Former LTTE commander killed in Paris

Nadarajah Mathinthiran alias Parithi, an ex-LTTE commander who had left the movement in the early 90’s and later coordinated Tamil organisational political activities in France since 2003, was killed last evening outside the office of the Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC) in Paris, the Tamil Nwt website quoted news sources in France as saying.The website meanwhile said that people close to the 49-year-old organiser, who was also known as Reagon, blamed the Sri Lankan military establishment for the assassination. “This seems to be a psyop assassination by the Sri Lankan state targeting the political mobilisation of the Tamil diaspora,” Mr Pradeep, an independent political activist based in Paris told TamilNet. The French Police is investigating the killing. Mathinthiran was shot at least three times when he was leaving the office of the TCC around 9:00 p.m. at Pyranees in Paris 20. Two weeks ago, the French legal proceedings sanctioned him a 10 months probation period that would have put him under close monitoring with restricted movement, including electronic monitoring. Reagon took part in the early operations of the LTTE against the Sri Lankan military in Mannaar, Jaffna and Vanni. He was a middle-level commander when he left the LTTE in the early 90’s.In 2003, when the Tiger leadership was engaged in transforming its diaspora network from its earlier structure, Mathinthiran, now named as Parithi was appointed as the coordinator of political and fund-raising activities in France.When the French authorities went on a crackdown of LTTE fundraising activities, Mathinthiran alias Parithi was held under arrest from 2007 to 2010 and was subjected to legal proceedings. He was released in 2010 under several conditions of monitoring by the French. The assassination has come at a time when Tamil groups in Paris were shedding away their internal differences of opinion, diaspora Tamil activists said, passing the entire blame of the assassination on the Sri Lankan military establishment.Mathinthiran was given with the nom de guerre Reagon when he joined the LTTE in 1983. He received his military training in the 2nd batch of the LTTE’s training programme provided by India. Some of his batch mates in the training camp in India were Kumarappa, Bhanu, Ranjan Lala and Vasu, the Tamil Net website said. read more

Monitoring tailings pipelines CiDRA receives certification for the HALO SMARTring system

first_imgCiDRA has received Class 1 Div 2 certification for its HALOTM SMARTring System. This TUVRheinland Class 1, Div 2 certification now marks the HALO system “TUV approved” for use in hazardous environments containing volatile flammable liquids, gases or vapours. “We put forth a great effort to achieve this certification, in response to our customer’s needs and requirements for services working in hazardous locations,” said Dr. Michael Davis, Principal Scientist, and Vice President of Advanced Technologies with CiDRA. “We will now add this to our current TUV and CE certifications and continue to work with our customers on their applications and certification requirements so that the maximum benefits of our HALO system can be realised.” HALO SMARTtring technology, leverages active sonar and signal processing techniques to provide permanent, fixed multipoint measurements around the circumference of the slurry pipe thereby eliminating manual point-to-point measurements. HALO SMARTring technology and service overcomes the deficiencies of traditional, manual ultrasonic thickness (UT) methods used to measure pipe wear. CiDRA leverages its differentiated sonar and signal processing expertise to provide timely, accurate, repeatable pipe wear measurements and other relevant pipeline information and characteristics. The SMARTring pipe wear measurement tool clamps around the outside of the pipe and remains installed throughout the life of the pipe. On larger diameter pipes, the HALO SMARTring solution features12 measurement locations, equally spaced around the pipe with other configurations available.“On-demand” a CiDRA technician connects a “smart” handheld reader-processor to each SMARTring sensor and acquires the raw signals and performs a first level quality control check for all 12 measurements simultaneously. The measurements are then uploaded to CiDRA’s Data Management Centre where sophisticated signal processing algorithms analyse and perform the final quality assurance check before measurements and reports are generated for the client. Because measurement of all 12 points can be made virtually in seconds, tens of thousands of points on hydrotransport and coarse tailings slurry pipelines can be frequently measured, thereby enhancing predictive modeling and action by client’s pipeline and asset reliability teams.CiDRA’s patented SONARtrac® flow technology has established itself as a new class of industrial flowmeter, using measurement principles that are distinct from all other flowmeter technologies operating today and is ideally suited for measuring flow in difficult slurry applications within the energy and natural resource industries. CiDRA has been aggressively developing various service offerings related to flow management and assurance and overall plant monitoring and process optimisation in mining, including oil sands.last_img read more