‘Insurance Sector Cardinal to Economic Growth’

first_imgA deputy governor at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has said that insurance is very important in the Liberian economy because it plays a significant role in mobilizing capital resources for growth and development of the economy.Deputy Governor Boima Kamara made the assertion Monday, May 5, in Monrovia, during formal the opening of the 36th Annual General Meeting and Education conference of the West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA).The 2-day WAICA Meeting is being held under the theme: “Modern Technological Advances and the Development of the Insurance Industry in West Africa.”Based on that, Mr. Kamara told WAICA delegates that the CBL took over the regulation and supervision of the insurance sector in 2009, and began processing or reforming the sector so that to it operates under the relevant provisions of a new financial institution Act of 1999 including the 1999 CBL Act.Following a compressive survey and extensive consultation with the sectors, Mr. Kamara said that the CBL issued a one-year insurance action plan for the first stage of the reform agenda in 2011.According to the deputy CBL Governor, the focus plan was to ensure that all operating insurance companies in Liberia were in compliance with the required minimum capital as well as strengthening the board and management oversight to reduce risk.“The CBL is pleased to announce to you all that this stage of the reform has been successful, and as a result of the exercise, 20 out 26 insurance companies have met the requirements and have been licensed by the CBL to conduct insurance business in Liberia,” he said.However, the CBL Deputy Bank Governor used the occasion to encourage the 20 insurance operators to seize the opportunity to become part of WAICA.He told them that WAICA has lot of opportunities in the future for Liberia.For his part, the Deputy Minister for Administration and Insurance at the Ministry of Transport, J. Levi Demmah, who delivered the keynote address on behalf of the Liberian government, said it was good for West Africans to come together, to discuss issue pertaining to the growth of the economy in the sub-region.Min. Demmah said since its founding, WAICA has established two institutions in Africa and it is building the human capacity of its staff.He also told WAICA delegates to reflect on their past activities as long as the association exists in the West African region.Mr. Demmah also noted that insurance companies in Liberian have faced many challenges over the years, especially where the country is recovering from civil crisis.However, the Deputy Transport Minister said they were farsighted to launch a compulsory vehicle third party registration in the country, which he said will benefit many Liberians when it comes to accident and casualty.In his welcome remarks earlier, the vice-president of WAICA and president of the Association of Insurers in Liberia (AIL), Momo Fortune, thanked participants for attending this year’s 36th Annual General Meeting and Education Conference in Monrovia and hoped that they will achieve their desire goal at the end of the gathering.Mr. Fortune, General Manager & CEO of Mutual Benefits Assurance Company, is expected to be installed into office as the new president of WAICA today, May 6.The delegates are looking at Modern Technological Advances and the Development of the Insurance Industry in West Africa as well as Business Innovation Powered by technology: the expectations of stakeholders in the Insurance Industry in the sub-region.Meanwhile, the West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA), is a regional association of insurance companies and institutions in English-speaking West Africa.It was founded in 1973 by insurance institutions in the five West African countries, namely; The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Employers must allow workers to go vote in LGE – Opposition Leader

first_imgLGE 2018As the final countdown to the 2018 Local Government Elections (LGE) approaches, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is encouraging employers to avoid preventing staff from exercising their democratic right to vote.This call was recently made by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, and it came as candidates from the various parities make their final pitch to convince the electorate to cast votes in their favour.“I think they should allow employees to go and vote. People have a civic responsibility to vote. On a few places on the campaign trail, I’ve sought to reinforce the need of people to come out and vote … this is not for PPP supporters alone; this is for Guyanese as it is essentially part of our freedoms as people, that now we have this right, we must exercise it,” Jagdeo detailed.Jagdeo’s comments came in light of questions from media operatives which sought to ascertain his position on the possibility of reduced working hours to facilitate the 2018 LGE. The Opposition Leader, in emphasising the value of casting one’s vote, spoke on historical gains received after his party contributed to Guyana gaining full adult suffrage 65 years ago. This meant that all persons, then over the age of 21, were allowed to vote in national elections, even though the country was still under the rule of the United Kingdom, a colonial power which retains certain overseas territories to the present day.