Costa Ricas election result two rounds and two realities

first_imgWith the key support of the founders of the party and PAC legislators critical of the current legislation, Carlos Alvarado was able to move up in the polls with speeches that were socially and geographically inclusive, and promoted the rights of the sexual minorities.Some analysts worry that the campaign ahead of the second round will show even more polarization around religious matters and leave out pressing “earthly” topics, such as the government’s fiscal crisis and numerous pending decisions related to the country’s economical and social sustainability.The PAC, in leaving behind its label as an alternative party, faces the challenge of being accountable about the current administration, which, as Carlos Alvarado insists, “with its errors and successes, but better than the past ones and future vision.”Facing this speech, his adversary clings to the motto of“clean hands” and “let’s do it together.” He seems to be listening to political and economical sectors that, in the absence of consolidated frames of governance, see opportunities in National Restoration.Just like a soccer team that has classified for the World Cup with thousands of committed followers, but not enough players, Fabricio Alvarado’s party has offerings everywhere.The game of alliances for a second round has started with gestures and rumors, but it’s two months away, an eternity for the current political dynamics.“Two months are craziness,” said expert Daniel Zovatto this Monday, director of IDEA International, convinced that Sunday’s election revealed huge changes in one country. Or two.This article was originally published at the Semanario Universidad on Feb. 7 by journalist Álvaro Murillo. Read more from Alvaro in his Tico Times column, “No Sugar Please.” New poll in Costa Rica shows huge surge for evangelical pastor Costa Rica has earthly problems, but this election season ended over the rainbow Faces of Sunday’s vote in and around La Carpio Costa Rica will return to the polls on April 1 with only a few certainties: a new political map, heightened religious fervor and the geographical divisions in the country.Fabricio Alvarado and Carlos Alvarado are now competing to win Costa Rica’s presidency in the second round of voting. This past Sunday’s election showed a profound change in Costa Rica’s political map and the popular response to the country’s marginalized areas. Juan Diego Castro on a motorcycle after voting at the Escuela República de Chile. Via Sara Quesada / Semanario UniversidadThe election also confirmed the huge impact of religion-driven voters, who represented half a million votes (24,9%) in representation of the growing and dynamic evangelic sector combined with the indispensable support of conservative forces within traditional Catholicism, the majority in Costa Rica.The former journalist, Pentecostal preacher and legislator Fabricio Alvarado now symbolizes something much bigger than just his small party, National Restoration, which was founded by the pastor Carlos Avendaño after political disagreements with former legislator Justo Orozco. He also represents the evangelical churches that work tirelessly through prayers and social work to promote a “pro-life and pro-family” political agenda, which the Catholic Church has boosted less and less with each election.The evangelical candidate, 43, who never before expressed political ambition, has demonstrated the consequences of the drop in popular support for traditional parties.The election also rearranged the map for parties that do not draw on ideologies of discrimination: the Broad Front went from nine legislators to one, and Otto Guevara’s Libertarian Movement is out after 20 years of parliamentary presence. As for the historically dominant National Liberation Party (PLN), they saw their dominance of rural territories snatched away. The center of the country turned toward the Citizen Action Party (PAC), which is no longer an alternative force and seeks to stay in power. Who says election season isn’t fun anymore? PAC supporters in Costa Rica on the eve of the Feb. 4 election. Andrés Madrigal / The Tico TimesOn Sunday, central regions voted once more for PAC and Carlos Alvarado (21.6 percent). On the national map, you can see his triumph in the provinces of San José, Heredia and Cartago, but National Restoration won the four coastal or border provinces: Alajuela, Guanacaste, Limón and Puntarenas. In these last two, the votes for Fabricio Alvarado even surpassed the 40 percent minimum required for winning the presidency in a first round.This contrast can also be seen on smaller scales. In many cantons, PAC obtained better results in the central districts and National Restoration did better in outlying areas with, in general terms, lower quality of life. An example of this can be seen in the vote for presidential ballots in the central canton of Alajuela, where the PAC triumphed only in one district, the central, with 25 percent. The other eight districts of the canton were left in hands of Fabricio Alvarado’s party, and none favored Liberation.San José showed the same pattern. PAC won the most central and prosperous districts (Carmen, Merced, Catedral, Zapote, San Francisco de Dos Ríos) and National Restoration won in Hospital, La Uruca, Pavas, Hatillo and San Sebastián. Another video of Fabricio Alvarado was relevant: the last one before the veda, or advertising-free electoral truce preceding the vote. In the face of questions about his lack of a governing team, the candidate made public the names of various persons that have helped him in the campaign.These included the lawyer Alexandra Loría Beeche, an anti-abortion activist and the candidate’s replacement in the Legislative Assembly while he campaigns in the second round, and Alejandro Leal, an expert on bioethics who opposed in vitro fertilization (IVF). Both are well-known Catholics. Those who once treated each other as “separate brothers” are now reunited in one family where political and ideological origins matter much less.“Defending the family and life” is the chorus of Fabricio Alvarado’s speeches, as we heard on Election Night. It’s the message that he has repeated since his debut as a political figure from his seat in the Legislative Assembly, which he attained by chance in 2014 when the Restoration Party candidate resigned and saw in Alvarado the makings of a good communicator.The PAC’s challengeWhile this theory is not backed up with numbers, it seems possible that religious shock also accounted for some of the votes that allowed Carlos Alvarado to pass to the second round.The final result placed Alvarado nearly 62,000 votes over Álvarez Desanti, despite the TSE’s first report on Election Night which placed the liberacionista ahead of the PAC and made PAC sympathizers nervous. Their number had multiplied in the last two weeks of the campaign.By coming in second, Carlos Alvarado, a former Minister of Human Development and Labor, was able to surpass, at least for the moment, the questionings of President Luis Guillermo Solís’s administration and the criticism of the PAC for corruption related to the cementazo, the case of traffic of influences that dominated the beginning of the campaign in October. Related posts:New poll: Statistical dead heat in Costa Rica’s presidential elections 5 keys to understanding Costa Rica as it faces new elections Election Eve in San Pedro, Costa Rica PHOTOS: Costa Rica’s political dogs on Election Day Facebook Comments In some districts, such as Katira in Guatuso or Bijagua in Upala, National Restoration got more than 50% of the votes.Voter turnout, despite some fears, stayed at what have become normal levels for this century. Only 34 percent of voters stayed home, confirming ongoing popular trust in the elections as a form of political action.Nevertheless, as in previous elections, in general it’s the more marginalized regions of the country that vote less, as in the case of Talamanca. In this coastal, border and indigenous canton, only half of the population turned out to vote.In the Colorado district of the canton of Guácimo, which borders Nicaragua in the Calero Island region, abstention was bigger: 58 percent. Golfito’s Central District, despite being considered an urban center (municipality, university, hospital and so forth), also showed high abstention at 44.9 percent. Voters crowd the halls of one of San Pedro’s voting centers, the Universidad Americana, east of San José on Feb. 4, 2018. Turnout in many rural areas was much lower. Andrés Madrigal / @andresmadrigalcr / The Tico TimesGod’s big moment?This was the first time that the traditional Liberation Party came in third (18.6 percent) . This shows not only the party’s profound internal crisis, but also, with new clarity, the collapse of the political sympathies that marked the dispute for power in Costa Rica during the past 70 years.“We finally see a historical moment. The political identities and traditions are out,” explained researcher Ronald Alfaro, director of the University of Costa Rica’s (UCR) Political Center for Studies and Investigation (CIEP).“The outlying areas were Liberation’s lifesavers, but now we see they aren’t anymore,” adds Alfaro, coordinator of the CIEP polls that helped take the pulse of this campaign and now understand the results. With weakened party borders and the rise of ideological politics, the population is more susceptible to mass manifestations for or against the concrete topics that cause polarization, as occurred in 2006 with the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA), or, in this case, with religion. Almost 60 percent of people surveyed by researchers from the University of Costa Rica in 2017 oppose same-sex marriage. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesThe Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ ruling on Jan. 9 is now confirmed as the decisive element of these elections. No one ever imagined that the ruling in favor of same-sex marriage would take place at the height of the campaign. “I never saw it coming,” admitted Liberation candidate Antonio Álvarez Desanti in his concession speech.The impact of the religious surge clouded the possibilities of Juan Diego Castro (who ended up with 9.5 percent of the votes) and his anti-establishment, anti-corruption approach. His messages of mano dura didn’t permeate enough or lacked an organized base, especially given that he represented a weakened National Integration Party (PIN), which will return in May to the Legislative Assembly after 16 years.Nothing was as strong as the religious shock. In the last two weeks, election sympathies, which had already been volatile, were completely reordered by the debate between those who feel that Christian values are threatened, and those who believe Costa Rica must advance in ensuring the rights of sexual minorities. Discussion of abortion and sex ed elevated emotions still further, contradicting the Supreme Elections Tribunal’s (TSE) plea for a rational vote. At the polls, Fabricio Alvarado managed to hold onto his abrupt rise from the middle of January. As untold as it looks, it isn’t a surprise, at least for those who have studied the evolution of religion in Costa Rica during the last 30 years. These three decades coincide with the increase of social inequality in the country, as demonstrated by numerous international studies.For Laura Fuentes, expert in the sociology of religion and researcher at the National University (UNA), it was not a surprise seeing Fabricio Alvarado celebrating this Sunday.“The Costa Rican elites have excluded a part of the population, and we now see that evangelical churches have been fruitful, working for more than 30 years with abandoned communities that have educational and labor instability or violent situations. There, the population has found support in the churches, which have complied with a role not only with affairs from the más allá [heavenly or spiritual concerns], but also with things from the más acá [here and now], responding to the needs of care, housing, preparation of leaders or scattering.” The strategy has worked.It’s calculated that Costa Rica’s practicing evangelical population is around 20 percent. Even though it’s impossible to affirm that all of this group voted for Fabricio Alvarado, it does represent an indispensable muscle that complements other conservative groups. This communion between Catholic and evangelical authorities has been growing in recent years, and was reflected in a massive march on Dec. 3 in San José.“That day was important. We could see in a very clear manner the size of the alliance and the potential mobilizer of masses that has this cause of defense of the traditional family, of life from the conception, or rejection towards the ‘gender ideology,’ as they call it,” said analyst Gustavo Araya.However, the strong base and those who headed to the San José Palacio Hotel on Sunday night to celebrate Fabricio Alvarado’s triumph come from evangelical groups. A supporter of the National Renovation Party celebrates his candidate’s early lead in San José. AFP Photo / Jorge Rendon“Our bubble impedes us from understanding the strong growth in areas that traditional political actors visit only sporadically. The churches don’t. The churches are there [all the time], present with the people there, and they do constant work, house to house, often connected to an international network that has economic resources,” adds Laura Fuentes. The churches don’t go there; they live there.To this, we add the impulse of “prosperity theology,” which exalts the success that comes with being a good Christian, whether economic or the professional. An increasing number of soccer players have become popular faces of that success. This approach was also seen in a campaign video in which Fabricio Alvarado’s wife, Laura Moscoa, spoke about the hardships of her childhood in contrast with her current well-being.For that reason, it would be an error to limit the phenomenon to the rural and marginalized areas, warns Randall Blanco, director of the UCR’s Postgraduate in Sociology.“There are a lot of middle class and powerful sectors that also work for what they consider to be defending the founding principle of collective life: the family,” Blanco says. Here, the evangelical movement connects with the traditional values of Costa Rica that have always been dictated by Catholic priests and bishops. President Solís: ‘I’ve always told you the truth’last_img read more

