Wild weather causes Grand River to flood

It’s been a wild 24 hours, from temperatures in the twenties, to snow and freezing rain, and in some cases flooding. On a normal day, Wilkes Dam in Brantford flows at about 20 cubic metres per second, right now, it’s moving at about 700. “We’re seeing the river peaking now and through the next day or so.”The Grand River Conservation Authority’s Dave Schultz says the agency has been using its reservoirs to try to keep flooding to a minimum by managing the flow.“There are some road closures and some low lying areas where there is flooding going on right now.”In York, the swelling Grand has temporarily claimed a place to play, and just down the road, a place to rest. Water has come up over the banks in Caledonia as well. Each year the rising water levels brings residents and their cameras to the river. “It’s kind of a bit of a tradition to see how far it goes. So this year it goes to the road,” says one resident.Schultz says it’s best to enjoy the view from a distance. The ground near the water can be very slippery.“The water temperature is maybe a couple of degrees above zero so you won’t last long. And the speed it’s going right now you’ll get carried away before anybody even knows.” read more