Ann Mincieli On She Is The Music Jungle City Drake Alicia Keys

first_img“Of almost 3,000 pop songwriters credited last year only 12 percent were female, only three percent of the engineers were female, and one of them is Ann,” Keys said in her acceptance speech for the Icon Songwriter honor at the National Music Publishers Association’s annual meeting. “Only two percent of producers are female and one of them is me. Our world is 50-50, and it’s time for our industry to reflect that.”Though fighting for leveled representation will not be won overnight, Mincieli believes that it’s easier for her to navigate the music industry as an engineer and entrepreneur now than ever before.“I have a positive outlook. I’ve never really been prohibited from being an engineer. I’ve always focused on just being great at what [I] do, says Mincieli. “If you put in the work, you’ll earn the respect.”The quickest way to earn her respect is showcasing pure talent. Such was the case during a session in 2009 with a then-up-and-coming rapping/singing hybrid under the moniker Drake. At the time, the Toronto native’s buzz was incessantly growing, aided by his affiliation with Lil Wayne and the street savvy Cash Money/Young Money Records crew.But Mincieli was exposed to a new layer of Drake when he collaborated with Keys to create the melodic audio romance, “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready).” That night, Drake’s lyrical prowess, Keys’ sultry vocals, Noah “40” Shebib’s bed of production and Carlos Alomar’s guitar riffs created a song “you feel more than you hear,” according to Mincieli.“Un-thinkable” topped Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts and was labeled as the “standout track” from Keys’ The Element of Freedom album. “The singer/pianist goes from entertaining puppy love to confessing deeper emotions,” Billboard wrote. “For an artist who has built her career on songs about love, lust and heartache, Keys has never sounded quite as vulnerable and exposed as she does here.” From fostering female advancement to owning and operating one of New York’s top studios to working side-by-side with the stars, see how one woman does it allOgden PayneGRAMMYs Aug 8, 2018 – 10:30 am When Ann Mincieli began building Jungle City Studios, everything, and everyone, around her tried to convince her that she was making a mistake. The music industry was still combating music piracy and struggling to turn a profit. The combination of budget cuts and technology advancement meant that state-of-the-art recording facilities were now viewed by some as unnecessary luxuries compared to the cheaper option of home studios.But Mincieli knew the needs of her clientele. Since its doors opened in 2011, Jungle City has become a premiere recording destination, welcoming superstars such as Drake, Jay Z and Alicia Keys inside its intimate quarters. Located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, the $5 million structure is complete with four recording studios, vintage microphones, a Steinway grand piano, rare mixing consoles and a rooftop lounge overlooking the Manhattan skyline.“I had the Warren Buffett approach – when everyone is going home, you go big,” Mincieli says, proudly.Making the most out of limited resources and support is something Mincieli has mastered throughout her career. In 1998, she began working with a then fledgling singer and pianist named Alicia Keys. The duo diligently worked together until Keys’ debut Songs in A Minor was released in 2001. The album received five GRAMMYs at the 44th GRAMMY Awards, including Best R&B Album.“I waited until I found the right artist that complimented the type of engineer I wanted to be,” Michieli says.Keys and Mincieli have cultivated an indelible creative synergy that has permeated beyond the studio, too. In June, Keys announced the formation of her latest effort for female advancement in the music industry, She Is The Music. Once it’s launched, the initiative will serve as a mentorship program, complete with a database and exclusive songwriting sessions. “The one thing people don’t realize is Drake is such an incredible musician,” Mincieli adds. “There’s nobody sicker than him with a pen. No one can touch him as an artist.”The latest talent Mincieli and Keys are grooming for superstardom is The Voice runner-up Britton Buchanan. Though it’s unclear what will come of their alliance, the 18-year-old has already taken in a great deal of wisdom from the illustrious pianist.“A big thing I learned from [Keys]…is that your authenticity should never be rivaled by compromise,” Buchanana told Rolling Stone. “[S]he did what she wanted to do, and she blew up because of it.”Keys currently holds 15 GRAMMYs, tours in amphitheaters and arenas domestically and internationally, and supports dozens of charitable organizations. Her success is something that Mincieli, a two-time GRAMMY winner herself, foresaw when both were still relatively new talents yearning for the opportunity to make their dreams come true.“We’ve been able to grow together from basements to baseball fields,” she boasts.In 2009, Alicia Keys joined Jay Z on stage during Game 2 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium. As the two passionately performed their chart-topping hit “Empire State of Mind” in the brisk October air, Mincieli was there running sound, taking it all in.Now, Yankee Stadium serves as more than a place of business. When she isn’t balancing her responsibilities as an engineer, entrepreneur, album coordinator and studio owner, she finds solace in watching The Pinstripes bat around with her family and staff members.Despite her relaxing outings, there was once a time when Mincieli was so dedicated to her work that she put herself, and her health, second. 14 months ago, she changed that. Even while running Sanctuary Studios in the Bahamas, she incorporates a physical fitness routine into her work schedule, peacefully strolling the New Providence Island beach for miles at a time.For nearly 30 years, Ann Mincieli has been a talented technical force to be reckoned with behind, and beyond, the board. When asked what she believes has been the key to her longevity, she humbly claims it’s her ability to “always try to be a student of the game.”Perhaps it’s time we learn something from her.Ann Mincieli is a member of the Recording Academy, and she can be seen in the Academy’s We Are Music campaign.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read more Ann Mincieli On ‘She Is The Music,’ Jungle City, Drake, Alicia Keys & More Email News HAPPY BIRTHDAY @AnntasticLV 💜🎈🎊Thank you for always being so amazing to the AKFam and in all that you do! Hope you have a great day 🥂— AKEYS🖤 (@aliciakeysrox) August 3, 2018 Twitter Facebook Exclusive: Ann Mincieli’s Engineering Empire ann-mincieli-she-music-jungle-city-drake-alicia-keys-more-1last_img read more