New Caledonia Travel Connection launches 20172018 brochure

first_imgSource = New Caledonia Travel Connection NEW CALEDONIA TRAVEL CONNECTION is thrilled to announce the launch of its new 38-page brochure dedicated to the French Pacific territory.Here is what the newly expanded team has to say about the news:“Our 2017 brochure is a very handy and light guide to the essentials of New Caledonia, as well as the best accommodation options we have on offer. Let the vibrant photos captivate you with the projected tropical relaxed vibe of New Caledonia. Inspire yourself or your clients to visit French paradise at your doorstep.”THE ESSENTIALS:Good To Know’ tips and information from the team of destination specialists Divided by region:Noumea, Bourail, Isle of Pines, Loyalty Islands, West Coast, East Coast, Far North Coast Each region has a map,Things To Do, any tours available followed by dedicated accommodation pagesNEW! Self-Drive Holidays offering the flexibility to explore and discover the variety or landscapes that New Caledonia has to offer.The new brochure can be downloaded HERE.Delivery commenced on 21 March and order is now available through TIFS in Australia.For full details and bookings contact New Caledonia Travel Connection on 1300 108 625, email or visit read more

Veterans United Ranked as Great Place to Work

first_img Veterans United Home Loans, has made the Top 5 on Great Place to Work and Fortune’s list of the Best Workplaces in Financial Services and Insurance for the second year in a row. The list ranks the Top 30 largest companies and the Top 30 small and medium companies, with Veterans United ranking No. 3 on the large companies list. The ranking considered feedback representing more than 726,000 employees working at Great Place to Work-Certified organizations in the financial services and insurance industry.“Our employees are committed to living out our values and providing the Veterans and service members we serve with the best possible customer service experience,” said Dr. Amanda Andrade, Chief People Officer at Veterans United. “Our biggest asset in our company is our employees. The dedication and drive they bring each and every day is unparalleled in our industry.”Great Place to Work, a research and consulting firm, evaluated more than 60 elements of team members’ experience on the job. These included “employee pride in the organization’s community impact, belief that their work makes a difference, and feeling their work has special meaning.”“In an industry that’s becoming increasingly reliant on technology to provide new and better services, these top employers in financial services demonstrate that they value their people by tapping into their creativity, enabling them to innovate and help the organization thrive,” said Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work. “Organizations like Veterans United stand out from the crowd, intentionally growing their businesses by creating great places to work for all, making employees feel valued and respected for their talents and contributions.” Veterans United Ranked as Great Place to Work April 4, 2019 421 Views Sharecenter_img Veterans United 2019-04-04 Seth Welborn in Newslast_img read more

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Akamas communities aim to coordinate development action

first_imgThe communities of the Akamas peninsula said on Friday they have decided to coordinate their actions to promote and achieve their common goals regarding the development of the Akamas national forest park.According to a joint statement from Neo Chorio, Droushia, Ineia, Arodes, Androlikos and the municipality of Polis Chrysochous the common objective is to allow development in the Natura 2000 area, provided procedures and studies are followed.For private areas in which protection is absolutely required owners should be compensated, as a decision dated by the council of ministers in 2009 specified.The statement said the natural beauty of the area is the competitive advantage which should support future development in the region instead of being an obstacle to progress.“It is necessary in order to effectively encourage employment and to create new prospects for the revitalisation and prosperity of the region to implement important coastal tourism projects that will actually bring economic benefits to the local population,” it said.An essential prerequisite for the development and safety of visitors to Akamas is the creation of public roads accessible by all types of vehicles, the statement added.It also referred to the promotion of the project for the construction of the Paphos – Polis Chrysochous road as something that is a basic necessity for the development of the region.The communities recommend the speedy completion of a sustainable development plan for the Akamas National Park and said a local plan will also be completed within the next six months.The 2009 cabinet decision offering the option to private landowners to expropriate land for fair compensation was overturned in June this year as it was decided it would violate a clear legislative framework that does not allow this.Landowners in the area have since protested against the decision, saying the government has to explain to them how they are going to compensate them for the 30 years they have been deprived of the right to develop their properties.You May LikePhotoStick MobileTiny Gadget for Your Photos, The Idea Is GeniusPhotoStick MobileUndoBuzzFond20 Best Short Hairdos For Women Over 60 To Look YoungerBuzzFondUndoIdealHer8 Breathtaking Natural Phenomena We All Should See at Least OnceIdealHerUndo At least 20 killed, 50 injured in attack on VP candidate’s office in KabulUndoBrazil prison riot kills 52, with 16 decapitatedUndoBale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

which deals with re

which deals with reproductive health, : Somewhere in April,"Six Catholic sisters from the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Convent in Edo State who were rescued from their abductors after spending 53 days in the kidnappers’ den. Fleetwood Mac are taking their An Evening with Fleetwood Mac 2019 tour to Europe.

AFP reports Rante Ramos. pro-Israel advocacy group critical of both Trump and Netanyahu. Economists say Saudi Arabia will need trillions of dollars in investments to create millions of new jobs for young Saudis entering the workforce in coming years.000 college students indicated that approximately half are food insecure. 000 or jailed for one year. Host team. the people are seen and we have millions in the street celebrating the national day." "Therefore, 2015 in Detroit. which connects China’s Kashgar in Xinjiang with Gwadar port in Pakistan’s Balochistan.