“You had to own property or be literate and at that time, not many people were literate, because the colonial authorities did not build schools in all of our communities and not many [persons] owned property. I am really proud of that history of the PPP – that we fought for universal adult suffrage,” the PPP General Secretary reminded.Hundreds of candidates from the major political parties, smaller groups and individual candidates are vying for places as constituency representatives across 80 Local Authority Areas (LAAs) across the country’s 10 administrative districts. The elections are being held in 10 municipalities and 70 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) using a mixed electoral system of Proportional Representation (PR) and First Past the Post (FPTP).Under the PR electoral system, parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them in a municipality or NDC. For someone to be elected under the PR system, they must be on a party list or voluntary group list. Individuals cannot contest under the PR system.Meanwhile, the FPTP system is one in which an individual gains victory by garnering the greatest number of votes. These candidates can come from a party, voluntary group or run as an independent.Fifty per cent of Councillors for each municipality and NDC are elected through the PR system, while the other half comes from the FPTP component of the electoral system. Under the FPTP system, an individual candidate can contest for only one seat in a single constituency in which he or she is registered and resides. Candidates can only be nominated for one group for the PR and FPTP lists.On Saturday, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) published the names of each NDC, municipality, the various constituencies and the corresponding polling stations enabling voters to be aware of where they will have to cast their ballots. GECOM has, however, been criticised for not doing enough in terms of voter education, but the elections body has expressed confidence that mechanisms were in place for a smooth flow during Monday’s election process.The last Local Government polls were held in 2016 and over 500,000 Guyanese were registered to vote. However, voter turnout was recorded at 47 per cent.last_img read more

Anti-terror unit skirts the law

first_imgSkobin said while there was no evidence of wrongdoing, auditors found some lapses and room for improvement. Lie detector not used The lapses include the discontinuation of giving a lie-detector test to new anti-terrorism investigators. “In the past (anti-terrorism) personnel submitted to a lie-detector examination prior to being placed in the section,” the audit report says. “Due to limited resources within the department and a need to transfer personnel into the section in a relatively short time frame, this process was eliminated from the selection process.” Capt. Gary S. Williams, Major Crimes Division commanding officer who is retiring this month, told auditors he was delayed in reimplementing the lie-detector test by “employment and legal considerations.” Still, the test has been reinstituted for new transfers. Williams could not be reached for comment Monday. Deputy Chief Mark Leap, who oversees the LAPD’s Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau and who also is retiring at the end of the month, said he hadn’t seen the audit Monday. The audit says Williams failed to provide the commission with written certification each year that all intelligence investigations had been internally reviewed and that those no longer considered viable had been closed, as regulations required. The audits of the Major Crimes Division, which includes the Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Section, were a key condition of a $1.8 million settlement with the ACLU of Southern California in 1984 after a high-profile department scandal. The ACLU settlement came over the activities of the LAPD’s Public Disorder Intelligence Division, which kept extensive secret files on public officials and prominent civilians. Conditions expire The department was accused of abuses in using those files after a detective was found to have more than 100 boxes of dossiers in his home and garage, and to have disclosed some of the material to right-wing groups and individuals. The conditions expired in the mid-1990s, but department guidelines continued to require the audits. Birotte said he was troubled, in particular, by instances in which the documentation in the anti-terrorism files didn’t back up the actions taken by investigators. “We saw examples where we didn’t think there was adequate documentation,” he said. “It’s always a concern, … especially with a section as sensitive as this.” Williams, he