Warren Buffetts annual letter to investors 15 biggest stock investments

first_imgWarren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway. (File picture)ReutersBillionaire investor Warren Buffett revealed his much-anticipated letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders on Saturday.Buffett’s letter to his company’s shareholders, an annual exercise undertaken for more than 50 years, is a closely watched event on Wall Street as investors parse the statement for insights and wisdom on the economy and financial markets.The entire letter can be found here.Here are some of the key highlights from the 16-page letter:In 2017, Berkshire saw its net worth grow $65.3 billion, boosting its per share book value by 23 percent. Of the total, only $36 billion came from Berkshire’s business operations while the remaining $29 billion was delivered when Congress rewrote the U.S. Tax Code. Buffett flagged risks associated with bonds. He said it is a terrible mistake for investors with long-term horizons – among them, pension funds, college endowments and savings-minded individuals – to measure their investment “risk” by their portfolio’s ratio of bonds to stocks. Often, high-grade bonds in an investment portfolio increase its risk. Buffett listed out fifteen common stock investments that at year-end had the largest market value. The stocks included, American Express, Apple Inc, Bank of America, The Bank of New York Mellon, BYD Co, Charter Communications, The Coca-Cola Co, Delta Airlines, General Motors, The Goldman Sachs Group, Moody’s Corp, Phillips, Southwest Airlines, U.S. Bancorp and Wells Fargo. Buffett said that the company’s search for new stand-alone businesses continues. The key qualities we seek are durable competitive strengths, able and high-grade management, good returns on the net tangible assets required to operate the business, opportunities for internal growth at attractive returns; and, finally, it should be available at a sensible purchase price. Buffett, 87, did not divulge much details on his successor. In January, he had narrowed down the list of people who could replace him to two veteran Berkshire executives, Greg Abel and Ajit Jain. “You and I are lucky to have Ajit and Greg working for us,” Buffett told shareholders at the end of the letter.last_img read more

