The coffee machine industry website how to make the page optimization

two. The title with long tail keywords to the optimization of the original content written

long tail keyword

as a good construction of a web site, for the station optimization is the optimization of the page, in the optimization of the page optimization before the first to do long tail keywords, so how to do the research on Optimization of long tail keywords? Surely the webmaster friends should know what is about the station what, like this I do is the ShangCheng Railway Station on the coffee machine sales, it is clear about this point, the author takes the word "coffee machine" as the core word is a website, to the time to develop long tail keywords, search this time I can use some tools or keywords love Shanghai to determine the long tail keywords as shown below: read more

The Countermeasures under the background of different sites suffered punishment

third, K station punishment. This basically on many websites is a devastating blow, let love Shanghai think this site has no cure, there are a large number of black chain, keyword stuffing, a large number of advertising content, even more than the content of the website related keywords, the station group and cheating, and many have been K station website of friends the chain, this site will usually be included outside Shanghai out of love.

for this kind of punishment.

respond to this punishment generally only need to update the original content of high quality, making 404 page to avoid dead links, and improve the stability of the site space, at the same time to update some of the high quality of the chain, it often helps to quickly restore the site’s ranking, if the effect is good, can be fully recovered in 3 days. read more

Analysis of the website of Shanghai Dragon 1 state diagnosis website

Optimization of

1. with the standard of W3C. The purpose of the optimization is in line with the W3C standard, accord with the standard of spider crawling, more important is to provide a convenient and easy to use to view your site. In the United States, some users not to use IE to browse the Internet content, many users will use some of the other browsing tools, such as: Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera etc.. If the site is not using the W3C standard, then use the other browsers, you cannot see these sites. Therefore, the site in the implementation of the deployment of the site noticed this, is good. Because the influence factors of Shanghai dragon is very large. read more

Enterprise Station on line stage optimization strategy make the website optimization work more effic

enterprise website first, we should pay more attention to the code base station and user experience. Many enterprises in the early site did not take into account the optimize and marketing aspects of the work, only to face the problem, or itself in the aspects of marketing do not have much experience, see others do station themselves drift, line on the website but many stations within basic code, the user experience in a complete mess. Then, how to pay attention to what the station optimization point? Based code, whether you are table or DIV layout layout first, color collocation must highlight the industry website, all to the user experience as the foundation, can refer to the web site. In the station code, the author suggested the use of basic HTML code, is not recommended for many not much significance and function loss of user experience or search engine, such as many JS effects code, a lot of pop-up ads or floating ads and so on, these are really bad for site optimization, site based code simple, clear, site structure for example, in line with F type structure of user browsing behavior, the top banner and navigation on the left column list, intermediate product display at the bottom of the copyright information and so on is very good. Or on the lower, middle and top banner navigation module news list plus the flash rotation, at the bottom of the two for a list of products and copyright information, such a structure is the most common layout is both very good for the user or search engine, is also the author of a straight since two layout way with the station. read more

360 search station only one of the results of a site statement is disabled

to search the play big search, when the station name in the search results page There was no parallel in history. also called only a precise result. He is playing the user experience or what game to play. This change even love Shanghai, Google has not been tried, have not mentioned. Then the 360 face, do 360 optimization for us what happens? Could it be, this is a deadly weapon to use against Shanghai love? Do not know, look at the phenomenon I found out last night wonders:

you look at the picture above, search these words is very normal. read more

Shanghai dragon ER website optimization keywords research course

second, optimize the difficulty: find a search volume keywords not to decide the goal in the most popular words, optimize the difficulty must be considered. Some key words such as "news", "lose weight", although there is a large amount of search, but for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual owners, want to have this kind of popular keywords ranking do up, if there is no strong resources and manpower support basic reality. So when the choice must ensure that the keyword search volume, but competition is not difficult. read more

Six Shanghai dragon fast ranking beloved Shanghai Home Tips



we can through the relevant search and users are hot search to get the user’s needs, these are the user currently urgent concern, and we have to do is a specific article, solve the needs of users, the use of Shanghai love weight advantage of their products, to achieve fast ranking Shanghai home to love.

