Three second-half goals lead Mack to big win over Del Norte

first_imgMckinleyville >> McKinleyville’s Jackson Sandell scored two consecutive second-half goals to help lead the Panthers to an important 4-2 win over the depleted Del Norte Warriors on Wednesday at McKinleyville High School.Sandell scored on a blast from just inside the 18-yard box to break a 1-1 tie just after halftime and on a shot off of a deflected cross to give Mack a 3-1 lead in the 53rd minute.“We’re starting to really figure out our different formations and how we work with each other and …last_img read more

Evolution of Segmentation Leads to Playing God

first_imgMost animals come in segments – body plans that are divided into more-or-less similar parts.  Arthropods, worms and vertebrates are examples (including humans, with their vertebral segments and rough division into head, thorax and abdomen).  Where did the idea of segmentation come from?  Some French evolutionists think it just appeared by chance and changed the face of the world.Science Daily makes a number of amazing claims:(1) Segmentation appeared by chance: “By chance, evolution may have played a winning card with segmentation, which profoundly marked the history of life on Earth.”(2) Evolution came up with segmentation either once or multiple times by “convergent evolution,” but the French think it happened once, because they found similar retrotransposons in the genes of the different segmented groups: “These similarities led them to conclude that the genes had been inherited from a common ancestor, which was itself segmented.” (3) Their finding constitutes proof, they think: “This old and controversial idea among zoologists [i.e., that segmented animals had a single common ancestor], had never been proved until now.” (4) Evolution would go the segmentation route because it’s economical: “Over millions of years, and exposure to changing environmental constraints, it is easier for an animal to specialize a segment into a specific tool in response to a need, than to create a whole new organ from scratch.”  This is the “necessity is the mother of invention” view of evolution.  It leaves unstated how a need turns into a capability.(5) Humans can play God by using the advantages of segmentation: “If one day we could play God and create artificial animals or even biomimetic robots, perhaps we too should think about it.  But this is still within the realm of science fiction.”    So when did chance come upon this lucky advantage?  They answered this question with a question: “Is it possible that they all inherited this feature from a very distant common ancestor that lived 600 million years ago, before the Cambrian explosion, which produced most of the large animal groups that exist today?”  They had to envision an unknown, unseen common ancestor before the explosion, because the Cambrian strata show fully-segmented worms, arthropods (trilobites) and vertebrates doing just fine.Could you find a better example of ignorance masquerading as science?  These French cream puffs know nothing of what they speak.  They don’t have a fossil ancestor.  They don’t know a date when this fossil ancestor appeared; they just made it up.  They don’t have a natural law or observable, repeatable process that could produce the advantage of segmentation (Note: chance is not a process).  The whole story is made up.  It’s not just the speculation about segmented robots and playing God that is science fiction; the whole article is science fiction.    When they say of their imaginary common ancestor that it is “thought to have lived 600 million years ago,” who thought so?  Any group of n >= 1 people can have a “thought” about anything.  We could find a nut in Timbuktu who thought animals came from the underworld, and make a statement that “animals are thought to have come from the underworld.”  Let’s name names, shall we, and have some clarity instead of hiding weak arguments from authority in passive voice verbs.  Tweety Bird thought he taw a puddy tat; in passive form, that becomes, “it is thought that puddy tats are seen.”    It’s ironic that one of the institutions responsible for this mess of sloppy reasoning is the Universit? Paris Diderot, named for the French atheist of the Enlightenment, Denis Diderot (1713-1784).  It’s even more ironic that they, as materialists following in Diderot’s footsteps, could envision humans themselves playing God.  Good luck with that.  In their own world view, they are little more than segmented robots themselves.    Speaking of the Cambrian Explosion, today listed the Illustra film Darwin’s Dilemma at the #2 spot in Science Bestsellers.  Two other Illustra films, The Privileged Planet and Unlocking the Mystery of Life, also placed in the Top 10.  Evolutionists hearing this must rue the fact that the film exposing the Cambrian Explosion as a falsification of Darwin’s views is a best seller.  If you have not seen it, view the trailer and order it today, because an ounce of fossil facts trumps a truckload of evolutionary fogma.  (For definition of fogma, see the 05/14/2007 commentary.)(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Gulf Navigation Looking to Acquire Large Shipping Fleet

