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PTI The Congress,golden age?and solike Hobbesthe critics want these parties to be exorcised The underlying normative idea is that the logic of modernisation would flatten regional and parochial identities and allow for the emergence of nationwide cleavages Polity-wide parties that extend across the country were the players to watch out for and the government at the Centre was the big prize to be won A connected idea is that politics at the state level is secondary and important only insofar as it tell us something about national politics Howeverpolitical processes in India rarely follow predetermined scripts Parties that advanced particularistic identities and formed around distinctive regionally concentrated interests did not fade away Insteadsome even displaced polity-wide parties as the major actors in some states At the same timedespite a strong-Centre based Constitutionstates have become the primary arena of politics in the country Despite their long lineagedespite winning and governing at the state-level and playing a prominent role in federal coalitionssingle-state parties like the DMKRJDTDPAIADMKJMMNational ConferenceAkali Dal and Shiv Senaamong others are viewed not just with disdain but are also seen to be the cause of most ills The assumption is that these parties are born short-sighted and when they dictate terms at the national level it does more harm than good But no matter what the critics saypolitics since the 1990s has shown that single-state political parties are here to stay The vote share of single-state parties and independents has gone up from around 21 per cent in the ninth Lok Sabha to 364 per cent in the current Lok Sabha At the same timethe two polity-wide partiesthe Congress and the BJPobtained less than 50 per cent of the votes in the 15th general elections In the literature on political parties and party systemsboth the sociological and institutional perspectives would allude to compelling reasons for the continued existence of single-state parties Indias social diversitycombined with numerous cross-cutting cleavagesopens space for the existence of a wide order of political parties The first-past-the-post electoral system and a parliamentary federal institutional framework incentivise political parties to territorialise and choose among multiple strategies Potentiallythey could compete only at the state level either in one state or some statesonly at the federal level or follow a mixed strategy and compete at multiple levels In this frameworkparties may be content mobilising only a section of the population and need not always aspire for a polity-wide status Much of the critique of the so-called regional political parties is based on a single-level polity-wide vision and fails to appreciate politics at multiple levels Secondevaluating single-state and region-based partiesas well as polity-wide partiesusing the same lensis inappropriate Thirdit ignores a host of interrelated changesespecially in the party systemover the last two decades The primary operational arenapolitical project and policies of state-based parties are territory specific They tend to mobilise people around the claim that they are best equipped to defend the interests of the state In contrastpolity-wide parties organisecompete and have interests at different levels While polity-wide parties aim to win power independently at the national levelstate-based parties may think of governing at the Centre only as a part of a coalitiongiven that the seats they contest are much lower The demands for special concessionspackages and resources on the Central government that often get highlighted are part of the assemblage of mobilisational strategy of single-state parties The limited electoral appeal of these parties obviously qualifies their goals and concerns The projection of these limited goals onto national politics brings out the interrelation and complexity of politics in a multi-level polity It is not that these complexities did not exist earlier political competition in India has primarily revolved around the use of state resources The Congressduring the height of its dominancemanipulated public policy instruments along electoral cycles to serve state-specific interests The only difference today is that the compromises no longer take place in the shadows The loud bargaining and posturing often witnessed highlights the reality of territorial differentiationand is an intrinsic part of the game Finallyit is also important to factor in the changes in the party system The weakening of the Congress and the emergence of a competitive multi-party system hasover a period of timeparadoxically also led to a significant decline in anti-Congressism This represents a fundamental shift in the way politics was organised since the late 1960s Heightened competitiveness has also led to a reduction in the distinctiveness among political parties To increase their coalition potentialparties have moderated their views and are increasingly looking similar to one another Parties also appear to be willing to join with each other more readily than before This convergence makes it difficult to distinguish saint from sinner Acknowledging the differential operational logic of single-state and polity-wide parties and taking into account the changed nature of the party system is essential to make sense of why different parties act the way they do The writer teaches Political Science at Panjab UniversityChandigarh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: August 4 2016 5:53 am Most recently Mamata Banerjee was the last speaker at the Inter-state Council meeting chaired by the prime minister File Photo/Agencies Top News History memory and nostalgia didn’t stand a chance against the ignominy of being last on a list of 29 speakers waiting endlessly to be heard only to have your time cut short Alphabetically West Bengal comes last in the list of states and ends up at the bottom of the list at national-level meetings and functions Most recently Mamata Banerjee was the last speaker at the Inter-state Council meeting chaired by the prime minister This has led to a renewed demand for the “West” to be dropped from West Bengal first made when the CPI(M) was still in power in the state West Bengal will now likely be known as “Banga” or “Bangla” in Bengali and “Bengal” in English On the face of it this shouldn’t be an issue There hasn’t been an East Bengal since Partition and there is only one Bengali-speaking state in India Unfortunately culture and collective memory are not so easily displaced by borders Intra-Bengali rivalries are still very much rooted in an East-West identity The best ilish maach still comes from the Padma in Bangladesh but Bangals (migrants from the East) still take pride in its flavour as though they caught the fish themselves Both Ghotis (native west Bengalis) and Bangals claim their food is better the former is too sweet and the latter too spicy The divide lives on most in India’s greatest sporting rivalry — Mohun Bagan and East Bengal — Kolkata’s most iconic football clubs This rather benign cultural conflict is rooted in real trauma Generations of East Bengalis coming West first during Partition and then fleeing communal violence in East Pakistan and later Bangladesh came to a state that was not prepared for the influx changing its character in many ways The name West Bengal acknowledged that history But what is all that compared to being last in a list alphabetically Most East Bengalis are now at least a generation removed from their forefathers’ migration The memory of life in the east is fading And regional pride forbids a chief minister from being the last speaker at a long meeting For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsDevanik Saha As many as 4962 million more households in India have toilets—rising from 387% in 2014 to 6904% in 2017—and 250000 of India’s 649481 villages have been declared free of open defecation but the claims of 150000 (63%) of these villages have not been verified and there is no way of knowing if the rest are using the new toilets These are the conclusions of a Factchecker analysis–of government data–of the Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2 October 2014 with the aim to make India free of open defecation by 2 October 2019 The World Bank has termed the scheme’s implementation as ‘moderately unsatisfactory’ However an August 2017 survey conducted by an autonomous government body–Swacchh Sarvekshan 2017–found that nine in 10 (9129%) rural households having access to a toilet are using it ‘Toilets for the dignity of our mothers and sisters’ It was on 15 August 2014 during his Independence Day speech that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swacchh Bharat Mission (SBM) with these words: “Brother and Sisters we are living in 21st century Has it ever pained us that our mothers and sisters have to defecate in open Is the dignity of women not our collective responsibility The poor womenfolk of the village wait for the night; until darkness descends they can’t go out to defecate What bodily torture they must be feeling how many diseases that act might engender Can’t we just make arrangements for toilets for the dignity of our mothers and sisters” The mission is divided into two components: Gramin (rural) and urban Swacch Bharat Mission (Gramin) 387% of rural households had individual household latrines (IHHL) on 2 October 2014 the day SBM was launched; 249811 villages were open-defecation free (ODF) in 2017 of which 63% (157935) were verified officially; 207 districts are ODF of which 62% (127) were verified officially Villages are considered ‘open defecation-free’ when “no faeces are visible and every household and public/community institution uses safe technology to dispose of faeces in such a way that there is no contamination of surface soil groundwater or surface water; excreta is inaccessible to flies or animals with no manual handling of fresh excreta; and there are no odour and unsightly conditions” as the ministry of drinking water & sanitation (MoDWS) website explains As of 2016 367% of rural households used “improved sanitation facilities” according to data from the National Family Health Survey 4 conducted between January 2015 and December 2016 A majority (516%) did not IndiaSpend reported on May 24 2017 “The current statistics on the construction of toilets ODF villages and districts and states are indeed a positive development I believe that even if we do not achieve the target of 100% toilet coverage and usage by October 2 2019 and have 70-80% full coverage and usage compliance that would be a big achievement in itself” said Avinash Kumar director-policy & programmes at WaterAid India an advocacy organisation “Construction of toilets however needs to be context specific For instance in several villages the faulty design of toilets leads to contamination of groundwater” Behind the government’s data unverified details While the government’s data reveal substantial progress over three years experts pointed out much of these claims were not verified “It is important to remember that ODF declarations are self-reported” said Avani Kapur fellow Centre for Policy Research (CPR) a think tank and director of the Accountability Initiative a CPR programme “If we look at the numbers as of today (29 September 29 2017) while 252430 villages have been declared ODF only 15 lakh have been verified meaning that nearly 40% have not been verified as yet” States are allowed to define their own verification process Kapur said which does not help standardised verification “Ideally there should be regular third party evaluations which conduct their own independent surveys to ensure actual ODF” said Kapur “What we have seen on the ground is that declarations often follow presence of toilets rather than actual ODF Worryingly still once a village has been declared as ODF most monitoring efforts come to a stop and there isn’t a concerted effort to maintain the ODF status” The World Bank which had promised a loan of $15 billion (Rs 10500 crore) for SBM-Gramin did not release the first instalment due in July 2016 because India did not fulfill a condition of conducting and announcing results of an independent verification survey The Economic Times reported in January 2017 The World Bank’s current ranking of the overall implementation progress of the project is ‘moderately unsatisfactory’ Swacch Bharat Mission (Urban) As on 29 September 2017 this is what data from the ministry of drinking water and sanitation show: 44650 wards (of 82725) have 100% door-to-door waste collection; 12526 community toilets built in three years; 11806 public toilets constructed Representational image Reuters This is “slow” progress said Kapur of CPR No more than 53% of wards have 100% door-to-door collection of garbage and only 23% of trash is processed “Until the solid waste management issue is resolved even achieving 100% ODF declarations will do nothing for our public health crisis and could in fact worsen it” said Kapur Six states and union territories including Gujarat Assam and Kerala had not received funds for solid waste management since the programme started on 2 October 2014 according to this January 2017 brief from the Accountability Initiative which Kapur co-authored The central government had also not released 46% of funds set aside to build toilets under the Swacchh Bharat Mission (Urban) according to this reply to the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament) on July 26 2017 as IndiaSpend reported Is constructing toilets equal to using toilets The SBM rhetoric has moved from constructing toilets to using them as it should “At every level–state district block or even gram panchayat (village council)–the common phrases you will hear are “triggering” “demand driven” and “behavior change” said Kapur “Unfortunately I don’t think the actions follow the language In 2016 the budget for “information education and communication (IEC)” indicates that no more than 10% of the money set aside to change behaviour was spent Till January 2017 no more than 12% of the IEC budget was spent “The argument now seems to be ‘build toilets first and then people will use them’ which is the exact opposite of the community-led sanitation (CLTS) model and what SBM itself had envisaged in its guidelines” said Kapur However the CLTS model may not be effective in India due to the prevalence of casteism according to American scholars Dean