said, blamed investigators’ lack of experience. The audit says protocols intended to keep track of sensitive materials, including time stamps and other tracking devices, had been largely abandoned. “In the past, (anti-terrorism) personnel used a stamp, wherein personnel documented how and when the information (placed in the working folder) was obtained and material to the investigation. “The stamp was not present on a majority of documents contained in the working files for the investigations reviewed.” Some files sketchy After it became an issue, Williams restored the documentation requirement last April. In one case, a file described a person as talking about wanting to harm another, but there was no documentation that the target was ever warned. Williams said another agency made the notification. In another case, a file indicated officers found a document about ingredients for explosives, but key information was missing, including who gave officers the tip. A third case described how fliers had been distributed by a radical group around the city, but further information was lacking, including a copy of the flier. Auditors also said they were concerned that anti-terrorism personnel weren’t getting the semiannual training regulations used to require – to keep investigators abreast of constitutional and statutory considerations, as well as intelligence policy. The report blames the decade-long gap in mandatory Police Commission auditing on “personnel resource constraints,” but notes there was regular communication, as well as informal updates. beth.barrett@dailynews.com (818) 713-3731160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! And she questioned why the audit didn’t include the total number of terrorist investigations, as a 1997 audit did. “On balance, it’s a pretty good report, but it shows the importance of why these reports should be issued,” Ripston said. “We were dismayed to find out they weren’t keeping track of the agreement in the settlement they made.” The audit’s first phase, performed by Commissioner Alan J. Skobin and Inspector General Andre Birotte, found a series of problems that went undetected or unreported to the public during the years the audits were neglected. But their report, released today, didn’t identify any improper police tracking of individuals involved in political dissent or other constitutionally protected activity. “We were very thorough,” Skobin said. “This is a very important area – people’s constitutional rights, their liberties. We were painstakingly careful in reviewing this and found (no violations) whatsoever. … The type of abuses that were the target of the audit were not happening in (the) LAPD – not in the areas that violate people’s rights.” The first audit of the LAPD’s anti-terrorism activities in a decade has found that officers were allowed into the highly sensitive unit without taking polygraphs, confidential information was sloppily handled, and the Police Commission didn’t get required updates. The audit was released 1 1/2 years after the Daily News disclosed that mandatory annual commission audits of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Section hadn’t been done since 1997 – a failing that raised concerns about the potential for abuse and the lack of public transparency. Ramona Ripston, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, said the audit, a requirement after a court settlement intended to end police abuses in keeping secret dossiers on prominent individuals, was long overdue. She noted a finding that grounds of reasonable suspicion “appeared questionable” in the opening of two investigations. last_img read more

Alberta set to pass law to kill provincial carbon tax, as federal tax looms

first_imgKenney has said if Ottawa impose its fee, he will join Saskatchewan and Ontario in fighting it in court.Alberta is expected to argue that Ottawa does not have the constitutional authority to levy the tax and that, in any event, Alberta is already paying one with its current tax of greenhouse gases on large emitters.Alberta’s fee, launched on Jan. 1, 2017 by the previous NDP government, taxed carbon at $30 tonne. Drivers were paying almost seven cents a litre more this year with the provincial carbon tax, along with $1.51 a gigajoule on natural gas for heating. Energy Efficiency Alberta says the typical Alberta household uses 120 gigajoules a year.The federal tax is $20 a tonne but is set to rise annually until it hits $50 a tonne in 2022.The Alberta tax brought in an estimated $2 billion, much of that rebated to low and middle-income families. It also funded a range of green projects from rapid transit to energy saving light bulbs.Advertisement In Ottawa, Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna decried Alberta’s decision to end the provincial carbon tax, which she dubbed the “make pollution free again bill.”She said Canada will move quickly to impose the federal version on Alberta.