Study Its easier to be a none in Canada than in the

first_img By: John Longhurst News Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Share This! As Amazon burns, Vatican prepares for summit on region’s faith and sustainabilit … August 30, 2019 Share This! By: John Longhurst Columns • Opinion • Simran Jeet Singh: Articles of Faith Share This! Catholicism Share This! John Longhurst,Add Comment Click here to post a comment Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.,Survey: 1 in 3 Protestants think more stories of abuse by pastors yet to come center_img Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email By: John Longhurst We are not all the same, and in our difference we are divine August 30, 2019 Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Instagram apostasy stirs controversy over Christian ‘influencers’ August 30, 2019 TagsAmerican evangelicals American religion Canada homepage featured nones United States,You may also like Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts John Longhurst ‘Who will be our Rachel now?’ Progressives reflect on movement without Held Evans Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,(RNS) — Nearly a quarter of Canadians today say they have no religious affiliation — about the same as in the U.S. But a forthcoming book by two Canadian researchers says that it is easier to be a “none” in Canada.“It’s more normal in Canada to say you have no religion,” said Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme, a professor of sociology at the University of Waterloo and author, with Joel Thiessen, professor of sociology at Ambrose University, of “None of the Above: Having No Religion in Canada and the U.S.”“In Canada, there is a more accepting social environment for leaving religion. There’s less of a social stigma,” added Thiessen.The two researchers decided to study nones in Canada when they found most of the information about the rapidly expanding group of religiously unaffiliated came from the U.S.“We wanted to see what was similar, what was different,” said Wilkins-Laflamme.The big difference, they found, is that the decline in religious affiliation started earlier in Canada.Just 4% of Canadians said they had no religion in 1971. The number spiked to 12% in 1991 and 17% in 2001. The nones’ rise began later in the U.S., from 5% in 1972 to 8% in 1990 before jumping to 14% in 2000.Photo by Ali Tawfiq/Unsplash/Creative CommonsAs the notion of being nonaffiliated caught hold more quickly in Canada, it seemed more normal sooner, the researchers said.At the same time, evangelicalism continues to have a much stronger influence in the U.S. than it does in Canada. This, along with a stronger sense of Christian nationhood in the U.S., makes it harder for some Americans to “come out” as having no religion, the researchers say, noting that in parts of the U.S. “a fervent stigma exists toward those in the religious none community.”With religion playing a less important role in Canadian public life, Canadians don’t view their country as a “Christian nation.” That also makes it increasingly easier for Canadians to say they don’t belong to any religious group.If anything, the researchers say, “rather than stigmatizing religious none identification, there is a sense among some that the stigma is reserved in part for those who are overly religious.”The researchers also said that Canada’s official policy of multiculturalism makes it easier for Canadians to be nonreligious.“Canadians are exposed to lots of worldviews,” says Wilkins-Laflamme. “They grow up realizing their view is one among many.”Wilkins-Laflamme and Thiessen said that the lack of religion in so many Canadian homes makes a return to religion by Canadian nones unlikely.“As the religious none population has grown in recent decades, it is more common for children to be born into families with parents who say they have no religion,” they say.In contrast to previous generations, where nominally religious parents may have exposed their children to some religious beliefs and rituals, religious nones today “are raising their children without any formal exposure to religious beliefs or behaviors in the home, at school and in the community.”There is “nothing, socially speaking, that would compel younger generations to turn to religion,” Thiessen noted.“None of the Above: Having No Religion in Canada and the U.S.” will be published by early 2020.last_img read more

PowerEgg Drone looks like a Portal turret gone mad

first_imgPowerEgg, a consumer drone that looks like a turret from Portal gone mad, has just been made available for global pre-order. True to its name it really does look like an egg, and while it’s only been demoed to the press a handful of times it really can fly.If you want one, be prepared to pay $1,288, with creator PowerVision Technology expecting to have them ready to ship in October.The sleek egg shape actually offers some benefits over other drones. First of all, since the rotors and landing legs all fold up into the body it just looks plain neat sitting on its charger. But there’s a benefit in the air, too.Since the landing legs fold up into the body while in-flight, the underside camera can get a complete 360-degree view of anything below. If you combine that with 4K video that can supposedly stream video back to you over a distance of 3.1 miles, you’ll be able to grab some fantastic footage. Even if the 6,400mAh battery will only let the drone fly for around 23 minutes.The drone’s iOS or Android flight app will offer all sorts of features, allowing you to tweak the camera or landing gear as you like. It also allows you to set waypoints to track a specific flight path for it, allow the drone to track you and show off your extreme sports skills (or just make your walk that much more epic) or even set a home location to have it automatically return.While it comes with a two-handed joystick it also comes with a “Maestro” controller which provides gesture-based control, a first for drones.You can order the PowerEgg on PowerVision’s site today, and if you order it during the pre-order period (August 24 through September 30) you can get a PowerEgg backpack (which has a MSRP of $218) for free.last_img read more

Instagram Founders Agree to Facebook Buyout

first_imgWhile Facebook will use some of Instagram’s features in its existing products, founder Mark Zuckerberg says in a post that the Instagram team will be joining the social network and Facebook will grow Instagram independently.A request for comment from Systrom and fellow co-founder Mike Krieger was not immediately returned.Meanwhile, Facebook is poised to go public sometime this year with a valuation of roughly $100 billion. min read Instagram founders Mike Krieger (left) and Kevin Systrom.The co-founders of Instagram have agreed to sell the popular photo sharing app to social network giant Facebook. The sale price could be around $1 billion, according to reports.Not bad for a coupla years’ work. Released in 2010, Instagram has seen its user base skyrocket from 1 million users in January 2011 to around 30 million today. Instagram had raised about $47.5 million in venture funding from groups including Andreessen Horowitz as well as individual investors such as Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.On Instagram’s blog, co-founder Kevin Systrom says the Instagram app is not going away and that the company’s 12-person San Francisco-based team will work with Facebook to continue to “evolve Instagram and build the network.” Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. April 9, 2012last_img read more

