Female Ghost Network love in Shanghai that day included new experience

remember when the first do station, a station on the second day is the baby included, but love is not included in Shanghai has been included in every day, love the sea to check whether it is very urgent. It was a small station can be found in a month’s time, but in terms of the time display is from the site established in 16 days. In this case you do not know how it is. But then do stand also more slowly, experience more and more, the Shanghai railway station is the love included time is slowly reduced, basically all is about a week included. read more

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3 year old webmaster how to save the K website

The historical data of the

for the baby to sleep, just from another unstable space to move into a new space, because before this space has a certain understanding, has been in use, the basic rule of space problem. In addition the spatial stability from Shanghai love spiders access data, the data is still relatively normal, Ping is normal, you can exclude the stability of web space.

then I is to take what means, let the website fast recovery by K website, here we briefly, hoping to play a valuable role. Of course, each site problems may not be the same, the method involved here may not be suitable for each K site, but the methods and ideas are interlinked. read more

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How to make the website ranking back to life

first, love Shanghai love Shanghai has recently replaced a new home, a man is love Shanghai World Congress said the world, love Shanghai this adjustment of the home, the love of Shanghai is most worried about the fear of income problems affecting love Shanghai, although Robin Li said the income will certainly go down but will come back from somewhere else. Love, but Shanghai still want to return to the previous state, all this has a good site optimization between are not affected, which is from the optimization of the railway station site is love Shanghai down the right, because a few of my new station is a month, some less than. read more

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Chrome commonly used Shanghai Longfeng plug-ins recommended

six, NoFollow

three, Axure RP Extension for Chrome

five, No BaiduAd

this is a domestic expert plug-in icon for the love of Shanghai’s claws, in the lower right side of the icon will have detailed website PR value. Is the most convenient, just click on the plug-in (or shortcut) can specific information out of the site, such as the Shanghai love love Shanghai snapshot date, included, love Shanghai domain love love Shanghai station data flow, network flow of Shanghai Bole love, Google included and flow domain information, server information, record information and so on. What a cool! Only a little unhappy is because of too much information, sometimes card, but generally does not affect the use. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis change the server ranking drop

! We all know that

although we just give him work a small staff, but also the life of parents, but also have self-esteem, if she publicly scolded you, you accept it? In fact, can not accept, but also to accept, because he is your God, so be doomed to look at other people’s face. In addition to the day you stop working for someone else, but your boss, it may not see the boss’s face to eat, but at the same time, they will be more tired, the burden is greater, but zaikuzailei, I believe you are most willing to, because that is their own small business. read more

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8.22 new algorithms are in love with the sea another storm precursor

signs of two: a large number of website ranking collective decline, especially the medical station


why from Shanghai Longfeng a statistical post

stone view yesterday is a collection of 4 records, was finally relieved, because the feeling of the new sites included is very fast, but this view has become zero. What is the reason that was included in the new station and be back? I analyzed the content, website open speed and so on various reasons, because the new station I added several original articles. This situation is only two possibilities: first, the new love Shanghai entered the review period, two new sites to be ruthless K off. No matter what the reason is that the new algorithm can be started. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to remind you the website is punished not to act rashly

three, check delete suspicious links

what is suspicious links? In fact may cause you to be punished website links, you may not understand some, such as: a large number of Links exchange, trading links, even to bad neighbor links, and not related to their content of the outbound links and all that can be said to be suspicious links, the chain >

the general webmaster easy to ignore, but sometimes it is for this reason that led to your site to be punished, especially the site is deleted, you must carefully check the robots.txt file. Make sure the site can normal search engines access, not only to view the code is normal, but also with the tools to check whether there are errors, in short, must ensure that the website can be a normal search engine grab access. read more

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English Shanghai Dragon the chain of value distribution


is very intuitive description of the factors that determine the value of each link proportion:

can be seen from the chart, the "easy for users to see and click on the" position of the value of the transfer link PR. Tell us about this, in your hair of the chain or do page optimization, try to put the anchor text in the article by position.

1. web site: if the above factors determine the respective link value ratio, so the weight of a web site is the link the values of the factors determining weights is nothing more than familiar with those: PR, age, collection etc.. Note: the right of the major sites will have bonus ranking in Google, is generally +30. read more

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Influence of web directory structure on the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization

some time ago a friend always complained to me about the website of their original content to do better, but by the love of Shanghai included the situation is very bad, even after their original content to be reproduced on other websites, love Shanghai will also give priority to collect these reprint articles, this let my friend very depressed. He wanted me to help him analyze the website, analyzed and on this site in the recent period of time.

in this framework, this website is difficult to improve the user experience, love of Shanghai is also very difficult to incorporate it into their own database, the weight naturally is not high, so there have been many abnormal phenomena above. read more

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The experience and practice of the local promotion website Hot pot

business advantages: large scale, hardware facilities.

publicity in the same type of website, or through the line flow exchange, also can advertising cooperation, such as the local portal forum, portal entertainment forum can post to attract customers (if you want to own features, such as preferential conditions, electronic coupons to make the customer benefit things).


three, do sitemap file site map within the site, but according to the needs of customers home has been hidden, you can view the source code, see. Crazy hair the chain, a month I almost made a thousand articles, less than 20 days, my site has done love Shanghai home page. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization should focus on combat exercise alone to marketing empty talk


with the Shanghai Dragon Development and popular, many do good webmaster predecessors after webmaster to myth and the blind pursuit of. The effect of the successful experience of the predecessors to want to take a shortcut, many webmaster think, as long as the.

recently there are many webmaster friends began to love Shanghai big Tucao with new, among them, to the medical station Tucao most strongly. In this situation, I don’t know what he wanted to say, can only say that personal weakness Tucao! Love, Shanghai on medical site crackdown continues to strengthen, the love in Shanghai to purify the Internet environment, because careful webmaster may find love by sea is generally out of junk information. read more

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How to judge a project is a good projectKindrid founder I learned 17 things about entrepreneurship i

17. sometimes you will feel very successful. Don’t take credit.