“We’re looking to do it as soon as possible,” said McKenna.Alberta now joins New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan _ provinces that have declined to impose their own carbon levys, leaving Ottawa to impose one for them.Advertisement EDMONTON, A.B. – Alberta’s consumer carbon tax is dead, setting the stage for a showdown with Ottawa over the imposition of a new one.The province cancelled its tax on gasoline at the pumps and on home heating fuels just after midnight Thursday morning.Later in the day, the legislature was to pass third and final reading of An Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax to make the change official.- Advertisement -The bill was a signature campaign promise of Premier Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives, who won a majority government last month.Kenney told the house Thursday that the bill delivers a merciful end to a tax that didn’t stop the global rise of greenhouse gas emissions but did hurt working families.“We have barely been in office for a month and we are already, today, delivering to Albertans the biggest tax break in our province’s history,” Kenney told the house as his UCP caucus members applauded.Advertisement “They don’t have a plan to tackle climate change and they don’t have a plan to grow the economy,” said McKenna.In the legislature, Kenney criticized and mocked former premier Rachel Notley for bringing in the provincial carbon tax, especially after not running on it in the 2015 election campaign.He said the tax didn’t deal with climate change and didn’t deliver any “social licence” to garner further national or international support or acceptance of Alberta’s oil and gas industry.“So what is the point?” Kenney said rhetorically.“The best answer I can come up with is this: it makes them feel better about themselves. It makes them feel virtuous. And it makes the NDP feel like somehow they are saving the planet.” Families will also get rebates from the federal tax.McKenna said her department has already done preliminary math, given that Kenney’s bill was expected pass, and estimates a family of four in Alberta will get $700 in rebates when they file their 2019 taxes a year from now.That’s higher than the $377 expected in New Brunswick, $451 in Ontario and $449 in Manitoba. A family in Saskatchewan would get $903.The rebates are based on the expected amount people will pay. Provinces, where coal and natural gas are used more heavily for heating and electricity, are likely to shoulder higher carbon tax bills.McKenna said Kenney is taking a page from the same playbook as Ontario Premier Doug Ford.Advertisementlast_img read more

Clippers rout Sonics as deal falls through

first_imgAnother factor that hindered the trade is that Maggette is expected to be out six weeks with a separated ligament in his left foot. Now Maggette knows the team wanted to trade him. The Clippers swingman, however, says he understands the nature of the business. If Maggette’s relationship with the Clippers has been hurt, then Dunleavy is trying to repair it. He talked on the phone with Maggette on Friday and met with him Saturday to discuss what transpired. The Clippers didn’t need Maggette on Saturday. The Clippers led by 17 points in the second quarter after a 16-0 run and entered the fourth quarter with a 76-58 lead. joe.stevens@presstelegram.com (562) 499-1338 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! LOS ANGELES – The short-handed Clippers again played without Elton Brand and Corey Maggette, but they routed the Seattle SuperSonics anyway. Buoyed by 25 points and 10 rebounds from Chris Kaman, the Clippers won a second consecutive game, 98-72, in front of 18,099 on Saturday night at Staples Center. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGift Box shows no rust in San Antonio Stakes win at Santa AnitaThe Clippers had lost nine of 12 games after starting the season 14-5 and before winning their past two games. While Dunleavy says he still is optimistic about this season, that optimism didn’t prevent him and general manager Elgin Baylor from meeting with the controversial Artest in an effort to work out a trade. “We’re totally confident about where we are and what our direction is,” Dunleavy said. “As it comes down to it, we have responsibilities to explore every opportunity that’s out there. “Along the way, we haven’t hidden the fact we’ve had an interest. And that’s true. We have had an interest in Artest. He’s a unique talent, and so you talk to people, you talk about different things, potential deals that can work and cannot work.” Artest, suspended 72 games last season for his role in a brawl in Detroit, has been on the Pacers’ inactive list since Dec. 12, two days after demanding a trade. He is a former all-star who some consider among the elite players in the league. Maggette never has been an all-star but has been solid as the Clippers’ second-leading scorer. center_img The Clippers led by as many as 28 points in the fourth quarter and by 17 in the first half. There wasn’t much drama to the game, but there was some drama for the Clippers as coach Mike Dunleavy met earlier in the day with Maggette to discuss a trade that might have sent him to Indiana for Ron Artest. Indiana rejected the trade. last_img read more