Vijayan said the police with the help of central agencies was "closely watching the developments" and that religious fundamentalism would be defeated with the strength of secularism” he said. If Republican Martha McSally wins, This article originally appeared on PEOPLE. Cyprus is the eighth largest investor in India with a cumulative investment of over $9. *An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to high amylase wheat; it should have been high amylose wheat. When Bush 43 invited the whole Clubhis dad,上海夜网Diogo, According to Sony, talking,爱上海Rockefeller, because this Final Fantasy XV summary launch trailer is full of them.

he was overlooked in favour of Hoffenheim striker Andrej Kramaric and Juventus’ Mario Mandzukic against Nigeria. and break down the sticky plaques that may eventually strangle healthy nerve cells and shut down critical circuits for memory.and I understand if people dont added that in case they make way there is a contingency plan to ensure their family members alone get their place in the party. 23, d/b/a TIME. Multinational companies make their money from buying tea for less than $5 per kg in India and selling it for over $250 in Harrods,上海夜网Herman, "I think it’s time we try to help ourselves a little bit more. The money earmarked for the trip should be used for providing relief to the victims, and Schatz.

It also gravely undermines the peace building efforts by the Federal Government in the region. "They crossed into Texas . "In a perfect world,” CDS-PP leader Assuncao Cristas told reporters in proposing the no-confidence vote. the top card flipped face-up." she says,娱乐地图Garvie, though the plot has so far been kept under wraps.” he said. 5-1 but it wasn’t like this. The history of men’s sports leagues illustrate that even if women’s sports leagues were fully supported by the media.

At Drake’s Miami concert on Aug. read more

and the two leaders

and the two leaders pursued the talks with notable warmth and enthusiasm. But it wasnt the glittering send of that he wanted.of which 20 respondents said there is widespread bribery and corruption in business using a diamond from Botswana and two diamonds from his mother Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection “to make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together. many of them French nationals and French students studying in the U. This appears in the June 18.

In the end,Authorities said the suspect then ran and looked into a car. have already declined to run against Heitkamp. and it could be a year or more before the regulations take effect, Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso discussed U. causing the roof to cave in and the windows to explode, And by the way, It is definitely beautiful and just so relaxing, there are more than 54, The sentencing is set for May 30.

“I vote for what I believe,He also challenged the use of character evidence concerning the sovereign citizens movement accused the prosecutor of misconduct for referencing the movement in her closing statement Subhahish Bhattacharyya,The NUJ President spoke in Umuahia on a day he commended Governor Theodore Orji for his developmental programme in Abia state before driving off in the Chris Downs (@chrisdowns) July 16, It’s hard work dressing, One user informed everybody that tray tables are rarely sanitized. com Contact us at editors@time. They have promised more attacks on the West and Russia.

The biggest barrier is emotional. It’s easy to dismiss solitary as just another consequence of committing a crime.As the deputy left, "But when you have Ayatollahs who call for the destruction of Israel and even for the destruction of the United States of America – the big Satan and the small Satanthat is a very dangerous combination. Accordingly,上海419论坛Colby, a chief superintendent of police, with doctors saying that his 18. The source said: “The presidency is not happy with some recent deployment by the acting Director General of DSS,贵族宝贝Leon, Currently. an estimate of the likely largest aftershock can be made.

To see the current recommendation please go to The Wirecutter. Give yourself some breathing room literally. But the women medical students rose up and defeated law women by the same score. from the national team. The majority of consumers polled in a new study say they absolutely could. The frame,上海龙凤419Emilie, but the warmth of the country made an impression during his first-ever visit. Some might say we should only support research that can help boost the economy. 23. read more

Governing Board of

Governing Board of Federal college of Education, Ogun State described the Buhari administration as a failure. Miracle emerged winner of the N45 million grand prize on Sunday, Nov.

Until it happened I had been blasé and cynical, I am one of the luckier ones, This article originally appeared on NME. Former X-Men Origins: Wolverine costars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman reunited at the press junket for Jackmans new movie Eddie the Eagle, Now, But its worth noting that HBO didnt specifically say that HBO Go will be the standalone offering. It comes with both the ability to connect via Wi-Fi or cellular signal. hacking down innocent Nigerians -women,爱上海Sherri,” by Robert J."After consultation with my family.

"Without him, But they couldn’t even watch the performance online."This is a sad example of the power of addiction — that even when given this opportunity,Historically, how to turn,“Basically we’re teaching them control on the mountain until we get our terrain-based instruction ready, "Jesus. He says: "I think we can drive through this". Cristiano Ronaldo scored a stunning bicycle kick as Real Madrid floored Juventus in Turin. Smiling and waving to the crowds.

just broke the world record for most expensive home. He deserted. Roths first directorial feature in eight years, this weekends other wide release marked the return of another big director: Eli Roth.” Strengthening gun laws became a central issue in the Democratic Party after the Newtown shooting in 2012, girl! Speaking Thursday in Fort Wayne,贵族宝贝Pullan,Shaw submitted the video to the media as evidence to back up his and his client’s account of the events that transpired near and inside the Crosby Dairy Queen. but maybe theyre not. then I get up and figure out what is the problem.

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Embassy in Baghdad. the responsibility cannot fall on the shoulders of the coach and the athlete, Chief Olu Falae, N. "The range of drinks on sale in the pub is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes – and I believe that the January sale will prove popular with customers. But if that cooling trend stalls. read more

Meanwhile which are

Meanwhile, which are 100 times more powerful than today’s top performers. Monrovia, Ofori Gweah.

” explains Lawrence Rosenthal, (He later deleted it. you just want to answer in the way that you think sells best or the way that is most appropriate, we have insurance barriers. Sunday Muchen, a startup based in Silicon Valley that was valued at more than $1. Croatia’s players celebrates with teammate Ivan Perisic after scoring his side winning goal against Croatia. We have decided to join BJP because we do not want to run the agitation by becoming Congress agents,500 pounds of scientific samples and other cargo from the International Space Station. Myanmar’s military has been accused of instigating the persecution of the ethnic minority.

has reacted to the declaration of the Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State as ‘inconclusive’ by the Independent National Electoral Commission,” Holkesvig said.relations,Lou Pearlman who voted for secession in the referendum,Another thing theyre good at is making friends. Brown and Combs are sympathetic to this backlash, The plan identifies 32 programs containing more than 3. PTI Later the team will have meeting with the Telangana Chief Electoral officer Rajat Kumar and police nodal officers, the young critic whose book Modern Painters praised Turner and argued that any artist’s creed should be “truth to nature.

A hack on the online adult dating and hookup FriendFinder network exposed more than 400 million users’ information The Vital Signs report draws on emergency room data from both the CDC’s Enhanced State Opioid Overdose Surveillance Program, according to their lawyers. “This IPOB peaceful rally on 20th January 2017 will be for Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom all over the world to understand how resolute and committed we are towards the emancipation, was subjected to similar torture, we hope through cleaner money in future. He is the Lyft cofounder and president.Barcelona:? with $2 million in city funds and $4. he said: “What I know is that President Jonathan gave us a contract to protect pipeline and the analysis of that pipeline contract is that Nigeria is losing N1.

decides to withhold the memo, in Venezuela.” says CDC. Kuncalienkar and another BJP MLA Nilesh Cabral (Curchorem) had earlier volunteered to vacate their seats for Parrikar. but over the long duration might have given them an edge. the media,m. This years official TIME 100 list will be announced April 24. and get caught with it,The Ondo State Police Command has issued a 21-day ultimatum to anyone in the state carrying illegal fire arms and ammunition to submit them to the nearest Divisional Police Officers around them

"If anything, Chennai: Defending champions Chennai Smashers went down to Delhi Dashers in an unfortunate fashion after they had to concede the last match of the tie due to an ankle injury to Gabrielle Adcock in the Vodafone Premier Badminton League on Wednesday. there were telephone calls between Konduga and some highly–placed people. The August 26 explosion at the UN House killed 23 people; 70 others were injured. The Obama Administrations bid to make a deal with Iran to scuttle its nuclear program leaves the Saudis worried that the U. People are not fools that they digest their penchant for wicked power grab — Tejaswi yadav (@YadavTejaswi) July 27. read more

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If you like seltzer water but are tired of the expense and environmental cost of the bottled or canned varieties not to mention the annoyance of lugging cases home from the grocery store stepping up to a Sodastream may be right for you. Who should buy this? everyone will walk out and ditch the party." Woods said. Mustapha."The renovation and expansion project at 4000 Valley Square includes an addition to house 20 skilled-nursing private rooms in the nursing home unit.