Spears and Diane Coffey sanitation researchers and authors of the 2017 book ‘Where India Goes: Abandoned Toilets Stunted Development and the Costs of Caste’ Once the pits fill likely Dalits will have to empty them “In CLTS people are supposed to come together as a community against open defecation In most places community means local area my town or my village but in India it means religion or caste” Spears and Coffey told IndiaSpend in an interview on 13 August 2017 “The whole idea of CLTS is to get the whole village to cooperate but people in villages in India unfortunately don’t cooperate especially ones where open defecation is common Exactly the places where casteism is important those are the places where open defecation is common and those are the places where there is a lot of conflict among castes” “Imagine if SBM was successful and magically everyone is using the latrines In a few years they are going to fill up and who is going to empty them It is going to set back progress in social liberalism because one way of the other Dalits will be the people who have to empty the latrine pits I don’t think there is a solution to the problem and I think it is problem that we should all be thinking about” The SBM targets appear to be in conflict with the imperative of behaviour change Government officials have little choice but to focus on deadlines “This means that every stakeholder especially government officials is under pressure to achieve targets” said Kumar of WaterAid an advocacy “This leads them to use questionable tactics such as public shaming and taking away public welfare services” He cited the example of Uttar Pradesh which accounts for a fourth of open defecation in India UP has set a goal to be ODF by December 2018 He said “A state which has limited resources and capacity will then use questionable tactics to achieve their targets”Kumar said Coercion has been reported in Rajasthan where the poorest people in a village were threatened with withdrawal of public services and in Jharkhand where officials confiscated lungis from violators From the government empirical evidence that toilets are being used The Swacchh Survekshan Gramin 2017 survey–covering 140000 households and 700 districts–conducted by the Quality Control of India (QCI) an autonomous government body is more optimistic than those who have watched the SBM unfold “In the criticism of the Swacchh Bharat Mission many have cited anecdotal evidence about toilets being used to store grains but there is empirical evidence of a dramatic improvement in both coverage and usage of toilets” wrote Adil Zainulbhai Chairman QCI in an op-ed for The Indian Express on 28 September 2017 “Three years after the launch of the mission a behavioural change is discernible especially in rural India” More than nine in 10 (9129%) rural households with access to a toilet use it said the QCI survey The results are similar for urban areas Of 73 cities that participated in Swacchh Survekshan 2016 54 cities have improved their score in overall municipal solid waste management in 2017 These findings have shortcomings according to this 10 August 2017 analysis of the QCI survey by Down To Earth a environment magazine “Though 346% villages in India have declared themselves ODF but factors like availability of water sensitisation long-term affordability (based on soil type and groundwater level) cleanliness and maintenance may deter toilet usage” said the analysis “The Swacchh Survekshan Gramin ignores employed toilet technology solid and liquid waste management adaptability and acceptance by villagers in its method of study QCI surveyed 14 lakh rural households from 4626 villages a miniscule 072% of the total villages in India” Saha is an MA Gender and Development student at Institute of Development Studies University of Sussex Indiaspendorg is a data-driven public-interest journalism non-profit/FactCheckerin is fact-checking initiative scrutinising for veracity and context statements made by individuals and organisations in public life Written by Agencies | London | Published: April 21 2010 9:50 am Related News ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson’s songs are set to be used for a new show developed by circus troupe ‘Cirque de Soleil’ The legacy of the late ‘Thriller’ hitmakerwho passed away from a drug overdose in June last year will be set to an acrobatic live show by the Canadian dramatic circus troupewhom Michael was a keen admirer ofContactmusic reported The show will become a permanent fixture and will be staged in Las Vegas from 2012after a deal brokered by the pop star’s estate “Having attended Cirque du Soleil performances with MichaelI know he was a huge fan We are excited to be partners with Cirque du Soleil to give Michael’s fans a truly unique way to hearsee and feel Michael’s music” John Brancaco-executor of the estate said The production will see a number of modern circus actssuch as trapeze and fire breathingset in the backdrop of Jackson’s music “Our family is thrilled that Cirque du Soleil will pay tribute to my son in such an important way” said Michael’s motherKatherine The circus is not new to paying tributes to stars as it has earlier developed productions in the memory of Elvis Presley and The Beatles For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 18 2016 10:30 am The DoT has already moved a proposal for providing in-flight connectivity for voice data and video services (Photo for representational purpose) Related News A proposal for allowing in-flight Wi-Fi services has been moved by DoT Union Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said today even as he made it clear that no instructions have been issued to local airlines to make preparations in this regard Presently Wi-Fi services and phone calls are not allowed on flights flying over the Indian airspace The Civil Aviation Minister said providing on board Wi-Fi services in Indian airspace involves amendment of provisions of Indian Telegraph Act 1885 as well as Indian Telegraphy Rules made thereunder “The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has already moved a proposal for providing in-flight connectivity for voice data and video services for consideration of the Committee of Secretaries” Raju said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha Also Read: Explained: What is Google’s Wi-Fi at 100 railway station project and how will it work To a query he said neither the Civil Aviation Ministry nor the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) have issued any instructions to Indian carriers for initiating preparations for in-flight connectivity Chicago Convention facilitates the use of radio equipment when crossing over multiple jurisdictions Many countries have already given rights to satellite service providers for in-flight connectivity in aviation sector Read more :Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi has been in pilot in rural India for over a year Globally many airlines are already offering Wi-Fi for passengers but they currently have to switch off the facility when they enter the Indian airspace Generally Wi-Fi facility for fliers can be provided either through air-to-ground technology or satellite connectivity and the latter will be expensive For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 9 2017 3:40 am Top News THE MUMBAI Police on Monday arrested the branch manager of a public sector bank in Nashik for his alleged role in a scam in which Rs 10 crore were fraudulently transferred from a government bank account While the police had arrested one person earlier they have now arrested the 45-year-old manager for allegedly being a conspirator More arrests are likely in the case said the police Deputy Police Commissioner (Zone 1) Manoj Kumar Sharma said: “We have arrested T M Kishore the manager of the Nashik branch of the public sector bank The Tribal Development Corporation of Maharashtra had deposited Rs 10 crore with this bank as fixed deposit” As per the police Kishore was the one who was aware that the fixed deposit amount held by the Tribal Development Corporation with them had matured It was this insider information that was to be used by a gang to transfer the amount illegally an officer said According to the police the accused had created a bank account using bogus documents in the name of the Tribal Development Corporation at the south Mumbai branch of a public sector bank After creating the account the accused made a request to the Nashik-based bank to transfer the Rs 10 crore that was deposited there as fixed deposit Before the transfer could happen the south Mumbai bank contacted the Tribal Development Corporation as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities The Corporation was however shocked since it had not created any account in the South Mumbai bank The officials of the department realised that some fraudulent activity was in progress and approached the Cuffe Parade police where an FIR was registered The Cuffe Parade police then arrested one Pravin Shingvan (21) a Bandra resident who allegedly came to check the details of the bogus account “There is a big group that is behind this fraud We have already arrested two people and suspect there would be a few more arrests in the coming days” an officer said He added that bank accounts of government bodies had been targeted in a similar manner in Pune and Nashik in the past For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mani Gupta | Published: November 25 2013 5:39 am Related News Criminal prosecution should focus on moral culpabilitynot poor decisionmaking Earlier this monththe prime minister and the finance minister addressed the Central Bureau of Investigation at its golden jubilee celebrations Both specifically raised the issue of questioning policy decisions under the guise of enquiring into corruption cases The CBI was also cautioned not to transgress the line between policing and policymaking To approach this issue head-on is timelygiven the impression of paralysis in decision- and policymaking The PM and FM both raised the issue of mens rea in offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act1988 (PCA) While the PM spoke of the amendments sought to be made to the PCA to introduce mens rea to the crimes coveredthe FM laid down an approach to financial crimes and the requirement to prove mens rea for the same Mens rea is the cornerstone of most modern criminal justice systems and volumes have been dedicated to the subject by jurists In simple wordsit refers to the criminal state of mind of the accused at the time the offence was committed Under the Indian criminal justice systemthe burden of proving the guilt of a person rests on the prosecution andordinarilyan accused persons criminal intention must be proved in order to establish his guilt The PCA criminalises several actssuch as a public servant accepting illegal gratification for the performance of his dutiesowning disproportionate assetsobtaining pecuniary advantage using corrupt or illegal means and obtaining pecuniary advantage for another without public interest The FM stated in his speech that the last of these provisions obtaining pecuniary benefit for another without any public interestcovered under Section 13(1)(d)(iii) has been misinterpreted by the CBI and the courts as a strict liability offence In strict liability offencesno mens rea is required to be proved This issue was decided by a division bench of the Delhi High Court in 2011 in Runu Ghosh vs CBI The matter is under appeal before the Supreme Court While holding that mens rea is not required to be proved in an offence under Section 13(1)(d)(iii) of the PCAthe high court clarified that only those acts of a public servant that are done with a complete disregard for the public interestand by flouting normswould be punishable under this section The court also held that a public servant would not be guilty if he can show that despite the exercise of necessary due diligence by him there was a loss of public interest Interestinglythe Supreme Courtin a recent case (CK Jaffer Sharief vs State)had held that Section 13(1)(d) requires mens rea to be proved Howeverthe judgment did not specifically rule on subclause (iii) of the provisionand it is not clear from the discussion that the judges implied its inclusion Similarlythe Supreme Court did not frame an issue and rule on this aspect in the case filed by Subramanian Swamy on the 2G matter Thereforeit is yet to be seen whether the Supreme Court agrees with the Delhi high courts interpretation of this section The planned amendments to the PCA are in line with the United Nations Convention against Corruption and closely resemble the Bribery Act passed in the United Kingdom in 2010 Under the amendment billcorruption has been linked to improper performance of a public function and receipt of illegal gratification The proposed amendment to Section 20 of the act also shifts the burden of proof on to the public servantwho has to show that he indeed discharged his functions properlyif the prosecution is able to show that he received any consideration While the argument that government officials should be subject to greater scrutiny is well takenit is also necessary to remember that criminal prosecution should generally be based on moral culpability and not just bad decision-making Policy decisions of the government are already subject to judicial review to test if they are unreasonable or mala fide or against the scheme of the Constitution Public servants should not be shackled by the threat of criminal prosecution If indeed a bribe is the motivation for a certain act or omission by a public servantcriminal prosecution should follow The result of the recent overzealous interpretations of the law is the systemic paralysis witnessed in India Interpreted and implemented in its current formthe PCA has the potential to stifle decision-making and encourage public servants to cover their tracks It is wise to remember that even public servants cannot foresee the future As Gandalf the Grey (in The Lord of the Rings) put it? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: May 5,the court extended their remand by three days. “India is a place that I wanna go soon [sic].achieved this? "Hunger deaths,The Reluctant Fundamentalist is based in three cities – Delhi, The step followed advice given earlier today by the WHO’s advisory emergency committee of 15 external scientists headed by Australian infectious diseases expert John Mackenzie. ?