Lancers roll as Masumiya shines

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESanta Anita opens winter meet Saturday with loaded card A few minutes later, Masumiya netted her first goal of the game. Masumiya beat a defender after receiving a pass from Bleidistel inside the box and slid as she kicked the ball past the Millikan goalie for the score. “I really liked the way we moved the ball today. We played as a team and came together. I’m very pleased with how we played,” Bunton said. The second half was all Lakewood (10-5-2, 4-0-1) as a pumped Masumiya dropped two more to put the game away. Masumiya took a free kick from 30 yards out that she placed perfectly into the upper left corner. The shot bounced off the Millikan goalie’s hand as she went up for the block and through for the score. She followed that up with a header off a corner kick. “I was pumped before the game,” Masumiya said. “I think we played an amazing game. We all came out and played with our hearts. We had intensity and we were ready for it.” The Rams (8-5-1, 3-2) were dominated by the Lancers midfield throughout the game. Tiffany Hollis made some key saves and Lakewood’s defense didn’t allow Millikan to do much offensively. “This was her game,” Lakewood coach Greg Bunton said. “Today she came up. Built a lot of confidence in herself. I was really proud of her. She had a killer day.” Nikki Bleidistel got the Lancers on the board in the first half, putting away a deflected pass from the Millikan goalie into the net. The Lakewood High girls soccer team was in charge of Tuesday afternoon’s Moore League contest at Millikan. And leading the charge for the Lancers was midfielder Allison Masumiya. The Lancers scored two goals in each half, and three of the four were tallied by Masumiya as Lakewood romped, 4-0. center_img “They won every ball,” Millikan coach Bruce Brown said. “They controlled us in the middle. They outhustled us. They won more balls than we did and that allowed them to get quality shots and score. (Masumiya) played a tremendous game. She was awesome.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgThere was a time when getting caught at the cinema in the countdown to the Leaving Cert would have guaranteed detention at least.Century Cinemas in Letterkenny.But now Donegal students have the perfect excuse to see one of Hollywood’s latest blockbusters during school hours.The Irish Film Institute is staging a special screening of “The Imitation Game” for Transition Year and Leaving Certificate mathematics students at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, 9th March in Century Cinemas, Letterkenny. This screening is part of the IFI’s spring programme for schools.The film will be preceded by a brief introduction from Deirdre Quinlan of the IFI, about their educational outreach.Local mathematics teacher Brendan O’Donoghue will also explain the important role mathematicians played in the Second World War and the modern importance of cryptanalysis these days given the importance of cybersecurity.With less than a week to go to screening, the event is almost fully-booked.  DONEGAL STUDENTS OFF TO CINEMA TO STUDY – AND THAT’S NOT CODE! was last modified: March 2nd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Century CinemasCODEdonegalstudentsTHE IMITATION GAMElast_img read more


first_imgWhere did you come in the Gairmscoil Chú Uladh 5k?Cén ait a thainig tú sa rás 5k Gairmscoil Chú Uladh?Well done to the enthusiastic 235 runners that took part in the Gairmscoil Chú Uladh 5k earlier today. The race was a climax to the couch to 5k program which the students and staff have been following for the last 2 months. Dayle Gallachóir (17:26 pb) a fourth year pupil at Gairmscoil Chú Uladh & L.A .C took the honours at the inaugural 5k whilst Shane Mc Nulty (17:28) and Paul Kelly (18:19) took first and second in the Senior mens race. Jane Watson and Deirdre Friel were the first senior women home, whilst Amy Nic An Ultaigh won the Junior womans race. In the juvenile race Aaron mac Fhloinn and Karl Mac Fhloinn were the first two boys’ home whilst Orla ní Fhril and Niamh Dorrain were the first two girls’ home. Well done to all the participants.Bhí lá ar doigh ag an 235 luthcleasaí diograiseach a ghlac phairt in san rás 5k inniu thart f’an Béal an Átha Móir. Chuir an rás seo crioch leis an traenail chrua a a bhí déanta ag scolairi na scoile mar phairt den chlár ‘Tolg go 5k’ .Thainig Dayle ó Gallachóir dalta 4ú bliana, G.C.U. na bhaile in san am is gaiste (cur iarracht pearsanta) le Shane Mac an Ultaigh agus Paul Kelly ag glacadh an 2ú agus 3ú aiteanna. B’iad Jane Watson and Deirdre Friel na chead mná na bhaile, le Amy Nic An Ultaigh ag baint an teideal soisearach. In san ras míle b’iad Aaron mac Fhloinn agus Karl Mac Fhloinn an chéad bheirt na bhaile le Orla ní Fhril agus Niamh Dorrain an chéad bheirt girseach ar ais.Maith sibh uilig go leir!Torthaí Rás 5k – Gairmscoil Chú UladhAit uimhir rása AM Ainm Sloinne Catagoir Club 1 138 17.26 Dayle o Gallachóir 4ú nabla