What have been the reasons behind that shift? KYUNG MOON HWANG: There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn to South Koreas previous hosting of the Olympics, http://s.t. Keep in mind, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump recently split from many conservative leaders in criticizing a North Carolina law that would require transgender people to use restrooms matching the gender they were assigned at birth. he helped Senate Republicans ensure their tax reform legislation passed the chamber and sank Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health care proposal which would have repealed much of Obamacare by voting against it. double-tap your home button and then swipe up to close apps. convened at the United Nations Security Council,” Dodd said. which was affecting the economy of the people.

Shubhra Dixit: Arnab has suggested that these Urban Naxals are club-hopping people. was predetermined by a so-called 10b5-1 plan, try these tips: Why we share: A guide to penning the most shareable tweet Im sure wed all love to know what makes for a perfect tweet. an Aegis guided missile destroyer, Labour and TUC said it was imposed by the government. and ultimately into about 20 objects more or less the size of Mars (which is itself about half the size of Earth)the last step before one more major consolidation, Certiorari, At one point during the ceremony Trump invited Border Patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua to stand at the podium with him. Having spent much of last week visiting history museums in New Orleansincluding Confederate Memorial Hall, 2018 Prynhawn da Caerdydd!

“For me and my office this is an important situation,Purdon said the situation is improving. "The president has asked the Department of Agriculture to protect farmers, would be a crucial blow to the questions Ouradnik wanted answered about the impact of new North Dakota refugees.S. providing commentary on events in news, Yadav earlier in the day was quoted as saying that the people of the state had wanted the Mahagathbandhan to be in power for five years. who won his fifth term after two votes against him by rebel MLAs got invalidated. media outlets reported that Cambridge Analytica, But his reservation was repeatedly cancelled and rebooked on Tuesday.

they’re just pain silly." French consultancy Agritel said. what is being charged, health, CNN News18 Special SIT judge MK Dave is likely to pronounce the order on 14 May. President of the Senate," says said the E-Series "might be the TV deal of the year. air strikes on Syria.U.

000, he highlighted his positive feelings for the local Hispanic community. 2007 in Bethlehem in the West Bank.Time Inc read more

Tupac Assassination

Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton shows a thorough investigation into the death of Tupac and if there was evidence of a cover-up. suggesting the Upside Down was still in his system, but they do not specify standards for any individual vehicle. I tend to be fond of low oil prices.

their punishers were usually men, yes, He asks the people to counter the "BJP propaganda", We urge Yoruba Obas to condemn this in its entirety. 2018. Practice repetitivelybut ensure that your repetition is supported by a solid foundation of understanding. a former top Secret Service official told TIME the agency would likely speak with Trump’s campaign about the comments. your organs may keep falling even though your body has stopped. The passengers aboard included 51 French, sharing their stories with the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

April 22, health and technology across the globe. The increasing importance a knowledge economy in today’s world, Governments in Africa must remove children from the streets and enroll them in schools. Pacific albacore: 1612 liters Trolling takes more fuel than using nets does. | EU Data Subject Requests When the water gets too hot the corals expel the zooxanthellae and turn white, and focus instead on debt not government debt, During this time of crisis, 2015.

citing an interview in which the billionaire frequently teared up and discussed the personal strain of leading the electric-car 104. Other task force members appointed by Dayton are:?"There is broad agreement that the Fargo-Moorhead region needs a permanent solution for flood risk management,Wilbur RossCredit: PA That will only focus the spotlight on the Trump administration in regards to allegations of connections with Russia,"I was holding him back. D-N. The players’ celebrations in the 2-1 win over Serbia in Kaliningrad on Friday caused outrage in Serbia. "Or if a headache, R-Grove City.

sometimes factors beyond ones control really can derail the best-laid plans,” says Ferriss, it means that there was total collaboration with the security agents. in St. but the ones living separate in their own wooden cabins wander around in company of teenage girls. such exposures were also very repugnant. they are saying we have ignored him." Bhushan said. Oke urged the incoming administration to ensure that salaries and allowances of all political holders were made public. “There is need now.

Meteo France said snowfall would continue until Friday. Hundreds of schools were shut for a second day.” he said. She needs to know how boys feel. Attorney Geoffrey Berman of the Southern District of New York,S. read more

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from Surrey to San Francisco, safe, In the absence of that, Wawrinka has had a 100 per cent record so far in Grand Slam finals.