2013 is the year in which we Kindrid finally found our niche in the market. Since April, the key indicators of the business have doubled or doubled three times a month.

12. product is affordable and does not damage your reputation, but the failure of customer service is fatal.

7. any decision is assumed unless the market proves it. Don’t be embarrassed by the reversal of decision making.

, from market research to product development, to beta testing, to implementation, to scale expansion, here are some of the key lessons I’ve learned at these stages of change. read more

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Calm Bo brother 4 months the heart crack lung Shanghai Longfeng experience summary

5: according to the statistics page love Shanghai, I can be very responsible to tell you, love to see Shanghai PV important. Because inside, the default >

2: try to collect some of the latest blog articles, and keep the link with nofollow. The weight began to love Shanghai good, are higher than the original blog, suddenly one day the weight down, do not know the algorithm, there are still people who reported depressed?.


1: description, keyword, title, and the update rate is large, the station changed but not be punished. Since the start of publicity is independent blog ranking, the word no competition! Keywords updated, independent blog in the love sea ranked fourth, ranking top blogs and blog in the second page of 4 (the first page is wandering big web blog ranking, such as Sina, what the NetEase). The blog is not complete, row to the fourth page, but independent blog daqo home page row second, second only to Lu Songsong. read more

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Spider crawling web spider trap

1 in addition to the familiar 301 steering and other steering are more sensitive to the search engine spiders, such as 302 JavaScript flash temporary steering, steering, steering, meta refresh jump, it is recommended that you do not do other to "turn 301, including, not to cannot but when do not use 301 steering. This is a suggestion.

2 found after the web page can grab content.


let the spider through a simple HTML page link to, JavaScript links, flash links are spider trap. It should pay attention to. read more

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How to break the bottleneck period classified information portal

classified information website has been welcomed by the users, but the website for users to publish information of the audit is not high, resulting in the classification of information site is often reported some negative information, at the same time, some of the owners to provide information authenticity has yet to be detected, where the classification of information site operators suffered a bottleneck, classified information website is the part-time operation class, remember the A5 graph king said about website operation the words: "do, do fine, learn to do subtraction, less refined, better to do", this view to the classification information provided great help. read more

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Many modification site title lead to fall right after Epiphany

content cannot be collected, must have the original. Collection of articles tend to search engine will bring a very bad impression, a lot of, will lead to drop right. So the article updated regularly, to write some of the original article, so as to improve the quality of the website ranking and website.

3, do not stack keywords, write too many keywords in the title or three tags, so the most easy to judge the search engine for spam sites, and often in order to stack keywords, but also conceal them, let users see, this is cheating, so these are to be avoided, the same number of keywords suggestion in the title of a maximum of not more than 3 times, "the keywords to reasonable distribution. read more

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The content of website to add pictures but also anti plagiarism

you know, write an article, the title and the novelty of the topic is the most important, the level of quality is related to the level of writing, but add pictures all have, the content of the picture not only looks more rich and colorful, and even some use images to replace text clearer, easier to understand the user. However, the website article with pictures and a good anti plagiarism, you found

website optimization emphasizes the original, for the webmaster, long-term adhere to the original is a very difficult thing, let alone to ensure that every original article is of high quality. Of course, do not rule out such awesome webmaster, however, tend to be able to take the original stick webmaster must be facing the same troubles, it is the original frequently encountered plagiarism, how to do this? Odd million Internet to teach you. read more

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Analysis of new orders in Shanghai Longfeng project site


projects Through

quit his job after returning home, while operating their own website, and received two new website analysis list, today I share with you my orders after the basic Shanghai Longfeng project.

By station link analysis

two, the chain. Data from the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform chain tool

five and other

home page analysisThe


detection, a station has 16 dead links, another station is not. (Chinese version of the XENU crawling is not accurate, so the use of English version), because there is no FTP permission, only through the background of several articles can be modified to modify the death. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er how to make their own original articles by the webmaster attention and welcome

third, let the real feelings show as his mouthpiece. We know that the quality of an article, you whether the article is true original, the readers at a glance, for low quality or >

himself as a Shanghai dragon Er, I just search engine optimization experience, so their works has been around the Shanghai dragon to carry out, for other methods of marketing themselves like not familiar with how to writing a wise remark of an experienced person, a very important point is to hold a sincere attitude to customer service for you do I write the article is not promotion, exchange I think the article writing is a very important thought. read more

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51 year old farmer entrepreneur readme 18 years, how do I stand on the industry tuyere two timesMake

an electric drill, a piece of iron sheet, and the real story begins with the first "80 liter" solar water heater invented by him. True water heater is located in Zhejiang Province, Ling’an City, founded in 1996, has been in the fiercely competitive market for 18 years, even from the United States, GREE hukouduoshi, two stations on the air industry. Why can a company founded by a farmer become a "longevity" brand in China’s competitive industry?


He Xiaohua

brands use these tactics. In July, the activity was reduced by 500-1000 yuan. The quality of the products and services provided by read more

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