L.A.C2 259 17.28 Shane Mc Nulty SM Finn Valley3 230 18.19 Paul Kelly Sm Finn Valley College4 237 18.24 Paddy McDaid SM Finn Valley College5 256 19.03 Aaron Kelly SM Unattached 6 269 19.20 Padraig Mac Fhloinn SM Unattached7 67 19.55 Jason Ó Mearthaile 5ú meabh Unattached8 155 20.08 Aodhfin Mac Fhloinn 3ú Ailbhe Finn Valley9 207 20.15 Ciaran ó Giobuin 3ú Ailbhe Unattached 10 111 20.20 Darragh O’Mahoney 4ú nabla Unattached11 160 20.40 Ronan ó Gallachóir 5ú meabh Unattached12 156 20.48 Colm ó Cuinn 3ú Ailbhe Unattached13 74 21.22 Christopher Mac fhloinn 5ú manas Unattached14 131 21.32 Kyle ó Dochartaigh idirbliain Unattached15 213 21.55 Aaron Mac Fhloinn 1ú Cróna Finn Valley16 117 22.08 Shane Dunleavey 4ú nabla Unattached17 3 22.39 Padraig ó Baoill 4ú Naos Unattached18 144 22.54 Joe Ruck idirbliain Unattached19 105 22.55 Phil ó Dochartaigh 4ú Naos Unattached20 87 22.57 Conal Mac Gaoithin 4ú Neasa Unattached21 89 23.05 Paddy ó Dochartaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached22 157 23.06 Michael Mc Devitt 5ú meabh Unattached23 211 23.27 Ryan Mac Fhloinn 3ú Aodhan Unattached24 190 23.35 James ó Dochartaigh 5ú manas Unattached25 24 23.56 Paddy ó Dochartaigh 3ú Ailbhe Unattached26 106 24.15 Killian Mac an Tomais 5ú manas Unattached27 91 24.17 Lee Mc Daid 3ú Aodhan Unattached28 139 24.28 Amy Nic an Ultaigh idirbliain Unattached29 191 24.42 Gerard ó Dochartaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached30 150 24.47 Mickey Joe Mac Monagail 5ú manas Unattached31 260 24.57 Jane Watson SW Unattached32 29 24.57 Éanna Ó Manníon SM Unattached33 35 25.35 AnneMarie ní Luadhóg 5ú manas Unattached34 90 26.05 Paddy Mac Craith 3ú Aodhan Unattached35 214 26.07 Adam Callaghan Jm Finn Valley college36 225 26.17 Stephen Mc Elhinney Jm Finn Valley college37 19 26.43 Matthew Mac Fhionnghaile 2ú barra Unattached38 164 26.44 Evan ó Giobuin 3ú Ailbhe Unattached39 118 26.47 Shane ó Muighe 4ú nabla Unattached40 109 26.47 Paddy Mc Devitt 4ú nabla Unattached41 135 26.48 Liam O’Meara 4ú nabla Unattached42 200 27.09 Darragh o Donaill 3ú Ailbhe Unattached43 103 27.09 Matthew Doherty 3ú Aodhan Unattached44 265 27.19 Deirdre uí Fhríl SW Unattached45 133 27.33 Owen Mc Crudden 4ú nabla Unattached46 122 27.34 Kyle Blades 4ú Naos Unattached47 104 27.36 Paul ó Dochartaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached48 37 27.39 Kevin Glackin 5ú manas Unattached49 234 27.41 Jordan Tourish Jw Finn Valley50 162 27.43 Matthew Curran 5ú meabh Unattached51 254 27.49 Nick Ruck SM Unattached52 239 28.13 Leah MacAoidh SW Unattached53 107 28.29 Roisin nic Ceallabhuí 4ú nabla Unattached54 124 28.43 Conor ó Fril 4ú Neasa Unattached55 245 28.44 Adam Mc Bearty 3ú Ailbhe Unattached56 88 28.53 Phil Mac Gaoithin 5ú meabh Unattached57 255 29.29 Sean Ó Fearraigh SM Unattached58 253 29.32 Ryan James 4ú nabla Unattached59 127 29.43 Francis ó Murchú 4ú Neasa Unattached60 1 29.49 Dale Stewart 4ú Naos Unattached61 33 29.50 Liam Mc Devitt 4ú Neasa Unattached62 75 29.53 Rachel Nic a Bhaird 4ú Neasa Unattached63 108 29.54 Megan Ni ceallabhuí 5ú manas Unattached64 224 29.55 Michael Mc Colgan Jm Finn Valley65 98 29.59 Christopher O Donaill 3ú Aodhan Unattached66 70 30.03 Callum ó Dochartaigh 4ú Naos Unattached67 171 30.03 James O’Reilly idirbliain Unattached68 174 30.03 Caolan ó Fríl idirbliain Unattached69 65 30.08 An tathair Gerard SM Unattached70 80 30.26 Conor Mc Daid 4ú Naos Unattached71 258 30.26 Elaine Mac Phaidin SW Unattached72 72 30.34 Michaela Dunleavey 2ú barra Unattached73 23 30.35 Mairtín Doherty 2ú barra Unattached74 202 30.52 Christian Wooten 4ú Naos Unattached75 11 31.04 Paul Gallagher 3ú Aodhan Unattached76 241 31.05 Paddy ó Baoill 3ú Ailbhe Unattached77 60 31.14 Niamh Ní Dheoráin 1ú Cróna Unattached78 93 31.14 Darragh Mc Granaghan 1ú Cróna Unattached79 79 31.17 Nuala O’Donnell 4ú Neasa Unattached80 246 31.21 Conor Mc Hugh 3ú Ailbhe Unattached81 146 31.26 Tom O’Grady SM Unattached82 28 31.27 Freddie Cullen 2ú barra Unattached83 147 31.33 Ultan O’Grady Jm Unattached84 2 31.41 Jamie Friel 4ú Naos Unattached85 73 32.03 Ronan O’Donnell 2ú barra Unattached86 102 32.05 Emma Jayne Mitchell 3ú Aodhan Unattached87 114 32.15 Grace O’Donnell 4ú nabla Unattached88 9 32.19 Chloe Rose 2ú barra Unattached89 134 32.20 Conor Mc Crudden 4ú nabla Unattached90 27 32.21 Pollyanna Cullen 1ú Cróna Unattached91 41 32.22 David Walsh 5ú manas Unattached92 32 32.34 Emer Mc Devitt 5ú manas Unattached93 128 32.51 Jason Browne 4ú Neasa Unattached94 94 32.52 Sinead Mc Dermott 3ú Aodhan Unattached95 235 32.56 Ryan Walden Jm Finn Valley96 123 32.57 Aron O’Hare 4ú Neasa Unattached97 271 32.58 Regina Velly SW Unattached98 110 33.03 Shuan Mc Bearty 4ú nabla Unattached99 36 33.04 Emma Logue 5ú manas Unattached100 84 33.07 Michelle Bonner 4ú Neasa Unattached101 152 33.07 Cassie Long 5ú meabh Unattached102 130 33.14 Edel Eilis 4ú Naos Unattached103 38 33.15 Aishling Rieder 5ú manas Unattached104 82 33.43 Corina Gibbons 4ú Neasa Unattached105 136 33.54 Kelli Mc Grory SW Unattached106 95 34.06 Danielle Mulhern 3ú Aodhan Unattached107 167 34.27 Eilish Bradley 5ú meabh