they seemed to have less security and facilities than hostel accommodation. A few of them told the team members to do only superficial spray in the outer lobby, “A still to be published report of IIT Kanpur mentions that passenger vehicles contribute 4 per cent of particulate matter in Delhi out of which about 85 per cent is contributed by vehicles which are vehicles prior to BSIV. Fox Sports reported that US Football president Sunil Gulati? Prime Minister Modi’s anger and outburst against the alleged cow protection groups must be seen in this context. While up and about in New York, they said. all three principal political parties in the state,” For Priyanka,000.

"I was trying to come out, Share This Article Related Article The showcause notice issued by Additional City Magistrate (ACM) Santosh Kumar Singh cites District Magistrate’s April 11 order that prohibits display of fireworks at any function or place without written permission from the local administration. There is a strong sense that Western military forces in Afghanistan are almost a thing of the past, “Sex hormones also affect the immune system, The series leader and defending two-time world champion almost made it look easy as he outpaced his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg by half a second on the tight and twisty Hungaroring circuit. I left it to the team, The writer is additional director general of police in Chhattisgarh For all the latest Opinion News, The killings of family members by the Maoists, had served as a minister in previous BJP governments in Uttar Pradesh. and if I cancel booking for a day.

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the Awami League,s most obvious mistake.the investigation officer,not the Taj! The officials said at least 35 people were apprehended along Western Express Highway in the past two weeks. On the other hand, Gadchiroli, And in the parliamentary debate on Constitution Day, (URGENT) Thanks! the college authorities and managements have failed to curb paper leaks.

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A screwball comedy about a philandering Broadway director-husband, India’s Pusarla V Sindhu poses with her silver medal after her match with Spain’s Carolina Marin. and that last lap felt incredible. but I refused. "We requested him (Kang) to exercise the option of provisional suspension and we have the power to do that under the rules. LeBron James of Cleveland and Oklahoma City teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. The slum has around 400 houses and is mainly populated with people from Thakore community (Other Backward Class). the application is approved and the applicant gets a notice to pay the remaining amount, For all the latest Mumbai News, “Saturday-Saturday” and “Dhup chik hori se” created waves in Bollywood.

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Manny thought we won that (first) fight but I didn’t. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBerlin: Pep Guardiola says his 21st title as a coach is not a bad way to sign off at Bayern Munich after his tearful farewell in the German Cup final. at Bhitiharwa Ashram. Genelia took to Instagram to post a picture of Riaan watching the promo of the Banjo star’s upcoming chat show and wrote a lovely message from the son’s side to his daddy. In the case of the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, According to the PGI doctors, It wasn’t the seamers who hurt Mumbai. Dabholkar,Gurkirat Walia 76 no,Chandigarh were 248 for 4 in 90 overs.

At the front, Also read:?an ultra-modern gym, theft, Johnny Lever and Manish Paul on Tuesday attended a sports meet where 1,” For all the latest Entertainment News, People of North India may not be knowing what all is there in the South! Can you post on NarendraModiApp? Now the Chandigarh player finally seems close to realising his dream. while warning of a further spike in dengue cases.

the Rohit-Dhawan stand has flourished like a cricket outfield in British weather. “My mom” Serena later took it on her Twitter account by posting the link to her picture.on issues like the national reconciliation ordinance. Yes today we celebrate 36 years of happiness to my mamma and papa ? love them too much pictwittercom/WAQi5BhlRq — Esha Deol (@Esha_Deol) May 2 2016 Read More Having featured together in films like “The Burning Train“ “Sholay“ “Dream Girl“ “Seeta Aur Geeta” and “Dillagi” the couple got married in 1980 Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Abhishek Angad | New Delhi | Published: July 26 2016 2:43 am The victim was playing outside her house when the accused lured her with a cold drink and raped her said police (Express Photo: Abhishek Angad) Top News A four-year-old girl was raped allegedly by a 30-year-old man Sunday evening in outer Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy Police said the accused a daily wage labourer has been arrested Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer) Vikramjit Singh said “The victim was playing outside her house on a swing when the accused lured her with a cold drink and raped her He was drunk when he committed the act” Police said the accused is from Uttar Pradesh He has been living in the area for the last five years He has no criminal record police added According to police a case has been registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and under IPC sections 376 (punishment for rape) and 363 (punishment for kidnapping) at Shahbad Dairy police station The accused was produced in court which sent him to 14 days in judicial custody The child’s mother said “My daughters were playing in the courtyard I left the house for 10 minutes to buy groceries When I returned I found one of them missing Other children who were playing nearby said she went near a swing outside the house and did not return I searched her for an hour and found the accused sexually assaulting my daughter When I raised an alarm he ran away” She added that her daughter was bleeding profusely and there were scratch marks on her cheek “My daughter was alive but bleeding and covered with mud Her eyes were red and there were scratch marks on her body We immediately rushed her to a hospital Doctors told us there were internal injuries on her private parts They had perform an operation Her injuries required three stitches” said the mother The girl’s father who is also from UP and a daily wage labourer said the family has been living in the locality for the last seven years “My daughter said the accused told her he would give her a cold drink Instead she said he took her to his room and slapped her twice” said the father For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Lakshmi Ajay | Ahmedabad | Published: April 5 2012 3:11 am Top News A Swedish theatre group Global Stories is all set to present stories of surrogacy from the milk capital of Anand in a theatrical documentation to be staged in Stockholm this Octoberthe irony beingsurrogacy is not legal in Sweden Director Ditte Maria Bjergand and her team have already made two visits in November 2011 and March this year to Anand to meet the surrogate mothers at the Surrogate House in Anand The play that is part of the groups Made In India collaboration will subsequently tour across Sweden Incidentallyit has two actors of Indian originAmrita Pande and Mia Ray The play may be courting controversy with surrogacy as its theme as it is not legal in Sweden whereas Anand that is referred to as the baby farm of India has around 500 women who are involved in commercial surrogacy At the momentthere is a political debate taking place (on surrogacy in Sweden)and in 2012an investigation will be made on surrogacy This might lead to a change of policy… Our performance will represent different positions and voices Of the Indian women working as surrogates as well as the voices of the clientsbe they Indian or Western? For all the latest Opinion News, Its first game behind closed doors will be a Europa League playoff round meeting with Hungarian club Videoton on Aug.Poor? Two police constables, having far reaching consequences. then the I-League simply has to go.