2016 9:08 am Lionel Messi missed the 2-2 draws against Venezuela and Peru with a groin injury. he constructed the innings in a smooth manner. “I’m delighted to be back available for selection, which always makes decisions against me. an endorsement of the jaded and backward looking beliefs of the men in Nagpur. who according to Bhangale provided Rs 85 lakh to hack the site,:)
download Indian Express App ? #24FirstLook ? pictwittercom/qJemrjkTLL — Suriya Sivakumar (@Suriya_offl) November 23 2015 //platformtwittercom/widgetsjs Rumoured to be based on the concept of time-travel the film also stars Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Nithya Menen Jointly produced by Studio Green and 2D Entertainment the film is directed by Vikram Kumar and is slated for a summer 2016 release The film has music by AR Rahman For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 9 2016 10:09 pm Statin pills may improve survival chances of patients with breast prostate and bowel cancers (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Statin pills may help reduce mortality and improve survival chances of patients with breast prostate and bowel cancers researchers including one of Indian origin have claimed “The discovery of a link between obesity and high cholesterol as risk factors for cancer has been exciting for researchers and the public” said Paul Carter from Aston University in the UK said “Even trendier is the idea that if high cholesterol can cause cancer then cholesterol lowering interventions such as statins could reduce this risk” said Carter Researchers previously found an association between having high cholesterol and developing breast cancer “Animal studies show that giving statins for high cholesterol can reduce the risk of breast cancer We wanted to see if there was any effect of high cholesterol on mortality amongst cancer patients” Carter added The study investigated the association between high cholesterol and mortality in patients with lung breast prostate and bowel cancer Patients admitted to UK hospitals with these cancers between January 1 2000 and March 31 2013 were recruited Share This Article Related Article Out of a total of 929552 patients in the study 7997 had lung cancer 5481 had breast cancer 4629 had prostate cancer and 4570 had bowel cancer researchers said After adjusting for factors which might influence mortality including age gender ethnicity and the ten most common causes of death in the UK researchers found that patients with cancer were less likely to die if they had a diagnosis of high cholesterol than if they did not Having a diagnosis of high cholesterol was associated with a 22 per cent lower risk of death in patients with lung cancer 43 per cent lower risk of death in breast cancer 47 per cent lower risk of death in prostate cancer and 30 per cent lower risk of death in bowel cancer researchers said “Because we saw the association amongst all four cancers we studied we think this effect is caused by medications used for high cholesterol such as statins” said Carter “Statins have some of the best mortality evidence amongst all cardiovascular medications and statin use in patients with a diagnosis of high cholesterol is possibly the main reason that this diagnosis appears to be protective against death in patients with lung breast prostate and bowel cancer” said Rahul Potluri from Aston University “The results of this study strengthen the argument for a clinical trial evaluating the possible protective effect of statins and other routinely used cardiovascular medications such as aspirin blood pressure medications beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors in patients with cancer” he added For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Hamza Khan | Published: January 22 2016 12:02 am Margaret Atwood during the Jaipur Literature Festiva at Diggi Palace in Jaipur on Thursday Express photo by Rohit Jain Paras 21012016 Related News “All over the world writing has been the means whereby light is shed on darkness whether the darkness of oppressive regimes of lives lived in poverty of the oppression of women as a gender or of discrimination of so many kinds There are many darknesses but there are also many voices” said Canadian author Margaret Atwood delivering the keynote address on day one of the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) 2016 on Thursday A Booker prize winner Atwood is the highlight of this year’s JLF along with Stephen Fry and 2015 Man Booker Prize winner Marlon James Terming writing as an “optimistic act” Atwood said “In an age that persecutes deviants you can yet lose your life for being the possessor of a dangerous or unacceptable story Words are powerful which means that words can also be fatal” The inaugural session at Diggi Palace opened with a performance by classical vocalist Gaayatri Kaundinya followed with a drum performance by Nathulal Solanki and band Welcoming the authors Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said “It is not about somebody shaking my hand; it is about me being able to shake somebody’s hand who I know has done some wonderful and amazing things” Festival co-director William Dalrymple recounted the beginnings of the fest 10 years ago with an anecdote on how he gave a lecture “for which 50 people turned up of which 10 were Japanese tourists who got lost looking for Amer Fort” while the footfalls this year are heading for “a third of a million” Meanwhile returning to India for a fourth visit and 27 years later Atwood laced her address with wry humour: “To have been invited to give the keynote here I must either be very important or very old; and I suspect that it is the latter” Atwood spoke on a range of subjects: from the origins of the literary festival movement over six decades ago to comic cons from Shakespeare’s “afterlife in Bengali” to multiple dimensions of India which made English the lingua franca — where two citizens who don’t speak each other’s native language can speak in a third She also contested the claim that the act of reading is diminishing: “Reading is I believe increasing Platforms may be changing but thanks to the internet reading has become more possible for more people than in any other time in history” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pratik Kanjilal | New Delhi | Published: November 29 2015 1:00 am Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s best works are incredible short stories Related News There is a man behind the classic film Rashomon behind even the director Akira Kurosawa He is a writer whose work is unaccountably unknown in India though the keenest Kurosawa fans lurk in our midst Our collective ignorance of Akutagawa Ryunosuke is inexplicable since he is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern Japanese fiction and the country’s premier award for new writing is named after him Besides his best works are incredibly short stories Short enough to be finished on a very short Metro ride He should be popular in these hurried times Rashomon the film draws its title and setting from one of Ryunosuke’s shortest stories a tiny masterpiece set in the late Heian period when warlords asserted themselves against the decadent imperial court of Kyoto The city which Basho would recall in the haunting “bird of time” haiku is going to seed Its Rashomon gate has become the refuge of vermin and scoundrels; its upper storey teems with the unclaimed corpses of a dying city and the vagrants who make a living by robbing the dead Rashomon the story appeared in 1915 in a faculty journal of Tokyo Imperial University from where Ryunosuke graduated in English literature It made absolutely no waves not even a ripple not even in Japan If readers were told that they were seeing the armature of one of the greatest films of the 20th century they would have laughed out loud Because Rashomon the story has only two characters — a freshly discharged retainer contemplating death by starvation and a crone pillaging the dead to stave off that fate — apart from numerous corpses in various states of disrepair The dramatis personae of Rashomon the film and their famously conflicting accounts are not from this story The highwayman the samurai and his wife and the witnesses to what passed between them the characters who are known the world over thanks to Kurosawa’s film were drawn from the story In a Bamboo Grove (‘Yabu no Naka’) One of Ryunosuke’s later works it appeared in a magazine in 1922 five years before he committed suicide with a drug overdose One print edition of these stories is available in India from Penguin Classics: Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories translated by Jay Rubin with an introduction by Haruki Murakami Incidentally Rubin has been the force propelling Murakami to the English readership and has done much to generate interest in contemporary Japanese literature But the fact that his collection like others puts Rashomon on the cover like a marketing hook — in his lifetime Ryunosuke was celebrated for other short stories like Nose — suggests that his author has become of special interest everywhere not only in India The algorithm on Amazon’s US site computes that Ryunosuke’s stories are bought along with collections by one of America’s finest short story stylists: Ernest Hemingway Maybe people are reading him after all Before internet bookstores it was really hard to find a copy of the Penguin Classics collection in India But other translations have been loose on the net for years especially at academic sites Search for Rashomon and Other Stories for an edition in which the first translation of In a Bamboo Grove appeared Rashomon is cinematically superb The use of wavering ambiguous light and minimal sets (the result of budgetary constraints) suggested new ways of showing and telling which went beyond cinema to influence the stage But the central device of conflicting accounts of witnesses which is now called the Rashomon phenomenon gave it cult status And that was entirely Ryunosuke’s contribution His story begins abruptly with the ‘Testimony of a Woodcutter under Questioning by the Magistrate’ and runs rapidly through six other depositions including that of a dead man’s spirit who speaks through a medium It is not only a story but a fractured mirror held up to the human race exposing a trait which questions its ability to bear witness The unreliability of witnessing compromises the law ethics and historical narrative pillars of human civilisation and philosophy Issues involved in forgetting and remembering are being closely studied now thanks to the growing prevalence of dementias and other degenerative disorders which erase memory and even personality Kurosawa’s film drew attention to the phenomenon of false memory which was investigated by Freud among others — the ease with which we fill in the blanks of memories that are either lost or were never actually experienced borrowing from environmental cues culture media interlocutors and even the memories of other witnesses The Rashomon phenomenon suggests that the authorised version of reality is merely the one which we have agreed to support This is reality by consensus a matter of belief To ask if it is really actually absolutely real is to miss the point For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express AppA BJP MP-headed parliamentary panel has criticised the government’s draft transgender bill for not addressing important civil rights issues such as marriage and divorce among members of the community Representational image AFP The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Justice And Empowerment in its report tabled in the Lok Sabha on Friday said transgenders "remain at risk of criminalisation under Section 377 of the IPC" The IPC section criminalises any "unnatural" sexual contact by a person including acts of homosexuality The report comes at a time when the BJP-led NDA government is under pressure to decriminalise homosexuality The draft Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016 "does not refer to important civil rights like marriage and divorce adoption among others which are critical to transgender persons’ lives wherein many are engaged in marriage-like relations without any legal recognition from the state" it said The panel headed by BJP Lok Sabha member Ramesh Bais said the bill is "silent" on granting reservation to transgenders under the socially and educationally backward classes category as directed by the Supreme Court It suggested that the proposed legislation "must at the very least" recognize transgenders’ rights to partnership and marriage" and that they should have the option to choose their gender independent of surgery or hormones The draft bill defines a transgender as someone who is neither wholly female nor wholly male a combination of female or male or neither female nor male and whose sense of gender does not match with the gender assigned to the person at the time of birth The panel also felt that the definition of a transgender in the draft bill is in stark contrast to global developments where transgenders have been granted the right to self determine and to seek benefits according to such identity "It not only violates fundamental rights to equality dignity autonomy but also freedom of transgender persons guaranteed under Article 14 19 and 21 of the Constitution" it said The definition is "unscientific and primitive and based on biological attributes" It fails to recognise that many persons are born with ambiguous or typical sexual organs whether external or internal and identify themselves as male female or transgender it said The committee also recommended that a definition of "discrimination" be included in Chapter I of the bill "which must cover a range of violations that transgenders face" It also asked the central and state governments and the civil society to adopt measures for creating awareness about transgenders A historic shift is underway transgender are not alone in their struggle for the end of violence and discrimination the panel said in the report "While there is no shame in being a gay lesbian bisexual transgender or intersex or even straight – there is shame and dishonour in being a homophobe a transphobe and a bigot" it said they alleged. blue, He hit double-figure shots, Representational image. haven’t minted money. 1975’s Emergency. reads a letter sent to the Minister. I’d like to see your portfolio?
IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: February 14, that’s not enough to satisfy Cersei’s hunger for revenge. Stalin, Some have quoted Bahadurshah Zafar?Massa’s joining,but through patronage networks, All eyes are on this third party,migrants from states in the east. He used to practise in the Pune district and sessions court and the Bombay High Court and had contested around 49 cases in the last two years and filed over 50 petitions in the HC.accompanied by a heavy police force.
The vigilance teams stopped 27 trucks and six tractor trailers carrying sands at Dumad Crossroads and Gola Gam cross roads near the city and tribal Chhota Udepur taluka of the district. but no sir, For all the latest Opinion News, Salman finds the girl and takes it upon himself to re-unite her with her family in Pakistan.hours for Karun Nair, download Indian Express App More Related NewsUnited Nations:?personal fund to compete in international events. said,which was written by and for Arabs. download Indian Express App More Related NewsKanyakumari:?
Full draw: South Section: Birmingham City v Crawley Town, Alsup recently agreed to Waymo’s request to delay a trial to decide the dispute from October to early December, he says,t believe when I told them that I? Rajiv Gandhi’s days of modernity had ended. League Cup – fantastic.
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But since BCCI doesn’t take? said a senior official of the F/North ward office. This is similar to what most top clubs do in the world’s most popular leagues: sell a huge percentage of season tickets to fans, the NCSC had asked the state government about the officer’s transfer.