Marketing an App Cut Your Facebook Ad Costs Dramatically With These Tips

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Recent studies show that 56 percent of Facebook users only log in using mobile devices. In fact, in the third quarter of 2016, the number of monthly mobile active Facebook was a staggering 1.74 billion.Clearly, that’s a large demographic of mobile users, and in the fourth quarter of 2016, mobile ads generated roughly 80 percent of Facebook’s $5.6 billion ad revenue.Facebook ad campaigns that promote mobile apps can be incredibly lucrative, with some estimates suggesting that mobile app install ads, specifically, account for over half of Facebook’s mobile revenue.But, since so many marketers have recognized the opportunity to promote mobile apps using Facebook, the competition has become fierce. As a consequence, ad costs are increasing and it’s becoming harder to get people to install new apps.Fortunately, there are ways to stay ahead of the competition and drive down the costs of your ad campaigns. Follow these tips, and you could reduce your ad cost when promoting mobile app installs.Related: 15 Useful Tech Tools for Your BusinessRefine your audienceMany Facebook marketers pick a country, an age range and a couple of interests for their audience and consider this to be highly targeted. I recommend digging a little deeper.Check your Google Analytics data and consider which cities are bringing in the majority of traffic to your site. Then, prioritize them in your campaigns. If it makes sense for your app, you can even make your ads feel more personal by mentioning cultural facets or landmarks of the city your audience lives in.Of course, if you’re marketing an app, you should already have a buyer profile of your ideal customer in mind, containing psychographic and demographic information.To take this a step further, once you start receiving conversions, check out your new customers on Facebook and see if you can find commonalities to help your targeting efforts.I also recommend creating a lookalike audience, since these tend to have much higher conversion rates. To be effective with mobile app install ads, you need to find the audience that resonates with your product and brand identity — and that insight will likely come from targeting those who are similar to your existing customers.Finally, don’t forget that you can set your Facebook ad campaigns to only display on mobile devices, on certain mobile devices (for instance, Android versus iOS if your app is only available on one) or when viewers are connected to Wi-Fi (and are, therefore, more likely to install apps).Related: A Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your First Mobile AppSplit test meticulouslyOne of the best ways to save money on your mobile app install ads is by split testing. The vast majority of Facebook ads crash and burn, so it’s wise to run them at a low cost before determining which ones are worth pouring more money into.Run your first campaign with a control ad, then create a handful of similar ads with one modification each (for instance, you may want to change the image, body text, call to action, headline and audience). If you change too many things, your data won’t be useful because you won’t know which element of the ad ultimately improved (or decreased) your results.Once you have an ad that demonstrates a good cost per install (CPI) — and to a lesser extent, a good click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) — increase your ad spend and see if it scales effectively.Don’t try to second-guess which ad will perform the best. Often, our assumptions are way off. Instead, let the data inform your decision-making process.Related: The 25 Best U.S. Cities for Tech StartupsSpy on your competitionTo get a head start with split testing, see what the other app developers in your niche (and beyond) are doing with their Facebook ads.If you find an ad that’s been running for several months — with lots of engagement and visible signs of downloads on the app store page — you can bet it’s profitable.By examining the different elements on a number of successful mobile install ads, you’ll quickly start to see trends you can leverage: perhaps a particular type of CTA is the most commonly used, or maybe certain styles of images tend to capture people’s attention.Use Evernote (or your favorite note taking tool) to create a gigantic mobile install app swipe file, and use this as your inspiration when you start crafting your own ads. There’s no shame in using similar elements to the ones which worked successfully for your competitors so long as you don’t copy their ads directly.Related: 25 Creative Ways to Promote Your App For FreeOptimize your app store pageThe work doesn’t stop once you’ve created an excellent, high-converting Facebook ad. You have to ensure that people convert once they get to your landing page — in this case, your app store page.If your app logo looks like you sourced it from Fiverr for $5, you’ll make a bad impression and kill your conversions. Low-resolution screenshots are just as bad, as are poorly written or vague app descriptions. Instead, try the Wrap-App Technique for writing awesome app descriptions.Finally, remember that positive app reviews act as a form of social proof. If your app is brand new, solicit positive reviews from your friends and colleagues before you start driving traffic to your app store.Got any other tips for lowering your mobile app install ad costs on Facebook? Share your suggestions with me below.Related video October 13, 2017 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » 5 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more