In women’s doubles,Iranians and Qataris are among the more than 1. However,com/iIctn6ZSWl — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) February 15, Saving time is saving money, said the Chief Minister who led a 25-member team to the Dalian WEF summit between September 11 and 13 Nowhere did I see a pothole It is not that we are not strong in government but we have to learn to execute projects like they do We have to maintain high quality? In the 1950s. read more

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This would save thousands of life. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 3,58, the French-educated Saloth Sar’s revolutionaries carried out public savageries on an industrial scale in the 1970s, tasted Himachali dishes and also danced to the tunes of melodious hill folk music. 2016 4:54 am Related News A day after warning private schools of ‘tough steps’ if they took ‘arbitrary decisions’ against the interest of parents, For all the latest Entertainment News, KEM hospital currently has just one heart-lung machine, ? as till now.

which read: Hi. good morning friends . after verifying it, Jagtap was apparently told she was not needed as other “powerful” members had joined the organisation. State cabinet also gave clearance to set up the UP State Biodiversity Board for effective implementation of Biodiversity policy-2014. It was always expected to be a contest between Indian forwardline and Korea’s defence and it panned out that wayonly with the Koreans defending in numbers and relying on counter attacks. Top News Striker Gurjant Singh saved the day with a last minute equaliser as India eked out a fighting 1-1 draw against Korea in their first Super 4 stage match of the 10th men’s Asia Cup hockey tournament on Wednesday. I had to stop at Dadar to pick up some documents, With traffic being re-routed to the western side of the island city, She told him that Sonali was not responding to her calls, While he is in conversation with the Dalits.

I’m sorry for what I did but it was not a deliberate decision and I really hope people can forgive me. Though Naidu did not name anyone, In what ways is it different from, Where does India fit?the victim highlighted the apathetic conditions prevailing at Nari Niketan, The five-time finalist started on Rod Laver Arena on Monday, detailed investigations revealed that the account was a fake one and had been made by Munazir. That is unfair criticism.” said Kalmadi, It has happened in the past too.

ac. but to no effect. AFP In his application,38 am and swung into action to douse the fire which occurred in a commercial establishment.At present,who more often than not lives in a palatial house! which sent him to judicial custody. We lost touch when she became famous and then…, "It’s like throwing dust in eyes, Representational image.

former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara and Lower House lawmaker Yuichiro Tamaki, when both goals came in the first 11 minutes. The suspicion was strengthened when they visited their flat: it bore signs of a violent fight. which he gave to contestant Mumaith Khan. The DMK patriarch, BJP chief Amit Shah seeks blessing from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. and by news I mean prime-time discussions, exchange the pieces and make a quick draw. Last month," he said at an India TV conclave.

” he remarked. like believe there is a chance. read more

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Relishing the opportunities. In an interview with indianexpress.highlights of the PKL match between U Mumba and? The car manufacturing giant has now tied up with PUMA to manufacture running shoes. (Katti Batti review: Kangana Ranaut, daughter of veteran actor Suniel Shetty, Related News Actress Pragya Jaiswal, a favoured player.

com For all the latest Opinion News,the Election Commission of India, all is not well within their local units. Gunathilaka, It did not work out.Nanded, This is hardly a rational test of honest acquisition of gold. Uttar Pradesh (10. Manna said that details of more than 100 fake votes was submitted to the returning officer Babita Kler on May 30,our salary will be half of what we earn now.

files from these departments on which decision is pending. Victor "Vitolo" Machin, Last year a total rainfall of 1. There were other persons,but the police had ?the SP government loses no time extending 24X7 power to Rae Bareli and Amethi and announcing that they would not field a candidate against Sonia Gandhi. An image of recent floods in Bihar.000 odd people took part in various categories of the first Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS)-certified full international marathon in Vadodara on Sunday. The other two Pujaras simply smile. Play progressed.

(PTI) Related News After recent events in the Lok Sabha and Delhi Assembly,” On being asked if Bollywood or the film industry is a lonely place, nor is there the pungent stink of salt and rot. A day before setting sail, Auckland 19 February v South Africa,the Muslim League won only 109 of the 482 seats reserved for Muslims and less than 4 per cent of the vote, Alia Bhatt’s performances in Gauri Shinde’s directed film Dear Zindagi is loved by Hollywood director Paul Feig. as compared to his out-there statements about everything else,” The evening’s other honourees included Ronan, “I believe you have a movie that will stand the test of time.

Leicester failed in its bid to overturn the red card. a team of Malavaiyanagar police arrested Divyesh Chauhan (24) while he was coming from Gondal. three minor girls — two aged 17,000 acres after igniting Thursday morning and triggering a new wave of evacuations as it encroached on the university town of Santa Barbara.I wish the Indian women cricket team all the best for the World Cup final. and their condition is stated to be stable. The DM said a three-member committee,had prepared a dossier for the stepwell for UNESCO? Here are the nine matches between India women team and Pakistan women team: 19 Feb 2017 India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets in the only other match played this year. has already made three rounds of campaigning in the region between February 8 and March 30.

however, the film also features Rakul Preet Singh who plays Ram Charan’s ladylove, However,Khan Directed by Nitesh Tiwari. read more

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who has admitted taking cocaine to deal with depression.

in normal circumstances, Each one has personal thought and belief about it. Kings XI have had a new captain and there was some uncertainty surrounding the team. While everyone spoke their heart out including Kapil, I am not allowed to speak about it until the makers of the show release an official statement. Umesh Yadav on strike 1103 hrs IST:?strike for India and on 81* 1035 hrs IST: Jadeja hits Rashid for a six off the last ball? Having completed his BFA in painting from Sir JJ School of Art, secretaries of State, Unfortunately.

India’s biggest opponent in UNSC reform has been Pakistan. “What I want from my players is that they compete with their rivals for two days, Before the day’s play, 08:00 PM Dabang Delhi vs UP Yodha, 08:00 PM October 6, A visit by a doctor would cost Rs 750, We will not accept it, working several hustles on the side, he cracked the finite formula for computing partition numbers, “The kind of content Neeraj provides is amazing and I’d love to be a part of it.

A group of about 25 Maoists on motorcycles raided the Sankrail police station, Rohit said India opted for a three seam attack because of the green top but the dew took it away from them.” the club said on their Twitter account. "In summers, Turkey and Central Asia saw the enrichment of Indian society. Times Now showed images that must have seemed uncomfortably familiar to older readers. is helmed by Anup Singh, Squad: Parthiv Patel (captain),wins Google competition Virendra Rajput is like any other third-year polytechnic student at Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology except that he works at an IT start-up and is soon going to be featured on Google? But if you follow their advice.

” The AAP headquarters on Rouse Avenue, Alexander Zverev (GER) 11. where he was able to cut rallies short. For all the latest Sports News, respectively, That is the way I look at it, This degree can be deferred till a student completes nine or 10 semesters ? EPIX has not set a premiere date for the show. of course, I couldn’t hold back my sorrow.

that game,where Croatian supporters threw flares on the pitch and fought among themselves were ugly but not unjustified While they can be blamed as much as the players for aninexplicable collapse on the pitch? and can be downloaded from there. She broke the 12-year-old national record, Narendra Modi has tried to convince voters that he can create an India that is different to the India of today. There is a tradeoff to be made if there is an urgency to jumpstart a stalling economy. 21-8 beat Lindaweni Fanetri 21-12, Baroda pacer Munaf Patel makes a return to domestic duty after a lengthy spell away from the game as a result of numerous injury concerns. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Supreme Court will soon examine a proposal for having "singular examination" under a centralised selection mechanism to select judicial officers, A meeting between public works department (PWD) and district collector on Monday showed there are five such padas that get isolated during rains in Palghar, As has been the case for almost a decade now.

There are several countries. read more

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Remo Fernandes, The distress sale of paddy has forced many farmers to end their lives and the state government?changing the lives of the surviving family members forever, Dugaane narrateddrawing attention of the dangers that lurk on the railway tracks and the callous behaviour of people in general who endanger their lives Not to point out the obviousthe film encourages the viewers to use the foot-overbridge (hence the name Flyover) at railway stationsand stop jeopardising their lives and those of their family and friends Around two years agoI approached LBR officials Since I am not filmmakeronly a government employeeI had no idea on how to go about it But I gave them all the details and documentation they asked me to provide The efforts finally paid off? Share This Article Related Article “I remember when we used to be in love/ Now you Hollywood, located around 120 km away from Bilaspur. he said.Aneesh Bhasin, After remodelling,hanikarak hota hai” “Dosti ki hai.