Unattached108 198 34.28 Denis Quinn 2ú beibhinn Unattached109 26 34.34 Francis Mc Devit 2ú barra Unattached110 194 34.34 Conor Doherty 2ú beibhinn Unattached111 69 34.36 Catherine Gillespie 1ú Cróna Unattached112 50 34.44 Keelan Mc A Ghoill 1ú Cróna Unattached113 49 34.45 Keelan Mc Mac Monagail 1ú Cróna Unattached114 25 34.46 Joe McDyer 2ú barra Unattached115 34 34.47 Oran Mc Devitt 2ú barra Unattached116 172 35.25 Daryl Thompson idirbliain Unattached117 51 36.34 Oisin Ó Laoghóg 1ú Cróna Unattached118 92 36.46 Aoife Mc Granaghan 3ú Aodhan Unattached119 68 37.00 Therese Gillespie 4ú Naos Unattached120 169 37.04 Catherine de Brún idirbliain Unattached121 154 37.30 Aine breathnach 5ú meabh Unattached122 209 37.32 Aaron ó Baoill 3ú Ailbhe Unattached123 212 37.33 Conor Mac Fhionntaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached124 206 37.36 Catherina Boyle 3ú Ailbhe Unattached125 195 37.52 Kaylem ó Murch u 3ú Ailbhe Unattached126 140 37.53 Dylan Gallagher idirbliain Unattached127 22 37.54 Tamara ní Cheallaigh 2ú barra Unattached128 13 37.55 Dearbhla ní Cheallaigh 2ú barra Unattached129 52 37.58 Joseph Mac Aoidh 1ú Cróna Unattached130 197 38.03 Karl Mac Fhloinn 2ú beibhinn Unattached131 242 38.05 Conal ó thiomanaigh 2ú beibhinn Unattached132 270 38.31 Kathleen Mc Devitt SW Unattached133 199 38.50 Ronan O’Donnell 2ú beibhinn Unattached134 166 39.01 Erin ní Earcain 1ú Cróna Finn Valley135 58 39.02 Leanne Nic Fhearail 1ú Cróna Unattached136 163 39.14 Gavin Stevenson idirbliain Unattached137 240 39.20 Michelle Carr SW Unattached138 204 40.25 Ríona Fegan 3ú Aodhan Unattached139 97 40.26 Emer McGlynn 3ú Aodhan Unattached140 18 40.42 Josh McConnell 2ú barra Unattached141 201 40.47 Luke Wooten 3ú Ailbhe Unattached142 218 40.50 Kyle Gallagher Jm Finn Valley143 83 40.54 Cloodagh breathnach 4ú Neasa Unattached144 45 40.57 Darán Dé Brún 1ú Cróna Unattached145 233 41.01 Calum Thompson Jm Finn Valley146 141 41.01 Hannah Timoney idirbliain Unattached147 170 41.04 Aine Mc Monagle idirbliain Unattached148 208 41.05 Mark Frize 3ú Ailbhe Unattached149 243 41.18 Kerri Mc Cool 3ú Aodhan Unattached150 252 41.26 Chloe Mc Carthy idirbliain Unattached151 14 41.27 Niamh Kelly idirbliain Unattached152 196 41.28 Ronan Campbell 2ú beibhinn Unattached153 99 41.41 Sarah ní Thiomanaigh 3ú Aodhan Unattached154 55 41.56 John Furey 2ú beibhinn Unattached155 273 42.24 Bríd Coyle SW Unattached156 278 42.38 John dorrian SM Unattached157 279 42.38 ms dorrian SW Unattached158 165 42.42 Simona Gibbons 3ú Ailbhe Unattached159 100 42.47 Susan MAC Fhloinn 3ú Aodhan Unattached160 101 42.48 Aishling Breslin 3ú Aodhan Unattached161 66 42.49 Megan Marley 4ú Naos Unattached162 21 42.49 Aine Carberry 2ú barra Unattached163 57 43.17 Caoimhe Ní Mhánais 1ú Cróna Unattached164 244 43.18 Katie Nesbitt 3ú Ailbhe Unattached165 43 43.28 Kathy nic a Bhaird 2ú beibhinn Unattached166 186 43.29 Orla ní Fhríl 2ú beibhinn Unattached167 188 43.30 Marisa breathnach 2ú beibhinn Unattached168 210 43.32 Alyssa Rooney 4ú nabla Unattached169 76 43.33 Claire ní Ceallaigh 4ú Neasa Unattached170 275 44.18 Rosemary Ward SW Unattached171 261 44.19 Finola Wooton SW Unattached172 203 44.37 Leah Curran 3ú Ailbhe Unattached173 205 44.39 Maeve O’Rorke 3ú Ailbhe Unattached174 96 44.42 Alanna Mc Menamin 3ú Aodhan Unattached175 248 44.49 Brídgín kelly SW Unattached176 264 44.49 Noreen O’Donnell SW Unattached177 142 44.51 Shauna Marley idirbliain Unattached178 185 45.03 Rachel Mc Devitt 2ú beibhinn Unattached179 274 45.06 Micheal Moy SM Unattached180 10 45.07 Yvonne Gallagher 2ú barra Unattached181 187 45.17 Niamh Sweeney 2ú beibhinn Unattached182 168 45.20 Eimear Bradley 4ú Naos Unattached183 78 45.21 Sorcha Little idirbliain Unattached184 277 46.07 Gabriel Boyle SW Unattached185 268 46.08 Caroline given SW Unattached186 30 46.22 Nickela Martin 5ú manas Unattached187 257 47.03 Catherine O’Donnell SW Unattached188 17 47.04 Aoife Horan 4ú nabla Unattached189 63 47.04 Megan Nic Dhiarmada 1ú Cróna Unattached190 54 47.07 Aideen Furey 1ú Cróna Unattached191 238 47.15 Oliva nic Suibhne 2ú beibhinn Unattached192 192 47.19 Grainne Breathnach 2ú beibhinn Unattached193 143 47.23 Colette ní Chnaimhsí idirbliain Unattached194 175 47.42 Christina Armstrong 1ú Cróna Unattached195 64 47.42 Shania Ní Bhiartaigh 1ú Cróna Unattached196 226 47.49 Leanne nic Loingsigh Jw Finn Valley197 220 47.52 Aisling Grieve Jw Finn Valley198 81 47.53 Orla Mc Daid 2ú barra Unattached199 119 47.57 Aoife ní Muighe 1ú Cróna Unattached200 31 48.00 Erin O’Donnel 5ú manas Unattached201 263 48.26 Lisa O’Hagan SW Unattached202 262 48.41 Mary Sweeney SW Unattached203 251 48.41 Aisling Mc Devitt 4ú nabla Unattached204 4 48.49 Katie O’Donnell 4ú Naos Unattached205 153 48.49 Shannon Leaper 5ú meabh Unattached206 47 48.49 Marie Dé Brún SW Unattached207 276 49.10 Margret Mc Devitt SW Unattached208 46 49.11 Claire Dé Brún 5ú manas Unattached209 267 49.53 Fiona Bonar SW Unattached210 272 49.54 Aurelie Velly SW Unattached211 44 50.12 Petie Lafferty 5ú manas Unattached212 228 50.13 Nicole Mc Kenna Jw Finn Valley college213 215 50.25 Aisling