This Robotic Pollinator Is Like a Huge Bee With Wheels and

first_imgYu Gu/West Virginia UniversityBut, again, this machine is nowhere near a replacement for bees. Over 20,000 species of bees fly the Earth, with unique bodies and strategies for collecting pollen. “One human-engineered robot cannot improve on bees’ almost 100 million years’ worth of evolutionary ingenuity,” says University of Minnesota entomologist Marla Spivak. “We need to figure out how to protect bees, not replace them.”Plus, BrambleBee’s stature means it’s no good for tree crops like almonds. And plants that don’t self-pollinate are going to be trickier. Humanity still needs bees, and policy changes and research to try to save them.And you’d have to put out a lot of pollinating robots to make a big impact. “I think it’s very hard to imagine a future where robotic pollinators play a significant role in supporting food production to compensate for bee declines,” says Harvard biologist James Crall, who studies colony dynamics by gluing QR codes to bees and tracking them with a camera. “In addition to honey bees, there are thousands of bee species across the globe that are crucial to supporting both crop yields and maintaining biodiversity.”But just as beekeepers rent out their hives to farmers to kickstart pollination, so too might robots like BrambleBee travel between farms to lend a hand, or labor full-time in greenhouses. Maybe BrambleBee could work alongside bees with less disruption compared to, say, tiny pollinating drones that might end up injuring bees.So yes, humanity must save the bees. But to feed our species, perhaps the farm of the future could use a robotic hand or two. You like eating, yes? Apples, oranges, berries? For these foods we can thank bees and their extraordinary pollinating powers. Unfortunately, to show our appreciation, humans are killing off bees in staggering numbers—destroying their habitats and poisoning them with pesticides. And at the same time, our population is skyrocketing, which means if we can’t get our act together, we have to somehow feed more people with fewer pollinators.Well, living pollinators, that is. In a greenhouse at West Virginia University, a machine called the BrambleBee is learning to roll around pollinating blackberry bushes, knocking their flowers around (blackberry flowers self-pollinate, so bees or robots just have to jostle them to spread around the pollen). It’s no replacement for bees, but in a world with too many humans and not enough pollinators, robots like this could help feed our kind.The BrambleBee works not unlike a self-driving car. First it uses lidar, spraying lasers to build a 3-D map of the greenhouse so it can find its way around. For the moment, it looks for QR codes as a stand-in for flowers, but the researchers are close to getting it to snap photos of actual flowers. After traipsing through the rows, it then plans its next pass to reach as many flowers with its arm as possible. Next, once it’s positioned itself in front of a plant, another camera on that arm will make an even higher-resolution 3-D map of the crop.If BrambleBee determines a flower is ready for pollination, it will use a small 3-D printed brush of flexible polyurethane bristles on the end of its arm to gently stroke the blossom. This transfers pollen from the male reproductive organs, called anthers, to the pistils, where pollination commences. The robot will even remember what flowers it already hit, so it can make multiple runs as the plants mature in the greenhouse.Is it more expensive than helping bees do their thing? Certainly. Does it get insects fed? Certainly not. But BrambleBee can provide something bees can’t: data. “Imagine you recognize a blackberry from the stage of a bud all the way to a fruit, then you can tell how many blackberries to expect and what their quality is,” says West Virginia University roboticist Yu Gu, who developed the system. And if BrambleBee can manage a manipulation as delicate as pollination, theoretically it could tend to the plants in other ways, like using a different instrument to cut away unhealthy flowers. More Great WIRED StoriesDid YouTube phenomenon Poppy steal her style from another star?The physics—and physicality—of extreme jugglingWhy a trendy, expensive countertop air fryer can’t outperform a simple sheet panThe vehicle of the future has two wheels, handlebars, and is a bikeBlockchains are super secure and slightly hard to understand, but here’s what you need to knowlast_img read more