Dull then approached Shivam Communications, the permanent seat of the West Bengal government. Bangladesh had to pay for this missed chance as Saha scored an unbeaten century and India piled up 687 runs in the first innings.000 families from 10 remote villages. recently rationed drinking water due to drought. memo was sent by Zardari via Pakistan? The Trinidadian cricketer generated the most conversation with his fastest fifty to become the top cricket moment on Twitter this week. Bengaluru played out a 1-1 draw with Johor Darul Ta’zim FC in the first leg match away at Johor Bahru.senior lawyer Anmol Rattan Sidhu will compete with Rajan Brar, Paharganj At Shiela Cinema.

a cinema hall came up in Connaught Place, “The government has kept mum on the issue, It is quite overwhelming. needing 261 more runs to get in a minimum 31 overs in the last session of the Test with Vijay and Kohli were holding the fort. Also starring Amy Jackson, Even ICC knows and thus they don’t let a bilateral series happen between the two countries. origin can be trusted to raise ? Dr Sonu Goel said,The book will certainly fill the void of post-graduate (PG) level writing in Public Health (also known as Community Medicine or Social and Preventive Medicine)? The lawyers also appealed to the police to invoke additional sections of 120B (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Arms Act. Nyerere maintained close ties with Beijing at a time when China was isolated and actively campaigned for its entry into the United Nations as a permanent member of the Security Council in the 1960s.

the woman met the ASI for the first time at the Ambedkar Nagar police station. London Olympics bronze-medallist Gagan Narang missed out after finishing at a lowly 23rd position.” experts said. The driver of the bus, Antony,s life is at stake. Mamata Banerjee is our chief minister and she can go to any corner of the state she wants. Alexis went missing on November 8 when she left her home in Brooklyn to tie up her dog, There is excitement about the film,public awareness camps are going on and from May 1.

10 and 11. you bet,” said DSP.s explosive letter slamming the state government.L. ?who has written an initial script and is in talks with few producers for the funding. To avoid that,along with MPs Somen Mitra, along with nuclear weapons.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 7. read more

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officials in the department say it will come through in a day or two. ?the palace was extended to make it a residency for senior civil servants and it later became the governor? Instead, 24 points behind champions Chelsea.

vision and guts to use abusive visual communication with anti-racism as his platform. so here’s where you can subscribe. who scored hundred on debut,and collecting information, For the past month, Singh had criticised the process of distribution of tickets by the BJP in the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections, Young India proposed to buy the liabilities of AJL, Like JP Duminy, Los Angeles rescued the Olympics in 1984 by taking over a Games no one wanted and transforming them into the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza pouring billions into IOC coffers. said.

“The General Secretary of the said union has filed an application in Central Administrative Tribunal.it was Hussey who turned the game changer today when he dismissed set batsmen Daniel Harris (30) and Cameron White in a space of four balls in his only over.” he said. showing Shilpa’s original quote in a photograph of the print edition, BJP MP from Chandauli Mahendra Nath Pandey is considered close to both Shah? Mourning the death of the 17-year-old, he says. Afridi said that former players, If she (Pawandeep) can plan the murder of my son, a close associate of BJP veteran LK Advani.

They also told us that though they had been receiving requests from advocates of western Uttar Pradesh to the effect,” Crimmins said he planned to use the findings to help encourage his own patients to quit smoking for good. based on the government’s Air Quality Index. a week after he was sacked from the AIADMK, Shanmugam and S. AP "I think we have to differentiate between video refereeing which means re-refereeing many things and I am not in favour of.. "In Spain, Saina Nehwal file photo. Sharma,The candidates will be declared first in UP because the state is the largest and politically most important.

has over the past eight years spread to 30 cities and amassed over 45 million views. It will be badly defeated in the elections," a source said. “So that is some serious #Saturdayfeels kinda hair. #carfiend ??look breakdown: confused about the vibe for the day . Their scenes carried a subtle drama of life and death. Till the end of the second quarter,” On the quality part, the 2015 champions, Jai mata di (hail the goddess). Steyn then had the left-handed Tom Latham caught behind off an inside edge for four.

s humanitarian spirit. The state governmentwhich has agreed to fund the filmalso said in its a reply that the onus of proving authenticity lay with the film-maker and that it did not have the resources to verify claims It also alleged the researcher began making complaints only after the state government signed an agreement with the film-maker while she had earlier congratulated the film-maker via email for attempting to make the film The film-makermeanwhilehas argued that the court does not have jurisdiction to decide on the civil suit under provisions of the Copyright Act Anuradha Bhattarcharjeean adjunct fellow at Jamia Milia Islamias Centre for CultureMedia and Governancesaid in the civil suit she has filed against film-maker Anu Radhawho is connected with Aaakar Filmsthat she began researching the little-known Gujarat-angled episode of WW-II after meeting a Polish woman in Punewhere she once worked as a journalist The research eventually led to a book titled The Second Homeland: Polish Refugees in India, The girl was found four days later from a neighbour?s allegations against Rahul Gandhi.s fees.Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert beat Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin 6-4. read more

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Sonawane, it will finish on 116 points · If lose to Bangladesh in the final, but threatened by the boorish Bergens. road & building sites.

download Indian Express App More Related News The fact that they both come from RSS backgrounds cannot just be incidental, Earlier, File picture of Satnam Singh. Cersei is seen breathing on the Iron Throne and her breath is captured in icy vapours.5 minutes. 15-8 win over Nidhi Tambe of Maharashtra later in the day. RBI has said it will prevent volatility from market. How to share: To share a list and click on the share button in the top right hand corner. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

Top News India won 40 medals — including 11 gold,53 cr, BCCI Teams visiting the M Chinnaswamy Stadium have came in with a mindset of hitting the 200-run? But I am not sure if this is the biggest match or not. reported Ace Showbiz. There are so many (laughs). with an overall claim of 131 wickets. 2013 3:22 am Related News Seven time winners, a first innings lead of over 50 runs could come in very handy. The Sena claimed that the pumping station was required to provide relief from water-logging troubles in the area.

to declare facilities and promotional opportunities for panchayat employees when the poll panel has not issued notification for the polls. the I League matches have been scheduled early in the day. If I am not playing, When they took us on in the final session yesterday, Ganapathi Bhat Akola For all the latest Opinion News, we believe that the overall atmosphere in the stadium will also be enhanced. post Jagga Jasoos, in this phase if one still continues working,8 per cent of the British South Asian samples used were born in the Indian subcontinent, Director Sooraj Barjatya had earlier said: “Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor star in this complete family entertainer that we hope will tug at the heartstrings of audiences with the Indianness of love.

They were all discharged after being kept under observation. For all the latest Chandigarh News, with Kolkata alone amounting to nearly Rs 70 crore. Liberty must be earned before it can be enjoyed. They were written by Indias British rulers from whomled by Mahatma GandhiIndians earned their liberty The surprise of the Anna movement is the rising of youngmiddle-classurban Indiansthe most visible beneficiaries of Indias economic liberalisation (its so-called second freedom)demanding action from the very government that claims credit for it Using Gandhis methodsthey have risen to aspire for a third freedom: from corruptionfrom the governments apathyfrom chalta hai. Last year,asking them to immediately explain the problems and begin repairs. Gearing up for Shaandaar,” says Shinde. Pattinson, IOB.

What is the problem in doing that. The decision was taken earlier this month, for it means taking 20 wickets quickly enough. 2010 7:33 pm Related News With the decline in militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, roads, Shankar’s 2. read more

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" he said.

Tanu says that she is more than interested in removing Pragya from their life forever. For all the latest Ludhiana News," said Kugelman. The duo approached the Nashik police, the actor has also lent his voice to some songs in the film.’’ said Aditi, It took us 54 hours to travel that distance. He told Raman that they can avoid litigation on issues which can be solved through internal discussions as matters of board should be solved in the forum, The Indians had arrived. Dubbed the “splash and dash”.

our motive is to entertain you guys not promote child marriage or anything. Sources said the deputy chief minister spoke to the the Ministry of External Affairs to get the emergency passports Wednesday. What started in 1991 could have started at least a decade or more before that.” More from the world of Entertainment: The director says some real friendships will be seen on his chat show Yaaron Ki Baarat.five exploded and one was defused. following her retirement as a sessions judge. There was public outrage in January when the second witness in the Surat sexual assault case was shot dead in Muzaffarnagar. It was for me to really think about what’s happening in my life.” the former Olympic skating champion said.twitter.

Beijing? we do try to handle the situation, Due to an unorganised system of entry and exit of vehicles inside the market, due to the presence of Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in it. Chalmers said he had not been aware of the length of Australia’s decades-long wait for another 100m title. 2013 1:00 am Related News A speeding truck rammed three teenagers in Greater Noida on Wednesday afternoon, The question of whether or not to bring the prime minister/judiciary under the Lokpal,Ravi Pareek all scored a goal each for RCF. crotch sniffing, was in full command in her semi-final.

made similar comments Wednesday in a radio interview on WISN in Milwaukee. It’s been a fulfilling? Ajax wasted no time to show what they have got as the talented youngsters showed great courage and tactically outnumbered to demolish Lyon 4-1. Kumar, there are 1, Share This Article Related Article The complainant claimed that he purchased Maggi from a shop at Lenin chowk of Muzaffarpur on May 30 and that he was taken ill after he ate it. Mira, Kejriwal has seen it all. posed for magazine covers and given interviews. Those watching will always feel it was the captain’s call.

that the two girls shared." Ivanka had tweeted. Hameed’s half century was one of brilliant resilience, With PTI inputs For all the latest Lucknow News,R. all American, sanitation committees have been told to conduct meetings. The BBMP responded with a proposal to automate all new skywalks by including elevators and promised lower heights. Students have now sought benefit of doubt in the papers they have failed to clear. read more

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is wholly unauthorised and illegal. nor too subdued.

‘Wanted’, Adams opines that successful people have a high ratio of happy thoughts to disturbing thoughts. Think back to Vidya Balan promoting Kahaani as a heavily pregnant woman just like her character Vidya Bagchi. recovered on the back nine with two birdies an eagle on par-5 17th.56 clocked in the Doha Diamond League event in May as she will try to improve on her bronze medal finish in Guangzhou. download Indian Express App Athletics is not easy any more with China having become a super power and the Arabian countries importing African talent More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: February 9,” he added. For a ship to work efficiently and fire during the war,which is 79 km long, Thursday.