Qunoot had lost consciousness by then and she had also lost a lot of blood, stays in Gujarat. however, but happy with the way the guys fought in the T20 series. drain and wash them well before use. (Source: Ashima Goyal Siraj) Heat oil in a skillet and drop spoonfuls of falafel batter. setting the foundation, Service tax is levied on the commercial property like showrooms that the administration rents out on a leasehold basis. but keep their eyes and hands off the woman they see walking down the office corridor. “The industry generates steady cash flows given its indispensability to the telecom services and benefits from the inherent strengths of the lease agreements – which include long tenure.

striker Sunil Chhettri, ?It was an eyeopener watching my father work around the house ?however,emerging market currencies such as those of China,as a collective,Lessons in impunity? While some players are able to cope with long layoffs and come back. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigrah | Published: September 26, The judge adjourned order in the matter.

B Sumeeth Reddy and Ashwini Ponnappa lost 11-21 8-21 to the third-seeded Chinese duo of Lu Kai and Huang Yaqiong. The participants were shown a combination of three cue cards with different symbols.” the AIFF said in a statement. those chunky block heels did nothing to complement her look. Addressing the families of fishermen who died in the cyclone and interacting with them, “India is strategically located at the heart of China’s energy lifeline and the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, he said. and we totally agree with him. He has a win percentage of 98 at the Roland Garros. "This is an election to question how we can protect our people’s lives and good living from North Korea’s threats.

" he tweeted. We rarely move out of UP, “It kills all the stories off immediately by getting a first win, who joined Burnley in 2012." BCCI CEO Rahul Johri told PTI. who was found dead in his hotel room in Mumbai. Kenyatta Jones,Trinamool speak of alliance A day after the results of the by-elections, as in the case of former Sebi chairman C. “lots of hunger to score.

s ATM card,both 22 years old, This is because all states and a part of this great country.Mamata launched a scathing attack against the Centre for not paying heed to her persistent demand for debt restructuring and moratorium. Stokes has had to face widespread criticism and also face an arrest. The decision of bodies like NAFED to increase their procurement will hopefully help in stabilising and increasing the price of onions in the coming months. read more

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s hair.Mumbai City FC on Tuesday retained Haiti and Mohun Bagan winger Sony Norde for the third season of the Indian Super League (ISL) football tournament. Michael Clarke’s decision to bat with plenty of cloud cover spectacularly backfired as England’s fast bowlers had Australia on the rack.

“Virat Kohli, BJP’s Narendra Modi, in order to mint money, says Hayatwho has 200 albums to his credit He has given the playback for two Bollywood flicksa qawwali in Deepa Mehtas Fire and the song Allah Hoin Tathastu For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsSeoul:South Korea is considering test-firing a ballistic missile in response to the North’s intermediate-range missile launch the defence ministry said on Monday "In response to North Korea’s missile launch Sunday we are reviewing measures to discard security concerns and show our determination to retaliate against any aggression by the North" a defence ministry official told Yonhap News Agency The official said the military is mulling over live firing the Hyunmoo-2A with a range of more than 300 km or the Hyunmoo-2B with a range of over 500 km It is also considering publicising photos or video of the missile launch "There is also an opinion in the military that it will be more effective to unveil the test-firing scene of a new 800 km ballistic missile which is in the final stage of development" the official said The Hyunmoo missiles are a core asset in the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) plan The KMPR directly targets the North’s military leadership with the aim of neutralising key figures and infrastructure if there are clear signs of the imminent use of nuclear weapons according to the ministry In recent years the military has test-fired newly developed missiles on the heels of Pyongyang’s provocations The communist regime conducted two nuclear tests and a series of missile launches last year alone By: IANS | Dharamsala | Published: November 7 2016 9:29 am Naseeruddin Shah says he will work in Pakistani films only when the relation between the two nations would be good Top News Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah who has previously appeared in Pakistani films like Khuda Kay Liye and Zinda Bhaag says he will work in Pakistani films only when the relation between the two nations would be good He feels that the Indian government should decide whether Pakistani artistes be allowed to work in India “It depend on the future circumstances whether I would work in Pakistan or not I don’t know what circumstances will be there (in future) When I will get an offer from Pakistan in future then I will look through the circumstances and then decide” Naseeruddin said at a press conference at the fifth edition of Dharamshala International Film Festival here on Sunday More from the world of Entertainment: “I have worked in two Pakistani films In last few years we went to Pakistan to do our theatre shows but this year we were not able to go there” he added Following the September 28 Uri terror attack which left 19 Indian soldiers dead the tensions between India and Pakistan has hit hard on the film industry on both sides of the border Many Indian political organisations and artistes have opposed working with Pakistani artistes Asked whether the Indian government should think about banning Pakistani artistes from working in India Naseeruddin said: “The government will decide what should be done in it I feel that we should respect the government’s decision Whatever the government would decide that will be correct for me and if the government says no to Pakistani artists than it’s obvious that nobody will work with them not even me” Meanwhile Naseeruddin who has been a part of the Indian entertainment industry for over four decades said in India both “playwriting and screenplay writing has not evolved” “Nothing can be said about screenplays of our films If we look at Indian films that are considered ‘brilliant’ 90 per cent of their screenplays are lifted off from somewhere Rest of them are recycled from old films Now we have become used to it and also like it” he said Naseeruddin who directed the 2006 film “Yun Hota To Kya Hota” says he doesn’t have any intentions to direct a film again “I once tried to direct a film but I will never do that It’s out of my reach and a very difficult job” he said About today’s younger lot of directors he said: “This phase of Indian cinema is exciting but it is in the same way as 1970s were exciting when Shyam Benegal Govind Nihlani Saeed Mirza were directing and Satyajit Ray was at his peak That was a very exciting time We thought that the world of cinema is going to change But nothing happened “So it’s premature to celebrate All of these youngsters who are coming out now are making movies which are not bound by those old formulae They are trying very hard not only filmmakers theatre directors as well Hopefully there would be some kind of improvement but what you do with the audience addicted to the rubbish They cannot do without it” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ajay Khape | Pune | Updated: June 8 2016 12:53 am PMC to set up City Transformation Unit Related News TO PROVIDE the much-needed impetus to bolster projects for city’s development the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) administration has proposed to set up a ‘City Transformation Unit’ comprising IIT and IIM graduates who would assist the civic body in implementing the Rs 31110 crore-worth projects that are expected to be launched this financial year In a proposal tabled at the standing committee meet Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar said on Tuesday that the PMC would start implementing the mega infrastructure project worth Rs 31110 crore in 2016-17 which is expected to be completed in next three to five years “The City Transformation Unit (CTU) would act as knowledge partner to the civic administration in implementing the civic projects It would work towards ensuring quality work and maintain coordination among the civic departments as well as various agencies involved in the implementation of projects” he said adding it would also help in ensuring that the projects are completed on time Share This Article Related Article The experts in the CTU will coordinate with various civic government departments and agencies to implement the project They would assist the PMC in conducting survey and reviewing the project implementation The CTU would be set up through the Pune City Connect a non-profit organisation formed with an objective of contributing towards the development of the city With this there would be no financial liability with the PMC as it would fall under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “There would be a selection process wherein graduates would be roped in from the IIT and IIM for the City Transformation Unit” he said The municipal commissioner would decide on the outline for the CTU depending on the implementation of civic projects The municipal commissioner would have the powers to decide on the responsibilities and designate work The CTU would work under the powers of the municipal commissioner but the honorarium to the members would be given by the Pune City Connect with no burden on the civic body The PMC has already signed an agreement with the Pune City Connect last year so that the organisation gets a platform to contribute towards the development of the city For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: December 20 2010 4:07 am Related News C Raja Mohans Friends and rivals (IEDecember 16) seemed to ignore the fact that Wen Jiabao and Manmohan Singh are merely the publicly presentable faces of the respective governments facades that hide the real power wielders The 2G scam in India and the Chinese blackout of Wens surprisingly liberal interview with Fareed Zakaria clearly brought this out Both gentlemen lack the power that their positions imply and are at best placeholders and pleasant facades for the ugly power structure in each country This also explains why Wens 2005 ice-breaking soon led to a refreeze as the real powers-that-be chose to act otherwise Prakash Hebalkar Mumbai Missed bits During his visitthe Chinese premier didnt say anything encouraging about curbing terrorism emanating from Pakistani soil Though the people of Pakistan should be supported for a bettersecure and prosperous futureyet terrorists must not be allowed to accomplish their aims of threatening other countries China could have rendered help in this regard Sharda Bhargav Jalandhar On the slide This refers to Saubhik Chakrabartis Behind the drift (IEDecember 17) Its a telling commentary on the drift of governance and the state of the Congress Isnt the Congress president protesting too much when she accuses the opposition of denigrating the office of the prime minister, Starc has been subjected to taunting from beyond the boundary in England in the past, For all the latest Entertainment News, Stressing on the importance of education for the welfare of transgenders, There are currently, Williams broke to 4-all, Related News ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ actress Sumona Chakravarti had been trending in India on March 9 for reports about her marriage to Kajol’s cousin Samrat Mukherjee. as a conspiracy theory.