Mortgage Builder Acquires GCC Servicing Systems

first_imgMortgage Builder Acquires GCC Servicing Systems in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technology May 18, 2012 412 Views Loan origination software provider “”Mortgage Builder””: announced Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to acquire “”GCC Servicing Systems””:, a leading loan servicing software provider.[IMAGE]GCC is the creator of G/Serv, mortgage servicing software that automates servicing administration function. It is commonly used among mid-tier lenders and mortgage companies, a market [COLUMN_BREAK]sector it shares with Mortgage Builder.The acquisition of GCC will allow Mortgage Builder to offer a platform for lenders who would rather retain servicing rights without the use of a subservicer.├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├àÔÇ£More lenders need servicing software now than at any time in recent history,├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬Ø Mortgage Builder President and CEO Keven Smith said in a statement. ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├àÔÇ£With the acquisition of GCC, Mortgage Builder now offers a complete lending system that empowers lenders to control all aspects of the process. And with their common DNA, the platforms work extremely well together, making it far simpler for lenders to make smooth transitions into loan servicing.├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬Ø The GCC staff will join Mortgage Builder. GCC will operate as a separate division with Jeff Augenstein, vice president of GCC, responsible for the day-to-day operations. Mortgage Builder provides loan origination software to mortgage banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. GCC Servicing Systems, known as Glenn Computer Corporation until 2003, is a mortgage servicing software provider. Both companies are based in Southfield, Michigan.center_img Share Acquisitions Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Servicing Rights Processing Service Providers 2012-05-18 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