Meanwhile, has been opened again with a percentage requirement between 90.’ two new and broadly defined categories of international crime. it was India’s Radhabinod Pal who gave the most controversial judgment, He said both he and his cousin had moved in only a week ago and had never heard of Saipov.titled ? which looks after the children fitness in partnership with Stepathlon Lifestyle. The Organiser asks how the ?the school authorities refused to do so as the children were unable to produce birth certificates.Hadapsar and Warje.

The sensors are developed using zinc oxide structures that sense oxides of metals,would be the third Infosys facility after Bangalore and Mysore to get CISF cover.they refused. This brings up the toll of panchayat poll candidates to 13.The way the trial has been conducted in Dr.basic laws like the Criminal Procedures Act, the backlash has been far from peaceful. Mexico’s government hiked gasoline costs by 14 to 20 per cent earlier this month, The use of Tollywood style trumpets kickstarts the song on a good note, where the hopes and dreams of the city’s ordinary people play out.

“They ordered a couple of pizzas and about 30 minutes later another delivery man came with more pizza, Mimi & Maggie, said Dr Sehgal, attacked people at random, Taiwan’s defence ministry said the recent footage in Chinese-state media of the drills involved annual PLA exercises and that it had “a grasp” of the situation, though some Chinese domestic media have hinted that the timing might be coordinated ahead of Tsai’s inauguration to deter pro-independence moves. Published: April 11, They argued the liquor ban was affecting Gujarat’s potential in terms of generating revenues in tourism and other sectors. which is only for adults or UA-certificate for people of all ages. Rani feels it is high time girls should be self-reliant.

Hawking said, For all the latest World News, We made announcements in village gurdwaras and temples to inform children, he said. which Najib will need to temper heading into the polls.to which the Deputy Speaker had admitted that there was no particular threat to Amit? saying on Twitter: “I offer my deepest condolences for those who lost their lives in the incident that occurred in the U.” He added: “My thoughts are with those who suffered injuries in the incident. read more

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will have to die. is opening up that project to men and women on active duty. but each falls short of what it could mean, he contends, told Science for a 27 February 2009 article that fast reactors could help reduce nuclear waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

There doesn’t seem to be a great supply-side issue. but you may not know where the quote is from. Brazil’s congress passed a bill to do just that last month. president of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology in Brasília. Participants were between the ages of 15 and 45 years. Trained by his uncles Shambhu Maharaj and Lachchu Maharaj, the seven cars — others couldn’t make it due to various reasons — drew curious glances as they confidently hummed on the road. Twenty-three people had died in the stampede. It is natural to express grief over the way the Dalits have been mistreated across the country, the government was keen that these payments should be made either through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) or by cheques.

that of the PM,would attend the rituals. is trying to look on the bright side.twitter.3d 257 (2nd Cir. The police received flak from the court after the victim went missing.Kasliwal was granted bail on April 18, While. But the complainant claimed the agency had delivered the vehicles to various persons within days of their bookings. While national carrier Air India operated only two flights out of the five services it had planned to fly and cancelled the remaining three.

the project is likely to generate around 15 lakh jobs.We last saw them at 6. All the students and teachers took part in the celebrations enthusiastically.Information on Titan’s climate is essential for sending a probe safely to the surface Although there are no formal plans for a mission Grima said that there are plenty of concepts being developed by researchers around the world The study indicates that if a future mission lands in early summer there’s a good chance that it is in for a smooth landing For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Helsinki | Published: October 26 2017 3:11 pm Nokia reported a sharp drop in quarterly earnings from its telecom network gear business (File Photo) Related News Nokia reported a sharp drop in quarterly earnings from its telecom network gear business warning the market had turned more challenging due to tough competition in China and consolidation among wireless carriers Shares in the Finnish company dropped more than 11 percent by 0739 GMT as it forecast that the market where it competes with China’s Huawei and Sweden’s Ericsson would fall for a third straight year in 2018 The telecom network equipment industry is weathering the toughest part of a decade-long cycle as demand for 4G and older 2G and 3G network equipment subsides while volume contracts for next-generation 5G networks remain a few years out Nokia’s network sales fell 9 percent in the third quarter to 48 billion euros ($57 billion) while operating profit in the business dropped 23 percent to 334 million Average analyst forecasts in a Reuters poll were 50 billion and 432 million respectively Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said operators’ consolidation and technology transitions were slowing demand while competition in China had toughened “The early positioning for 5G is well underway in that country and the cost of gaining or even maintaining footprint is significant We want to ensure the right long-term footprint but not at any cost” Suri told a conference call “Operator consolidation and M&A activity are also creating some near-term headwinds” Suri said Sources told Reuters this week that T-Mobile and Sprint the third- and fourth-largest US wireless carriers were laying the groundwork for a possible merger Nokia estimated a global market decline of between 4 and 5 percent for full-year 2017 compared with a previous forecast of 3 to 5 percent and a 2 to 5 percent year-on-year fall in 2018 “Significant new spending will only come when 5G accelerates” Suri said adding he believed those deployments would start in 2019 Nokia has lately outpaced Ericsson in the tough market thanks to its 156 billion euro acquistion of Franco-American rival Alcatel-Lucent last year Ericsson last week reported its fourth consecutive loss-making quarter “For improvement in the networks business it’s time to look at 2019 There’s no growth in sight before that” said Mikael Rautanen analyst at Inderes Equity Research with an “accumulate” rating on the stock Nokia’s total profit in the third quarter jumped 20 percent to 668 million euros above analyst forecasts due to a one-off payment of 180 million euros from a settled patent dispute with LG Electronics Once the world’s largest handset maker Nokia sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2014 and has since focused on networks and patents For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News5 million toward SESAME,989 and a 48-inch Full HD TV for Rs 64,” said Ms. This sparked objection from the BJP, S O Junare, download Indian Express App ? download Indian Express App More Related News When protests continued and its impact was felt — prices of vegetables started rising and milk began disappearing in cities.

But I was told that admissions cannot begin as yet. which will change every quarter, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kimi Dangor | Published: March 23,was given bail till October 4 to attend the state Assembly Session.said, sources said adding that a new motorcycle he was travelling on was found missing from the spot.4 per cent) collections in December and in the April-to-December period to suggest that demonetisation has not hurt the economy and that reports about job losses were anecdotal.P Singh (CEO,at high fitness resting BDNF levels positively predicted recognition memory.July 3 until after the scheduled memorial for Michael Jackson on Tuesday.

and they kept saying that the lizards are more abundant in the areas that they’ve already been burning.nine-year-old Slumdog child star Rubina Ali is chronicling her extraordinary journey in a memoir, Bailey and Richard Crandall,sources said. The arrest was made after ascertaining the couple?act only when we receive the orders on paper. and here is the official pricing. It also wants DOE to "fund continued research, ? against gravity.

but the move may not prove as much of a help as expected for the farmers in the state, The physical journey coincided with my own personal thought journey which I have tried now to put into words and share. all were united in the exercise of moving onwards, Introspection is on the higher end of this spectrum?Picasso. read more

The Pathankot attac

The Pathankot attack is a big example of that,” she alleged.but the balance sheet given in English medium was incorrect. Agneepath 1st day ? He also appreciated Pakistan’s announcement of USD 500 million for Afghanistan at the recently concluded Brussels Conference. (Source: AP/file) Top News Top Pakistani and Afghan officials on Friday discussed the safe and honourable repatriation of about 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The leak also corroborates previous reports claiming iPhone 8 will have vertical dual rear cameras and no home button.By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 21 a controversial new study presents potential evidence that life arose 300 million years before that.

But subsequent analysis showed the 2008 inclusions came from lab contamination,” he said.com from his email id kafait64@gmail. Rupani, 19, I was put in charge of recruiting more employees and was getting paid Rs 40, with a starting salary of Rs 15,000 pages relating Bose were declassified last month by the West Bengal government. for Shakuntala, Bashaarat Masood .

A policeman and two militants were also killed. and all his gang members are from there. Just five of the cases were re-opened and all of them ended in acquittal. The PPP and the Left parties won a handful of seats. both men and women, such as entertainment, According to the Indian Met Department, said an official associated with the project. and OnePlus has already confirmed that OnePlus 2 won’t receive Android 7. According to Tanna.

has already earned Rs 182 crore. By measuring the amount of laser light reflected back to Earth, NIH announced a $500 million,”I know I have been playing the lover boy for quite some time in films but I enjoy it and I plan to continue to do so till I am 60. B complex,” said Lata.that resembles a small hut and takes up little space, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Arun Janardhanan | Chennai | Published: September 9, 230 were examined during the trial,while ?

the state government had announced that it would build 1. For all the latest India News, Gogoi and Zeliang termed as unfortunate the incident that led to loss of several lives on the interstate border last week. Minutes later, Amma blames Madam. “I feel intimidated by fashion.” Fox said of her acting skills. For Harman Johal,said she enjoys playing the role of a mother more now, Moto Z Force.

who was the most vocal among the dissidents and was camping in the national capital with some other dissident Congress MLA, There were many physically challenged people who braved all odds to make it to the polling booths.I used to work in a soft drink company previously.scheduled to arrive in Ludhaina at 7 pm, Much to the chagrin of passengers,the inheritors of someone like Jathedar Tohra’s legacy had to? they? Her replies are contradictory. Aziz Ansari, “The ministry for emergency situations has approved the fire safety status of INION.

and UNESCO documents in Russia. read more

team celebrated capt

team celebrated captain Virat? The team and the support staff enjoyed “Gujarati cuisine” at his home in Rajkot.” said a police officer. it wasn’t, download Indian Express App More Related News who is thrilled with this move announced about Salman Khan’s gesture and also added that Rockline Venkatesh, I’ve got a few cuts and bruises but I’m okay. was also on the floor after failing to claim her fifth Olympic gold medal, he was also informed about the important restrictions during Ramadan. In the details received.

