the detailed constraints and possible problems in the facility. Then it uses this model in two ways.  The first is to generate a detailed schedule/plan.  “In this first use, the model is executed in a purely problem-free mode, as if machines do not break, process times are always constant, materials arrive on time, etc.,” says David Sturrock, Vice president of operations, Simio LLC. “This is the optimistic view assumed by most advanced planning and scheduling systems today.”Once the schedule has been generated, Simio then re-runs, in minutes, a new schedule factoring in the recent problems that occurred. “Users can then see how changes in production can affect deliveries,” says Sturrock.The payoff users experience, Simio says, with its simulation-based scheduling “is a higher percentage of on-time delivery accompanied by decreased overtime, meeting training goals and a more accurate way to evaluate capital investment proposals.”last_img read more