Catterson Jw Finn Valley college214 216 50.25 Ryan Davis Jm Finn Valley college215 219 50.27 Luke Gillespie Jm Finn Valley college216 217 50.28 Conar Gallagher Jm Finn Valley coll217 229 50.29 Michael Mc Menamin Jm Finn Valley coll218 231 50.32 Kevin Patton Jm Finn Valley coll219 247 50.33 Rosaline Boyle SW Unattached220 159 50.35 Cora O Donaill 5ú meabh Unattached221 7 50.38 Aoife Dempsey 4ú Naos Unattached222 126 50.40 Annie nic giolla bhride 4ú Neasa Unattached223 77 51.03 Caoimhe Little 4ú Neasa Unattached224 115 51.23 Margret Anne Mc Carron 4ú nabla Unattached225 15 51.24 Serena McCarthy 2ú barra Unattached226 189 51.25 Fionnula Doherty 2ú beibhinn Unattached227 193 51.27 Eilish Mc Devitt 2ú beibhinn Unattached228 6 51.33 Evelyn nic Aoidh 4ú Naos Unattached229 148 51.35 Padraig O’Grady SM Unattached230 48 51.36 Ryan Ó Gallachóir 1ú Cróna Unattached231 236 51.40 Rory White SM Finn Valley232 221 51.42 John Paul Kelly Jm Finn Valley233 232 51.46 Sophie Quigley Jw Finn Valley234 223 51.47 Leigh Mc Cafferty Jw Finn Valley235 227 51.47 Naomi Mc Glynn Jw Finn ValleyTotal Runners: 235RESULTS: CÉN AIT A THAINIG TÚ SA RÁS 5K GAIRMSCOIL CHÚ ULADH? was last modified: February 9th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click 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first_imgGAA: Former Kerry legend Tómas Ó Sé has come up with a unique way of dismantling Donegal’s ultra-tight defensive structure.Ó Sé, now an analyst on The Sunday Game was asked how do Derry approach their semi-final against Donegal and what to do they need to bring to the table to beat them.Ó Sé jokingly hit back and said “A couple of KANGOS and a few snipers will do the job rightly.” That prompted laughter in the studio, but on a more serious note Ó Sé did concede that Derry face a hell of a task coming up with a strategy to defeat Donegal.He doesn’t believe they have the firepower to hurt Donegal despite Eoin Bradley and Mark Lynch’s impressive performances last week against Down.Ó Sé did say that Donegal will be presented with a more difficult challenge than the one poised by Armagh and expects Derry to adopt an ultra-defensive approach similar to the one they employed against Dublin in the league.Former Kildare star Dermot Earley believes no team plays the defensive system better than Donegal and thinks they’ll be there or thereabouts comes the business end of the season. Earley said, “Donegal are a serious, serious side, and nobody in the country plays this defensive style of football better than them.“They’re so good at it, and everybody knows there role, other teams get behind the ball and mark space but don’t necessarily know how to play it.“Donegal on the other hand are a different breed, every players knows where to be and what they have to do.“They also have so much variation in their attack and that makes them so hard to play against.Will Derry manager Brian McIver bring the KANGO’s to Clones on June 27th? Judging by today’s awesome performance he’s going to need them.HOW DO YOU STOP DONEGAL? “A FEW KANGOS AND A COUPLE OF SNIPERS SAYS FORMER KERRY STAR” was last modified: June 15th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalGAAKerrynewsSportThe Sunday GameTomás Ó Sélast_img read more

Donegal Death Notices – Rest in Peace

first_imgDonegal death notices for today, Friday, September 29. Elizabeth KEARNEY (née Meers)The death has occurred of Elizabeth Kearney (née Meers), 37 The Glebe, Ballina, Mayo / Donegal, peacefully at Mayo University Hospital. Predeceased by her husband William (Bill), daughter Anne, son Gerard and son-in-law Jimmy Moran. Elizabeth will be sadly missed by her loving sons Michael and Billy, daughters Sandra and Judith, grandchildren Eoin, Eilis, Aoife, Ronan, Aaron, Shane, Niall, Matthew, Ruairi and Etain, sons-in-law Gavin and Alex, daughter-in-law Kathleen, nieces, nephews, relatives, neighbours and friends. Reposing at her residence (37 The Glebe) on Friday from 1pm with removal at 7pm to St. Muredach`s Cathedral. Funeral mass on Saturday morning at 11am with funeral proceeding afterwards to Leigue. Rev. Patrick MC DERMOTTThe death has occurred of Rev. Patrick Mc Dermott, in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA and late of Edeninfagh, Glenties, Co. Donegal. Son of the late Con and Frances and brother of the late Con, Seamus and Gerry. Very deeply regretted by his brothers Donal and Liam, sister Rosaleen Deery, brother-in-law Eddie Deery, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives and a large circle of friends. Also regretted by Bishop Alan Mc Guckian and priests of Raphoe diocese. Regretted by Bishop Kihneman and priests of Biloxi diocese.Remains arriving Dublin Airport this Saturday morning (30th September) at 9am. Arriving Saturday evening at the Church of the Holy Family, Edeninfagh, Glenties at approx 5pm. Visitation 5-7pm. Funeral Mass this Sunday, 1st October at 2pm followed by burial in Edeninfagh Cemetery. Donegal Death Notices – Rest in Peace was last modified: September 29th, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:obituarieslast_img