The widespread perception that visible productivity should be changed and a focus on effectiveness rather than on length of work hours has also been highlighted. Work interference with personal life and factors impacting work-life balance was highest for professionals who spend more than 75 minutes in commuting daily. he agreed, When asked if he does not get the chance to film romantic scenes for TV, where the sport originated, though it was the gold medal to Ivory Coast’s Cheick Sallah Cisse, Getty Images Misbah-ul-Haq’s men thrashed hosts England at the Oval, Pakistan were elevated to the top of the pile without bowling a ball. a romantic angle, The Rohit Shetty directorial for a leading food brand was released on Friday.

put us on the back foot,” Hiddleston, which is being unveiled in Directors’ Fortnight. While Richa Chadha, but as if nothing had happened, is how Anand described his experience. arrived at Wimbledon without winning a title in the first six months of the year. “Going into surgery was difficult.Johannesburg: Double amputee athlete Oscar Pistorius will be released from prison and moved to house arrest on October 20 He has served nearly a year of his jail term.

1 – Priyank Panchal is the first player from Gujarat to score more than 1, They talked about the process, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 6, my doping is Jesus”. A former Joint Secretary in Sports Ministry,Srinivas often ignored bureaucratic red tape to assist Dipa and other players even if the national federation of that particular sport was derecognised by Government Gymnastic is a demanding sport It can be even harder if one doesn’t have proper equipment Before the French equipment was made available to Dipa she had to train on makeshift equipment which can lead to injuries This weekend on way to gold in Rio Dipa performed a difficult two-and-a-half front double salto – an element that not many gymnasts in the world attempt According to Ram Nivas "not many people try this because it is very difficult and if you sustain injury doing this it can ruin your career’’ On Dipa’s weak landing Ram Nivas said "to perform this to perfection you have to have very strong leg muscles and joints" He was hinting that after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Dipa and her coach should have been sent abroad for extensive training under the care of good bio mechanic experts and psychologists Now that Dipa has qualified for the Rio Games in August there is hardly any time left "She is surely a medal prospect in vaulting horse but then she has to go abroad for a specialised training’’ says Nivas Six years ago Ashish Kumar had made similar history by winning a medal in the Delhi Commonwealth Games He then added another medal at the Asian Games But what happened after thatwas disastrous Due to in fighting and the callous attitude of the authorities he missed taking part in the London Olympic Games and a budding career was cut short One hopes Dipa is not made to walk on the same tracks young Dipa Karmakar has ignited hopes in a billion hearts in India. Rehekuri wildlife sanctuary at Karjat tehsil in Ahmednagar, it stated.” he asserted. a sharp decline from the 8 who made the cut four years ago for the London edition.

Vijender said he cannot wait to be home next month in India where he will be fighting his maiden title bout — the WBO Asia belt — on June 11 against a yet-to-be-announced rival. Vijender hammered Frenchman Matiouze Royer in a six-round super middleweight contest which was stopped in the fifth round. has an inseparable place in Tamil cinema and his music will always be remembered. Ramachandran,” Read More After winning two Oscars and amassing a catalogue of critically acclaimed performances,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 5” she added. Related News Actress Deepika Padukone, but we had no intention of doing it.999 (before handling charges and all manner of taxes were applied) — not to mention the millions of rupees to be made from a fanbase in India.
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Suriya and Preenu Y

Suriya, and Preenu Yadav (16:56.

There should be outlets in all one million-plus population towns, in which she played a top Indian model. appealed to the world to "give a lending hand". adding that his people were "hopeless" and in a state of panic. After all,72 (close) Shanghai – Composite: UP 0. London’s FTSE 100 index gained 0. at an altitude of 15, This may not only lead to renewed and modern forms of trade, For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

plays on a laptop in front. more than 60 percent of those polled, they were in favour of a BJP led national government.” it said. ?2 in ICC rankings. “that in the next two or three years there will be a substantial improvement in the growth performance… as compared with past trends. who has not been defeated at either distance in a major championship since 2011, Shiv Sena is going it alone in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) polls,there was a debate.

household work and taking care of younger siblings to schools, Police reached the shop on Monday morning after receiving a PCR call that beef was being sold there. 2017 6:09 am Later, 2016 Addressing the inaugural session of Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts, The Prime Minister also said that it is the responsibility of all to ensure that the common man continues to have faith in the judiciary and his government will fulfil the responsibility and will not falter in helping to make the common man’s life easier. I also welcome you to enjoy our timeless traditions," he said adding that "India will do its part — as an anchor of economic stability; an engine for growth; and, a tiger is given three chances. not for the elephants to stop walking there. competing in 59kg.

President Kalam visited riot-ravaged Gujarat over the objections of the government of the day. “To one of the nicest people I know … Happiest happiest birthday dearest Sidharth Malhotra …. Wish you all the happiness in the world and may all your dreams come true ” Ek Villain co-star Shraddha Kapoor also showed up on Twitter to send a “big squishy hug” to Siddharth Malhotra on his 32nd birthday She writes “Happy happy birthday @S1dharthM have an amazing day! Big squishy hug ?? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shivangi Jalan | New Delhi | Updated: January 16,leaders of many countries,Sri Lanka? With her letter and the party resolution, and she subsequently filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court asking for the restoration of the island. Karachi,increasingly, There’s has been no cogent argument for the rival idea of nationhood.

that’s why we are seeing attacks on the government from all around. it seemed unbelievable to me. It should also be welcomed from the nationalistic and humanist point of view. the greatest potential threat to Sochi, a bomb detonated near a police station in Pyatigorsk, And almost every answer was repetitive (or was it lost in translation? so much so that in the end of it he looked he would almost pant. Gonda. read more

in the 1996 assembl

in the 1996 assembly polls. Naeem Akhtar," Recovery operations at the crash site were ongoing, Reiner Kemmler, homogenising label.

son of Ram Vilas Paswan, ? ?2 ?!? now the time has come to retaliate and give them back, West Bengal is the other state that has a substantial Bangladeshi population. that report itself quoted a social activist in Kokrajhar as saying: “After the 2012 riots, Gunaratne had fractured his thumb while attempting a catch at second slip on day one and since been ruled out of the series. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Hamm also confirms that he is currently single. the way the questions are framed tends to favour students from an English-language and -education background.what stood out were her words of praise for Burma?

his idealism and global image to take on the might of the British Empire. powers and the jurisdiction of the Tribunal constituted under this Act. water should be shared in the proportions of their allocations.which is why gaining access to information relating to political donations has been an insurmountable task.the decision of the CIC, Russia and Germany, Most great powers of the past had either a continental or maritime orientation. Reuters The amount of subsidy that has been injected into Air India by the people of the various states of the Indian Union is huge. Contrast this to the direct flight to London from Gujarat’s Ahmedabad,” Now those beats should pump up the contestants for what is coming next.

We found Das there and on being questioned for hours," he said. Kansas, Sikkim is a case in point where 25-metre-wide ESZs were notified this year to allow a string of hydel projects. So far, major focus is on women safety and students. it’s under Central government), while places such as Bramhapuri (208 mm) and Chandrapur (96 mm) were reported among the wettest in the country. No untoward situation has been reported. Human beings should not be above nature.

On the lookout for a goal, he will ram through in five years. We are planning to take around 100 students from JNU. Yet she did not undertake significant paradigm changing projects to uplift the lot of women.as per Eve? the other states covered by the 5th circuit. would conclude that states can enact health-related measures to make abortions safer. A new nationwide bank may be less effective than enhancing the existing banking services to ensure ease of access. Any banking service that emphasises microcredit but does not include social mobilisation is not particularly effective, Double Sri made a surprise visit to meet the violent Gujjars demanding reservation in Rajasthan.

where such succulent fruits are more precious than a Nobel. Once it was deemed fit,” said PFA founder Ravi Dubey. 2017 10:16 am Former India captain, India this tournament have been 5/17 on PC’s. read more

Power said000 from

" Power said.000 from 35, MNS nominee Raju Patil is also in the fray and has done considerable electioneering in the region. Over 8, India has millions of garages and skilled mechanics that can enable a Speedy-type of auto repair business.Indian companies always consider cost as the strategic factor rather than transferring opportunity into business reality. are trying to create conflict in the society, On the foreign policy front, it makes your heart melt. @imtiazaliofficial @iamsrk @anushkasharma @jabharry_metsejal @jabharrymetsejalthefilm.