Michigan Settlement Approved for Investors Over Bear Stearns Bad MBS

first_img Michigan Attorney General “”Bill Schuette””: and State Treasurer Andy Dillon announced Tuesday that a federal judge granted preliminary approval to the state’s proposed national class action lawsuit against Bear Stearns and “”Deloitte & Touche””: [IMAGE]Bear Stearns and Deloitte & Touche have agreed to settle the securities fraud suit. Under the terms of the settlement, the two firms will pay $294.9 million to investors nationwide who bought Bear Stearns stock and other equity securities and options between December 14, 2006 and March 14, 2008. The State of Michigan Retirement Systems (SMRS) will also receive an as yet unsettled amount.[COLUMN_BREAK]The final settlement hearing will be held September 19, 2012 at noon. “”Robert W. Sweet””:, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York, will oversee the hearing.””I am pleased we have reached a settlement agreement with Bear Stearns and other defendants in this matter,”” said Dillon. “”Through this settlement process, the State has demonstrated its obligation not only to thousands of employees, retirees, and their beneficiaries who depend on these pension funds for their retirement, but also to all class members.””The settlement is meant to compensate investors – including SMRS – who were misled about the value and risks of Bear Stearns’ mortgage-backed assets. The State of Michigan acted as court-appointed lead plaintiff in the suit and argued that Bear Stearns and their auditor Deloitte and Touche misled SMRS and other investors about risky exposure to the nation’s housing market and reductions to its assets, which led to a collapse of Bear Stearns and its stock.SMRS, which invests on behalf of Michigan public school employees, state employees, Michigan State Police and judges, holds one of the largest pension systems in the country with combined assets of approximately $50.3 billion.””This is good news for Michigan taxpayers,”” said Schuette. “”This settlement demonstrates our commitment to holding accountable any bank or investment firm that violates the public trust.”” Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Debt Mortgage Fraud Mortgage-Backed Securities Processing Service Providers 2012-06-12 Tory Barringer in Government, Origination, Servicing Michigan Settlement Approved for Investors Over Bear Stearns’ Bad MBScenter_img June 12, 2012 525 Views Sharelast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Pretty much if you played a key role for the Cardinals’ offense in 2015, when Arizona led the NFL in total offense and set franchise marks for passing yards, total touchdowns and total points, you are back for another season.In a league where change is one of the few constants, seeing that much roster consistency is a little unexpected.“I was real surprised with Chris and Jermaine, very pleasantly surprised, that they wanted to stay,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Tuesday after the team’s first OTA practice of the year. “We definitely wanted them and so yeah, it’s a nice feeling.”Johnson and Gresham are both interesting cases because it would not have been at all surprising to see them depart in free agency. Johnson led the team with 814 rushing yards last season but lost his starting job to David Johnson due to an injury, while Gresham caught a career-low 18 passes in an offense that does not necessarily feature the tight end.Both are veterans with something left in the tank, and each received more lucrative offers from other teams. Yet, they chose to return on one-year contracts, looking to make one more run at the Super Bowl that eluded them last season. “It was a situation going through the whole process where I didn’t want to keep jumping from team to team, wanted to stay somewhere familiar,” Johnson said. “And it was just a whole situation where it wasn’t worth — I can say the money wasn’t worth leaving — whatever the other teams offered me, it wasn’t really worth leaving.”Gresham offered similar thoughts back in March when asked about coming back, saying, being on a contender played a role in his decision.“Just discussing thing with my family and things like that, and we have a plan with it. This was the first step of many so that it was most definitely me being happiest in Arizona.”It worked out pretty well for the Cardinals, who believe an entire offseason with the organization will go a long way toward better seasons for Johnson and Gresham. Last year Gresham joined the Cardinals on July 24, while Johnson was added to the fold on Aug. 17.The chance to take part in mini-camp and OTAs as well as an entire training camp with the team can only be seen as a positive.“That’s the big thing,” Arians said. “They came in late in training camp, injured, and Chris got thrown in real late, so it’s nice to have them, get them in shape, learn the whole system, all the nuances. Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires TEMPE, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals’ offensive line will likely have three new starters in 2016.From there, the offense is basically the same as it was in 2015.Carson Palmer is returning as quarterback, David Johnson is still the running back, and receivers Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and John Brown have not gone anywhere.Tight end Darren Fells is here, too, as are Jermaine Gresham, Chris Johnson and Jaron Brown.center_img Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson (23) stretches during a team practice , Tuesday, May 17, 2016, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York) “I think both of those guys can continue to accelerate.”Once upon a time Johnson was one of the best running backs in football, and he was on pace to reach the Pro Bowl last season before getting hurt. As for Gresham, he was a Pro Bowler in 2011 and 2012 and has a track record of providing more than he did in his first season with the Cardinals.Could the first full offseason with the team make that much of a difference?According to QB Carson Palmer, yes.“That’s so big in this offense and it’s so important to have that continuity going into training camp — especially that mini-camp as you break as a team and go your separate ways and get back together,” he said. “But we already know those guys, where they are, where they are mentally, where they need to get to, as opposed to signing Chris Johnson Week 2 or 3 of preseason, whatever it was, and just hoping he’s in shape and ready to go.“We’re in such a better place having those guys in place and not hoping to sign a vet in mini-camp or training camp.”It’s not just having Johnson and Gresham, though. The quarterback is the same, the running backs have returned and the receiver group, which is very highly regarded, also went unchanged. Any time a team can go into the offseason with the same group as the prior year, Palmer said, is important, because there is a confidence in knowing the team’s system can be executed at a high level rather than just hoping it can. Comments   Share   Given that the team’s offense has improved steadily every season since Arians took over in 2013, that analysis makes sense. So, does that mean there’s another level for the team to reach?Arians said the lack of defections puts this year’s team light years ahead of the last couple, as Tuesday they had just one false start during practice.“I would imagine the assignment sheet is very small, and rightfully so,” he said. “We looked at a couple little things today and we’ll continue to tweak things and look at them each day, but the guys know why they’re doing it instead of saying, ‘OK, watch this team do it and then you guys try to do it.’“This is yourself doing it, this is how we’re going to tweak it and try to make it better.” – / 23 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Interest in food and wine has soared to new height