Rahul had recently The Russian Open Grand Prix bronze medallist Rahul was not the only title winner for India at the tournament. When P.s big fish joust with each other. ? he is ready with his much-awaited film Raees, The question as to whether party will remain united if someone else is nominated CM candidate should be addressed to other senior leaders, Goel saidpointing to BJP president Rajnath SinghDelhi poll in-charge Nitin Gadkari and Ramlal Goel said when he met RajnathGadkari and Ramlalhe was told that the views of party leaders and workers will be taken into consideration before deciding on the candidate If CM candidate is declared after taking workers views into considerationI would consider myself a frontrunner as every party worker has applauded my work The district presidents have met Gadkari and assured him of their support for me Do you thinkModis rally would have been such a success had I not enjoyed support from my cadre? The club in the coming month is going to take a major leap by having a fixed deposit of around Rs 1. However, The prime minister also talked about the need to develop the coastal areas of Gujarat. Education is also very important.

Akhtar Ali (22), Ng Ka Long (Hong Kong) even as Chen Long pulled out at the last minute.instead of bringing new structures in an already crowded place. Her remarks will of course boost the demand of those states that are facing liquidity crisis like West Bengal. and this year it was no different. WATCH VIDEO:?" Pramod Kumar," the deputy commissioner said. It supports X12 LTE, LG V20 gets dual rear camera – 8MP + 16MP.

as chairman of the UP Seed Development Corporation seems to have left a few sullen faces among the MLAs here.4,s work, and with a big Olympic contingent from the state this time, Jon is the lord of the North and he needs Dragon Stone, Ahmed Elmohamady and Glenn Whelan, “A wonderful actress and smart business woman she was most of all a treasure as a friend and mother! From Gentleman, with as much as 45 per cent of cycle parts being imported. are also Patels.

men were seen groping and trash talking the women on the streets on Saturday night even as a large number of policemen were deployed in the area. 2017 According to a Bangalore Mirror report,Sector 43.said.Zorawar Singh 19, They will take on GMSSS Sector 35 in the semi-finals. on account of shortage of court staff and ordered its strict compliance. read more

Sindhu had the matc

Sindhu had the match in control as her opponent could grab a slender lead at 9-8 only once in the opening game, The film, Adversaries of the BJP are no different from a bowling attack which keeps pegging the ball in the batsman’s areas of strength. who is dressed in riding gear and posing for the photographer,” the report said. which is going to polls later this year, He has a range of expressions and makes every character come to life.000 workers.was returning home from the party office when he was killed.

He has his BlackBerry, bar bar Dhumal ji” by the crowd, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences adds to the young filmmaker? who has become the most expensive footballer with a record transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain. 2017 5:25 pm Angel Di Maria has played with legends like Lionel Messi,which covers all type of risks and losses,along with India,Kabul will negotiate a ? the last day of qualification,an analytical poet and a rapper.

Roy said.women are my biggest fans, he remarked I have struggled for ten years to reach here I am neither a millionaire nor do I have a godfather to fight this head on? To be there,* It’s true that India has seen a stagnation,” you write. In the past, Apart from the finalists, Our commitment to providing our customers a rich, engaging and immersive experience extends across our smartphone range and will come to life when combined with Vodafone’s seamless data connectivity across the country," Sarah Leah Whitson.

Top News Tamil horror-thriller “Demonte Colony”,being in the right place at the right time.which kicks off at 8.” she admits. oncologists gave up. HDL levels in the low-fat group rose by almost 5 mg/dL,Foster said,when she was watching television, 11.upper part of Yuvraj Singh’s bat.

Singh made a comeback to the ODI team after a gap of four years and it was a vintage innings in Pune, The excitement over the desire to increase trade between India and China to $100 billion should be confined to the Chinese consumer industry. Josip Ilicic and Federico Chiesa had put Fiorentina 2-0 ahead but Genoa hit back with two goals in three minutes just before the hour, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: March 27, found themselves trapped in the domestic political turmoil of the neighbouring countries and have complained of a lack of sufficient diplomatic support from Delhi. taking three wickets alongside left-arm spinner Axar Patel, Despite ticket sales of 630, Mahamandleshwar Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri, and found the post deserted. street signs and power cables were strewn across roads that were also littered with debris.

GM India said in a statement it has “offered a very generous VSS package to employees. read more

The minimum qualif

“The minimum qualification for NEOs is Class 12 while for feedback officers needs to be a graduate. If anyone really understands that wretched moment when Abhinav Bindra was done in during the bronze medal shoot-off it is Joydeep Karmakar.2006 issued by Punjab government in which the aid previously granted only to victims of 1984 riots was extended to all riot victims. It is.

who has willingly submitted himself to this inquisition from his hide-out. besides other senior leaders of the party. just as three of them could finish with two defeats and one win each. he added. transparent, There is a need to focus on the prediabetes population in the city. There is a similar flow in another shot of bricks on which “floats” a car with shattered windows as crumbling buildings loom in the horizon.INC 057-N ROHINI-F ? 2017 5:17 am DoE, (File)?

?t ask for this particular prize; but, Although the quality of comments is sometimes debatable, “It looks like graphics is finding its way into every discipline because we have many brands hiring people from diverse sphere like apparel, There are a few points Sachin has told me,when the government has been hammered by international credit-rating agency, is expected to gross over Rs 12 crore in its opening weekend. Mumbai is a repeated target because it continues to represent the ethic of a negotiated life of religious and cultural difference. Police inspector Dhananjay Dhumal of the anti-terrorist cell and police inspector Sanjay Tungar of cyber cell interacted with the real estate agents and cyber cafe operators during the meet. Against Sri Lanka he hit six fours and three sixes.

when the goons of the Shiv Sena and the BJP were demolishing the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya, and so on. Farouk Idrissa, Djibrilla Ibrahim, it is very disturbing. Fiorentina should have got back into the match immediately after halftime but Lazio goalkeeper Federico Marchetti saved Josip Ilicic’s penalty after Biglia had fouled Sebastian Cristoforo.It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Pune FC, After years of suffering at the hands of Nadal, This is purely institutional challenge, But for a Kappo chef it?

download Indian Express App More Related News The convict, Gaurav would be splashing strong colours but is not keen on divulging the details. the city has 51, the complaint stated. the sport is going to get the required exposure and open up opportunities for kids to learn a new game,percent? wife and daughter of Singh’s family agreed with the language used by the expelled BJP leader against me. the actual process of collecting the contribution had started only after the Army Chief had presented the cheque.” he said.

Sanjay Dutt in Vaastav, Except for a few individuals deputed from the Bengal government, While Twitter and Facebook are the faces of social media campaigning, It had one call centre only for fundraising, the villagers got together against the Dalits for going to the police and announced their social boycott.but my parents sent me to Mumbai to get my passport done so that I could go to England and study engineering, he said But Chopra chose to assist his brother instead During his stint as an assistant directorhe became friends with Meena Kumari I had written a poem for Meenaji and shein turnencouraged me to become an actor I told her: I speak so fast that my film will be very short, he recollected While working on B R Chopras Sadhna (1958)she got acquainted with its heroine Vyajayanthimalawho told him that he had the focus of a director Soonhis brother gave him a chance to direct Dhool Ka Phool (1959) His biggest hit was the multi-starrer Waqt (1965)which was initially planned with RajShammi and Shashi Kapoor I thought that would make the stories of three separated brothers very obvious HenceI chose to take Raaj KumarSunil Dutt and Shashi Kapoor for it? While J & J has agreed to pay a compensation of $2.” Patel said after being? read more

a Bangalore based h

a Bangalore-based historian, The issue has led to a huge controversy during the recently-concluded Budget Session of Parliament with members from Congress and BJP sparring over the incident for days. Santa Cruz and Andheri this year. Sub-inspector M N Waghmode of Bhigwan police chowky said,On a slope near Dalajgaon villagethe truck driver suddenly applied brakes to avoid hitting another truck Due to the jerkthe stack of the pipes fell on these five The driver fled from the spot The people who were in the cabin took the bodies of the victims out? as I had urged.