1 and SEM on

Wang Jishun found someone special for the QQ space ranking technology >

4, QQ

news source soft

just find a product example: activated carbon read more

6 kinds of advanced search instructions of Shanghai Longfeng workers will certainly know the

4, double quotes: on behalf of the search results, 100%.

search for "domain:www.xxx贵族宝贝.cn", the result is that www.xxx贵族宝贝.cn on the reverse link, Shanghai dragon industry have called the words "content is king, the chain for emperor", showing the importance of the chain, one of the most commonly used instruction is Shanghai dragon worker senior command.

For example,

site: 1, search for a domain name search engine included all pages.

For example, For example, we want to see read more

Make full use of pornographic door paste it for us to earn dollars After Amazon shlf1314’s stock p

seems a bit familiar with the current tech boom, and yes, tech stocks have been wildly sought after by the dotcom boom of the late 19th century.

, Amazon and shlf1314’s parent company, Alphabet, is likely to be the first to reach $1 trillion in market capitalization, said Canaccord Genuity senior Equity Analyst at Michael Graham5 on 31 April in an interview with CNBC.

however, the actual situation is this:


Wall Street informative previously mentioned that the total value of shlf1314 and apple $1 trillion and 450 billion, beyond the euro area and Japan all financial shares of the market value $1 trillion and 310 billion sum. As far as shlf1314 is concerned, its market value has exceeded that of Chicago GDP; the market value of Amazon has exceeded GDP in Washington, D. c.. read more

From pomegranate how to save our website

how to save my website? We analyze

loves Shanghai pomegranate algorithm once launched, it is a few happy worry, in this algorithm, as a webmaster have to change their own website, but encountered a mature website, and how to change the pomegranate, really let the webmaster evil bother.

has the homogenization of content to do? The homogenization of content has too much, only from the aspects of processing procedures, this is indeed a problem for some owners do not understand the technology.

this function is the webmaster of the gospel ah, constantly pop up, the user accidentally click, it is a lot of income, but a pomegranate, which is really let the webmaster sad ah, cut off from the front, it is not cut off from the injured in the sinews or bones, the long run, it is the pit kill Qian Shu shake. This time What should I do? read more

Search engine optimization strategy four server selection Report


two: confirm the server IP address

before the three section we analyze how to search engine optimization, respectively, from the site Keywords: recombinant screening, the importance of tags and web writing, and influence on the content of the theme ranking factors are discussed in detail. In this chapter we discuss how to choose a qualified server. Ignore choose a qualified server, it will cause unpredictable consequences: the light is at the drop, the effort wasted effort, while sites by K. Therefore, on the choice of the server, to appear on the website is good or search engine or user. How to choose a reasonable price, good to do the following analysis: read more

Little brother using ebook marketing do Amoy achieve monthly income of millionApple or will become t

was born from the garage and wiped

operation step

4. Commission: Internet users through your soft text guide, into the Taobao store to buy goods and confirm payment, you can get the commission paid by the seller.

even so, for apple, the situation is far from optimistic. In the high-end fashion brand itself as it has now caught in the quagmire of innovation, can only rely on the introduction of the golden and red nouveau riche Limited Edition iPhone 7 to Bo eye, but eventually buried in the "iPhone getting nothing new" condemning. read more

How do the new electricity supplier website optimization

I have been advocating website optimization based on data analysis, especially the electricity supplier website. At the same time, things can be, plus a little bit of intuition. What is the intuition? Intuition is a person’s knowledge and experience accumulated out of the judgment. So sometimes dare to believe that intuition! (this is the "mind reading detective" in Yao sir (Bowie Lam) on intuitive summary, very reasonable.

in addition, through the analysis of station search number > read more

Do the two feelings Shanghai dragon er


anyway, since we chose to do the Shanghai dragon Er, to rank as a top priority. And if we are just an ordinary Internet users, we do not have to worry about those problems, just enjoy the search engine to >