first_imgImage Courtesy: Gulf NavigationDubai-based owner and operator of chemical tankers Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC (GulfNav) signed a strategic contract with Deloitte related to the company’s upcoming acquisition of a large shipping fleet, a part of GulfNav’s future expansion plans.“This upcoming acquisition represents an important step towards achieving the company’s strategic goal in being a reliable arm for the maritime industry in the UAE and the region. With the completion of this acquisition, Gulf Navigation Holding will witness an unprecedented expansion of its shipping fleet, ship management services and other maritime services,” Khamis Juma Buamim, Board Member, Managing Director and Group CEO, said.Khamis added that, with this move, Gulf Navigation “will become a competitive provider of a wide range of services to the maritime industry in the region.”He said that the company’s services would expand beyond chemical carriers by including other ship types, offshore services, shipping services as well as ship building and repair.The company did not provide further details, however, Khamis said that more information will be revealed at the completion of the acquisition.In late October, GulfNav placed an order for six chemical tankers at China’s Wuchang Group in an aim to meet the increasing demand for transferring chemicals from the UAE and other Gulf countries to global markets.The agreement includes working to develop the transfer of chemicals from the Gulf countries, encouraging investment in the field of chemical industry and distribution in the Gulf region, and developing investment in the heavy marine industry infrastructure, according to GulfNav.For the three months ended September 30, 2016, Gulf Navigation reported a surge in its net income to AUD 116.8 million from AUD 5.6 million seen in the third quarter of 2015.The company’s net income for the nine-month period stood at AUD 131.1 million, up from AUD 15.6 million.last_img read more

Former LSU Quarterback Jordan Jefferson Lands In Jail

Jordan Jefferson, the former LSU quarterback whose career was interrupted over a bar fight, reported to a Louisiana jail on Tuesday after a judge revoked his bond in a 2011 simple battery case. This follows Jefferson’s arrest last week with three other ex-Tigers on possession of marijuana.Jefferson’s simple battery charge stems from an August 11 preseason bar fight, when he was accused by authorities of beating a man near the LSU campus. He was indicted by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury in September 2011 and has pleaded innocent.On Tuesday, Jefferson reported to the jail of East Baton Rouge Parish.“I have one way of doing things. I try to be fair,” the judge said, according to The Advocate newspaper. “I have a problem with someone who’s out on bond being re-arrested. . . I have a real problem with what’s going on.”He had been free for more than a year on a $5,000 bond.Moore ordered Jefferson to undergo a substance-abuse evaluation. Jefferson was expected to appear before Moore again on Wednesday.Jefferson, 22, had been playing in the Canadian Football League as a quarterback but his lawyer says he is not playing there now.Moore also ordered that Jefferson be arraigned Dec. 12 in the case involving his arrest with the other ex-players.Lance Unglesby, Jefferson’s lawyer, said Jefferson is innocent of any charge prosecutors might issue against his client in the drug case.The attorney added: “Jordan is a humble, fine young man and looks forward to putting all this behind him.”Jefferson was arrested last week along with former LSU players Tyrann Mathieu, Derrick Bryant and Karnell Hatcher. They were taken into custody at Mathieu’s apartment after police said they found marijuana. They were booked into jail, but Jefferson has not been charged by prosecutors in that case.Mathieu, a one-time Heisman Trophy finalist, has no criminal record. He played cornerback until he was dismissed from the team in August after reportedly failing a drug test. read more

Deepika Padukone is lucky to have husband like Ranveer Singh say netizens

first_imgDeepika Padukone and Ranveer SinghInstagramA photo has come up on social media that shows Ranveer carrying Deepika’s sandals in his hands when the two attended a recent wedding in Mumbai.In the already viral picture, Ranveer is seen standing behind Deepika carrying her heels in his hands while the actress was greeting an elderly person there. This gesture by the actor caught everyone’s attention, who cannot stop praising him.A lot of people commented on the photo saying that Deepika is lucky to have a husband like Ranveer. He is being called the “perfect husband”, and is being applauded for his gentleman’s act.Ranveer and the Chhappak actress are one of the most popular B-Town couples, as they hardly miss an opportunity to showcase love for each other even publicly.Meanwhile, lately there were rumours of Deepika’s pregnancy after she was spotted at an event with a slightly bulging belly. Many on social media had started speculating that the dusky beauty was expecting a child.However, Deepika had soon put the rumours to rest by clarifying that she was not pregnant, and had also expressed disappointment at such gossips being made soon after an actress ties the knot.”It will happen when it has to happen. Motherhood trumps being married. That’s what I hear from people who have had children,” she told a publication,” she had told a publication.”Of course, it will happen at some point but no, I think it is unfair to put women through that, to put a couple through that. I guess the day we stop asking the questions is when we will bring about change,” Deepika had added. Meanwhile, the actress has been busy shooting for her next film Chhappak that is based on the real-story of an acid-attack survivor.last_img read more