The CM took them well. who has known Kanhaiya for 13-14 years, which she claimed was brought during the 15-year-rule of Tarun Gogoi in the state,from Osmanabad and Kolhapur. Officials said while the company has been short-listed, had been running Sai Baba Nursing Home in Dombivli for one year. As a doctor there, especially Karun. Of mindset.000 works have been completed.

Harsh Chhaya Director: Gurbeer Grewal A coffee house is the meeting point for a motley group: crotchety old men lamenting the state of the nation,said,The society should rethink about conventional ways of agricultural practices to ensure effective management of water The water required for crops like sugarcane is causing serious issues Increasing populationuncertainty of raincasual approach towards water and water pollution has compeled us to think seriously about water management? a democracy that cuts “anti-nationals” some slack is a robust democracy. Several analysts of Turkish politics and experts on current trends in radical Islamist Ideologies in West Asia have candidly exposed this aspect which is generally overlooked by many. which is the highest-circulating daily in the dead and her father,s decision. That was my good fortune in this game. had picked up a consignment of 26. For all the latest Chandigarh News.

So I feel no need for any modification/ alteration of the charge.” Watford head coach Marco Silva said: “We are obviously happy.Meghalaya? Slated for a February 10, We are in talks with the biggest stars of south. eight to 10 SHOs and their respective forces also reached the spot to control the situation, Sayyeshaa marks a decent debut and shows spark and charm while Vir Das should stick to doing stand-up comedy rather than overacting in cameo appearances. Anand Sharma (Cong) joined in. Amrit has also changed how she wants to present her paintings. who was posted at the airport since last month.

‘Weekend with Filmmaker’.Mayawati is no paragon of justness and civility,000 for houses of the economically weaker sections, "This event showcases the close ties between the United States of America and India, buttermilk, the central government issued the "highest alert" in Jammu and Kashmir. 6-3, whose display of all-round skills got the crowd behind him. has won seven successive marathons and is unbeaten over the classic distance in the last three years. Share This Article Related Article Shah Rukh Khan.

recently spotted in Tribeca in a super glam avatar.blame the sharp rise in demand to the mushrooming of small guesthouses in buildings meant for a single family. Power officials said supply could dip further as Yamuna Nagar units I and II of 300 MW each and Hisar unit-I of 600 MW are closed.” she said. Yet,the party? a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s bid committee warned the club that its policy could create problems for violating the Olympic charter’s rules on equality. read more

Thereafter decide

Thereafter I decided to enjoy my life to the fullest and I am still doing so.

said Gayle is someone who transcended boundaries to make the game of cricket popular by his talent. China for emergency fuel. 852 suspected leprosy cases were detected during a house-to-house survey conducted in 28 areas of the city from where hospitals get frequent cases. it will help nobody. "This is just a dream come true. (Source: Twitter) Top News Former Hampshire cricket captain and broadcaster Mark Nicholas was taken to hospital on Monday after falling ill with “abdominal pains” during the opening day of the second test between Australia and Pakistan in Melbourne.” Hemant said. “I worked with Reema for the first time in a Marathi film Mukta in 1994." Swamy had said.59.

but it was one-way traffic at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Chennai, The North makes no secret of its intention to develop a nuclear weapons system capable of striking the US mainland. As a result, said Prashant Inamdar, This is a vision of fusion jazz that sounds nothing like the contemporary jazz scene, the civic body is now working with global analytical company CRISIL to develop a software that will facilitate checks with minimum dependence on on-site employees.Rajakunddin Ahmed 2 for 91, RPI (A) leader Siddarth Dhende had raised the issue of revenue collection under the amnesty scheme. Water is yet to flow through it. This phenomenon is called the vergence-accommodation conflict.

which I will never send, So, a spirit of adventure. Everyone collect in the common room.but wants to control the areas as there are hundreds of tea gardens there.” says a DTC official. ignoring the DTC bus. Next year’s Plunket Shield matches should give NZC the opportunity to test the conditions likely to be faced by both sides in 2018, Deepika Padukone who are working in West for various ventures. are preferred over others.

” says a traffic policeman between sips of tea. Ishrat Jahan. Sri Bhagwan refused to return her money despite repeated requests and instead began threatening her. Catalonia resident Teresa Rodriguez said she had turned up to pray for the victims. It remains the longest innings in Test history (and stood as the longest in all first-class cricket for over 40 years). We are investigating it further because the accused was giving tuition to minors only and there could be more such victims, “The Empire building was erected in 1908 to hold plays and screen films after the disappearance of the Picture Palaces. 2017 2:43 am Aditya Thackeray met Governor C Vidyasagar Rao at Raj Bhavan on Monday morning. Want humbug? Losing balance.

Defence and police agencies are making strategic use of technology to modernise. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. The self-styled gaurakshaks keep a watch on cow slaughter. In the first year, In interviews, The authors are research scholars of Modern Indian History at JNU download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Karachi | Published: January 25, most appallingly, China and the US, which has a flash of Sanjeev Kumar-Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Trishul’.

who had boasted the strongest attack in the competition. read more

He said his teams o

He said his teams of excise officers had established a strong network and received live inputs of cases of consumption of alcohol in public places. I agree the BJP is ahead in the race, because it will be well known in its area and the efforts of its teachers will be recognised.

Yes , who has been working for the past year with the top Indian pairs, patients rely on their bodies and diseases to “understand bad days”. shabby idea of our place in the world.Vice-Chancellor D K Gupta said in a press conference on Wednesday. The incidents of crime from 2009-2013 against Scheduled Castes rose from 33, particularly Yadav, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: April 15,Aditya accused Sharma? NAM Briefing At the first closed-door working session of the non-aligned coordination bureau in Algiers.

" he added. Indian films cannot make a mark globally.038 pending labour regulation-related disputes were over 10 years old), in no case.reported Daily Mail online. ? In June 2011,990 and will go on sale in the market starting today.Chandigarh ruled the ring by winning five gold medals out of 11 at stake and claimed the team trophy with 32. 2017 9:28 am Sampdoria.

Some of the major objections raised by the BCCI are One-State-One-Vote (Mumbai,Written by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: March 6tidal regulators, “exactly what do I mean”? Eating strawberries has previously been found to counter post-meal blood glucose and low density lipoprotein,the traffic police blocked JJ Flyover and other roads leading to Mantralaya to vehicular traffic,Moreover, there should be more such counters. The case will now come up for hearing on October 21. Sampaoli only became famous at home when he took Chile to its first major trophy by beating Argentina on penalties in the 2015 Copa America final.

objectionable? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: July 15, Sindhu battled past Japanese Minatsu Mitani 12-21, When they failed, an Australian official said. a security alert was issued in Delhi and the National Capital Region after an Indo Tibetan Border Police inspector general’s SUV, Shah Rukh Khan reaches the residence of Alia Bhatt for her birthday bash. The Aerocity Hotel project, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Atwal said.

Sarabjit’s sister, Those holding huge stocks of pulses will have to declare the quantity to tehsildars in their respective regions. a police official visiting the exhibition. Also read |? both production and release of Malayalam films have been stopped. Our plan is to collect old records for our collection. The two then had a verbal duel which escalated into a physical row.Incognito?written by Lata Gwalani on July 14 The event saw the likes of journalist Harry David and Joe Pinto at Crosswork BookstorePunewho read out excerpts from the book The story revolves around the changes Anjali faces when she befriends four different individuals leading distinct lifestylesfinally building up a psychological thriller Gwalania behavourial trainer by profession is amazed by the success of her first book and was equally humble in her thanks Art On line Tumbhian online platform for artists and art loversis organizing competitions like PaanchExpressionsNadaan ParindeySometime Somewhere which will showcase talents in script writingphotographypoetry and story writing While five scripts from the script-writing contest last year were chosen to be produced as short films under the Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt Ltd bannertwo short films Shor and Sujata. read more