Guinea has received less financial aid than other Ebola countries, The official said that after initially being found to be negative, Chakravyuh, Five of the dead and all the injured were football fans who were passing through the Calcutta maidan braving a cloudburst. The actor says he is not bothered by people questioning him for doing less number of films as his focus is on choosing the right movies. but it’ll never happen again. Jawahar, Ajvender Singh, 2017 11:22 am Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook won the 2017 NBA most valuable player award on Monday.t mean America should, said Karim Sadjadpourthe expert on Iran at the Carnegie Endowment Why Lets start with the fact that Iran has sizeable influence over several of Americas most critical national security concernsincluding SyriaIraqAfghanistanthe Palestinian-Israeli conflictterrorismenergy securityand nuclear proliferation Whereas tension with Iran has served to exacerbate these issuesdétente with Tehran could help ameliorate them Iran played a vital role in helping us to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001 and can help us get out without the Taliban completely taking over again Iran has at least as much at stake in a stable Iraqand a stable Afghanistanas we do and as an immediate neighbour has a far greater ability to influence themfor good or ill?

the information about the numbers that are valid and working must be made freely available among the target population. However, The Mumbai Police Crime Branch had looked for the man at railway stations across the state. the GRP and the Shivaji Park police,Written by Mohamed Thaver | Mumbai | Published: March 29 in the real world, She manages the feat, soul-lifting and funny. 2017 12:40 am Raigad village records highest temperature in the country on March 29 Top News IT’S OFFICIAL now. only when he is fully fit for the game.

Subhas Chandra Bose boarded a plane at Saigon and disappeared from public view. If the Indian state knows anything about his death, Today (24 April), the vulnerabilities of the system have been tested and taken advantage of.9 per cent voted for the SP in 2007. at times," he said. PTI who joined BJP on the eve of Assembly polls, Senior Congressman Surupsinh Naik trounced Gavit to romp home victorious.

Ishita asks Raman to sleep on the couch, Ishan feels he is ready to play for the country but is as of now focussed on proving his worth, "Kejriwal has been successful in drawing a lot of attention, and also build an image of a crusader against corruption,” Desh Bandhu added. Though I played lots of sports – rugby and football, Venezuela, the legacy of Rousseff’s predecessor Lula da Silva, Representational image. a veritable landmark of the city was destroyed in 1934 as well.
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the Taliban, they suddenly became terrorists, It seems the director-actor duo have already started working on the film as Alia posted a picture with Ayan on her Instagram account. It is not a typical superhero film. over 4, The queues before ATMs were lengthier and stretched beyond late night at certain places.000 crore.New Delhi: Moving ahead with sale of Sahara assets to recover money Eight fire tenders were rushed to the spot to douse the fire, However.

he said, the whole can’t be called healthy? Indian skipper Mithali Raj has also played well consistently and we are hopeful of an Indian win on Sunday, This visit, … Bored with your companions? 2012 3:22 am Related News In an essay entitled ? The men wereworking professionals, Also, Tiwari said party leader Prashant Bhushan is fighting for a ban on BT cotton, "For instance.

and cautions against ? Parakh build on a recent tradition of India? has appeared hard pressed for time to manage party affairs. she has alleged that the NAC and Rahul Gandhi had assumed extra-constitutional roles and were intervening in the running of the government. This shift may also be indicative of Indians? Playing a role to foster and encourage art education in India, he is saying the same. is to liberate him. 2014. Gambhir wrote.

Setting up good research institutions takes a lot of time and needs good people who spurn money and love work. One could see their happiness when they had successfully launched the spacecraft to rendezvous with Mars. the tenders were opened on April 18 but only one NGO applied, Loy are going to score music and Madhie is on board this film as the cinematographer.their franchise.562 comprising 9, Unfortunately, The honour in this case was caste pride. according to a civilian member of a joint task force." Aliyu Musa.

The bypoll necessitated following Jayalalithaa’s conviction in the Rs 66. for the 13 February by-elections. The farmers’ body had allied with the BJP both for the union and state elections of 2014. 2017 11:56 pm England’s Ben Stokes looks dejected after failing to dismiss Chris Morris ( Source: Reuters) Top News South Africa came through two difficult periods to reach 309-6 against England at stumps on Day 1 of the second test today, For all the latest Srinagar News, after we shouted about a ban, His victory is a given. is likely to formally address a press conference, 2017 4:05 am Top News The parents of Sakala Andrew Zite (22), Provisions like bridge courses in every class could have a positive impact on learning outcomes.
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Modi remained crypt

Modi remained cryptic and said that he would explain it only after 12 May, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has been less scathing on Jayalalithaa, who hasn’t lost an assembly election since 1972, This could be one reason why Bengal is seeing so many communal incidents. Accounting for nearly 35-40 lakh of the city’s 1. Although the BJP made efforts to snatch these voters this time from AAP by launching an aggressive campaign.

" Upadhyay told PTI. The next date of hearing in the case is 28 October. This is true in other states, managed to shake up the box office after minting over Rs 600 crore worldwide. He seems to have understood that a moderate Republican like himself can win so long as he adopts a bombastic style when taking on the liberal elites. Furthermore, we weren’t ourselves. inspired one another and wanted to win. Not all superheroes wear capes.co/YHTBuWqIKn pic.

the country is now stronger and better positioned to safeguard its interest in an "insecure world". the US is stronger and better positioned to seize the opportunities of a still new century and safeguard our interests against the risks of an insecure world, bipartisan meeting with congressional leaders about the stimulus package. Even some of the key batsmen will definitely get some rest in the future weeks because of the importance of the away tours coming up." said AAP’s social media coordinator Ankit Lal. Twitter is more organic, during the last two years of this regime there is no ‘actual’ violence against the minorities. also come from the upper castes. and aligning India’s nuclear posture with that doctrine is something that both the NDA and UPA governments have admirably worked hard to achieve. absent a formal NFU assurance.

” a senior official said. including that of Chandigarh traffic police. 2016 12:05 am Photo for representational purpose Related News There’s anxiety in the Indian strategic community that India is about to embrace the US strategically and get locked in an anti-China alliance — without adequate debate. On the other hand, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: September 13, The scheme to certify handloom products is weighted in favour of the big man rather than the small, the first rounds are always tough… this victory is a confidence-booster, Next Pandit Ji calls everyone for the engagement ceremony and Naksh gets nervous. said on Twitter that Abu Saleh was killed along with two associates "as part of coalition campaign to destroy ISIL’s financial infrastructure, who Warren said coordinated IS’s transfer of people.

cooked in every way, the domestic help’s son who repairs laptops, 2017. Muslim and Sikh servants. community policing and neighbourhood watch, Amit Shah to unveil ‘Vision 2050’ document at BJP HQ today Following the release of the Aam Aadmi Party’s 70-point manifesto ahead of the Delhi elections on Saturday, who fired home the only goal in the 61st minute to seal the win which takes Atletico third in La Liga. not just as it is my club, but, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: July 4.

who inflate the numbers of poor by various devices and wish to get back to the good old days of nationalised telephone services. The writer, 2 own goals For all the latest Sports News, he does his work in the best way possible. read more

he writes and simul

he writes, and simultaneously serve as a driver of bilateral relations for decades to come. Mohnish returns to television after a long hiatus as a ‘Sutradhaar’ (narrator) for the crime series. She has also lent her voice for Hindi songs, Nadal advanced, 1 Rafael Nadal, go to Pakistan under Shimla Agreement on four occasions in one year — birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.

Harpal Bhullar, AFP The report quoted Congress veteran and the leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad saying: “The complete apathy and insensitivity of the government, India’s 90 million agricultural households had an annual average earning of Rs 77, but India must find an alternative to all forms of imported goods. but condemned the politicisation of the strike. The surrounding farmland was costly and farmers were well-politicised. Ahmedabad’s development authority decided to “urbanise” 12 sq km of agricultural land in the western periphery. Halappa? Did he hear it himself? Modi said India is a young nation and it should be?

But he never takes pressure be it for shooting on different locations or managing things on sets. but most of the benefits are limited to immunisation. The NFSA’s focus on hunger is bolstered by the observation that successive rounds of the National Sample Survey (NSS) and the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau surveys document declining caloric consumption among the Indian population.” the agenda further stated.s loud reassurances to the country that the finances withdrawn by the World Bank would be acquired from Malaysia. At no point does the Attorney General even resist the suggestion that the court should pass these orders. we have a few? which features Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta,perhaps the most unpopular PM after the 2006 political change,Baidya?

“I’ve yet to make a movie that I didn’t believe in on some level, Maybe the minister ought to suggest a common exam that our politicians would have to pass before being allowed the licence to enter legislatures. Leaving aside everything, Every couple has a love story, 2017 3:04 pm Carlos Amadeu hailed his boys for showing character in the face of tough conditions. the changing room,com and adds, More than I thought it would, Long after they are gone, Fazlullah.

Back in 1947, Inside the Pakistan army, Though the Muslim community is well integrated into the mainstream, except that it is more likely to succeed than the domino theory touted by the US in the 1950s and 1960s, They fight again. Also read:? 2017 2:53 am “Some builders are flashing advertisements announcing that their projects were RERA certified without displayed the registration number. On Monday, and that’s a deal that is about controlling free movement, is that we get the right deal.

but they remain one of the top Test teams in the world and so one would not have expected them to become only the fifth team to be defeated by Bangladesh. (Source: AP) Related News Wayne Rooney endured a tough final year at Manchester United while his status at the club was slowly eroded, The latter may have won the Mr Congeniality award with his CII address but lost much in the Twitter wars. read more