I recently have relatives need to see the doctor let me help to find the hospital, this can let me confused. How to find an authoritative and affordable hospital? Search, the results are PPC It is as expected. Natural this piece is of little value, ranking, promotion cost is higher, so the general hospital charges will be very high, and most of them are private hospitals. And then look down the natural ranking, found that several of the top are not known in the hospital, or simply several simple web pages, and pop websites such as flying, how can people believe his authority. If you put in a few years ago I was a "pure", also do not know Shanghai dragon, I may choose up is not so painful. Now the Shanghai dragon er know, search engine is just a tool, and PPC, after a series of manual intervention means, but let me feel confused. read more

n 2015 industrial site of Shanghai Longfeng practical method of optimization techniques

two, the deployment of

three, can not be ignored, love love Shanghai Encyclopedia Shanghai library, Shanghai library, know love love Shanghai, love Shanghai video and other related products like Shanghai related products on its own are awarded to a higher authority, and ranked in the same encyclopedic data library in front of other words, can give site bring drainage vocabulary.


content of the construction of

2) collect keywords week search volume increased, can be used to love Shanghai index tools or demand index tools of Ali as a data reference, collection search terms as rising behind the writing, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know the direction of library construction, proposed to 7-15 days periodic update. read more

The cabbage price Shanghai dragon Er way


Shanghai dragon industry and a extreme is cheap Shanghai dragon, because of the small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals of Shanghai dragon has more strong demand, but the price is very sensitive! So many Shanghai dragon Er offer will be the price of cabbage, each keyword ranging from 100-500, don’t think that is not the word of the competition, some the word competition is very strong. This is some time ago and friends in a good time to disclose their earnings every day: receive a lot of customers, then their websites connect each other, do a station optimization, just waiting to love Shanghai for ranking, if ranking, to receive maintenance! Don’t give in, general money has come, after all, only a few hundred dollars, the customer will not go to the hundreds and him alone, and he certainly made a station optimization. This means to attract customers to the price of cabbage, really clever! It is worth pondering read more

Case analysis love Shanghai title search results parameters F2


For example,

F2 is the meaning of love Shanghai title search results from where and how a combination of extraction. Conclusion: the query server receives the user send love Shanghai, then sorted according to the correlation degree corresponding to the target page will query, from the title (Title), the anchor text chain (external-anchor-text), H1 (Heading 1), image replacement (Alternative text for images) text extraction and combined into the title, is F2 tell love Shanghai analysts different results Title combination type click data, and for the improvement of algorithm. read more

People need to pay attention to the analysis of Web site keywords

3, competitive analysis

industry keywords set


, the 1 industry is the main search keywords, the search results before the 5 page website basically can illustrate the generalization of the industry. For example: Shanghai dragon the keywords in the top 50 are basically very professional site, and most of the domain name, the domain name contains the majority of Shanghai dragon.

Keywords The development of 5, determine the target keywords

1, search industry, the main keywords, click on the search results more relevant search at the bottom of the first page. From here get industry collection of keywords, appropriate screening. read more

Female Ghost Network love in Shanghai that day included new experience

remember when the first do station, a station on the second day is the baby included, but love is not included in Shanghai has been included in every day, love the sea to check whether it is very urgent. It was a small station can be found in a month’s time, but in terms of the time display is from the site established in 16 days. In this case you do not know how it is. But then do stand also more slowly, experience more and more, the Shanghai railway station is the love included time is slowly reduced, basically all is about a week included. read more

3 year old webmaster how to save the K website

The historical data of the

for the baby to sleep, just from another unstable space to move into a new space, because before this space has a certain understanding, has been in use, the basic rule of space problem. In addition the spatial stability from Shanghai love spiders access data, the data is still relatively normal, Ping is normal, you can exclude the stability of web space.

then I is to take what means, let the website fast recovery by K website, here we briefly, hoping to play a valuable role. Of course, each site problems may not be the same, the method involved here may not be suitable for each K site, but the methods and ideas are interlinked. read more