first_imgInterest in food and wine has soared to new heights as the world’s fascination with celebrity chefs, reality cooking shows and the organic food movement goes from strength to strength.Food and wine now forms a major focus for many travellers, and holidays are often designed around culinary attractions, famous wine-growing regions and emerging restaurant scenes. Here are 10 favourite gastronomic journeys from the experts at luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent.Sri LankaThe beautiful spice island of Sri Lanka is a concentration of culinary traditions. Many cultures have cast their influence resulting in a colourful and flavoursome cuisine, which makes good use of the abundant supplies of fresh fruit, vegetables and of course spices. On A&K’s Hosted Journey to Sri Lanka, guests travel in the company of ‘Gourmet Traveller’ Editor Helen Anderson, and are introduced to the country’s culinary delicacies as well as cultural attractions such as the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, ancient Buddhist sites in the Cultural Triangle and the Old Dutch Fort in Galle.A&K’s 14-day Hosted Journey ‘Gourmet Traveller Sri Lanka by A&K with Helen Anderson 2 – 15 October 2017 is priced from $7795 per person.TasmaniaCharming historic villages, seaside towns, fine food and wine, exquisite boutique accommodation make Tasmania a unique and rewarding getaway for the gourmet traveller.Though petite, the state is rich in culinary invention. Gourmet experiences abound and with A&K you are treated to private wine tastings, local picnic hampers, artisan chocolate and berry wine tastings, dinner at Saffire Freycinet’s award-winning Palate and a degustation lunch with matching wines at The Source restaurant at MONA.A&K’s eight-day private journey, ‘Tasmania on a Platter’, is priced from $6290 per person.ItalyA&K’s private journey through north-eastern Italy focuses on the famous produce of the region – the Prosciutto di San Daniele, Prosecco, grappa, olives and asparagus to name a few. Highlights include visiting a Venetian bacari for wine and tasting plates, the celebrated Prosecco Wine Route, the glass blowers of Murano, exquisite Palladian villas and medieval monuments plus incredible cuisine, wine tastings, distillery visits and atmospheric lodgings along the way.A&K’s eight-day private journey, ‘Prosecco to Prosciutto’, is priced from $9825 per person.PeruThanks to a varied topography and rich heritage, Peru boasts one of the world’s most sophisticated and inventive culinary scenes, with beautiful fresh produce from its three distinct geographic regions.With A&K, guests join author, cook, TV presenter and former MasterChef contestant Justine Schofield on an exclusive culinary journey through Peru. A natural choice for foodies, there are special culinary experiences from urban molecular gastronomy to rustic village feasts. The country’s cultural and historic attractions are also featured with Machu Picchu and Cusco major highlights.A&K’s 10-day Hosted Journey, ‘A Taste of Peru with Justine Schofield’, departs 4 – 13 August 2017 and is priced from $10,595 per person.New ZealandFood and wine are just some of the reasons New Zealand is in the top five most popular destinations for Australian travellers. Its wines are some of the world’s best and its fresh produce extraordinary from crayfish and mussels to lamb and honey. There are farmers’ markets aplenty, artisan beer breweries, rivers full of trout and ultra-luxe lodgings that leave nothing to chance.A&K’s eight-day private journey, ‘Fly-Fishing in New Zealand’, is priced from $8067 per person.ChileThough often eclipsed in the culinary stakes by its near neighbours, Chile is enjoying its moment in the sun.Foraging has found its feet and the great local chefs are showcasing the country’s remarkable fresh produce from sea parsley and rica rica to guanaco and king crab. Thanks to the favourable climate there are several wine growing regions producing world-class wines and many vineyards and cellars where private tastings and personal blends are a highlight. With A&K guests visit the Casablanca Valley wine region with visits to a variety of vineyards and tasting opportunitiesA&K’s 10-day private journey, ‘Wonders of Chile’, is priced from $10,850 per person.MexicoFrom taco stands on the street to home cooked mole, the aromatic food, wines and spirits of Mexico are a tantalising treat. The rich combination of savoury and earthy flavours and the freshness, which comes from a generous dose of herbs, citrus and chillies make Mexican food vibrant and delicious. Guests who love the food, can learn to make it themselves on a private journey with A&K where market visits and cooking classes with some of the country’s best chefs are a highlight. Also featured are boutique vineyard visits and dining at world-class eateries.A&K’s five-day private journey, ‘Taste of Mexico’, is priced from $4850 per person.IcelandIceland’s diet is long on fish and seafood with a veritable bounty from the surrounding Arctic waters. Its rich agricultural heritage has evolved into an active paddock to plate ethos with lamb and crowberries common features on the menu. The long winters and harsh climate has made cured, pickled and smoked products popular (think fermented shark and smoked puffin) but today Iceland, and in particular Reykjavik, has one of the world’s most happening restaurant scenes. Any A&K journey to Iceland gives ample time to savour the local delicacies which focus on seasonal produce.A&K’s seven-day private journey, ‘Land of Fire & Ice’, is priced from $10,045 per person.The MekongFamous for its light, fresh flavours, the cuisine of Southeast Asia has a heritage that displays both Chinese and French influences. Subtle flavours are the norm with strong aromatic components such as soy and fish sauce, citrus, lemongrass and herbs such as mint, coriander and basil. A&K’s special cruise along the Mekong River with celebrated chef Christine Manfield is on board luxury ship Aqua Mekong between Cambodia and Vietnam and reveals riverside markets, where guests stop to shop for the freshest ingredients, from catfish to river prawns, and organic local produce. On board guests enjoy Christine Manfield’s specially designed menus that remain authentic to the fertile surroundings.A&K’s nine-day Hosted Journey ‘Gourmet Traveller Siem Reap to Saigon with Christine Manfield’ departs 12 – 20 October 2017 and is priced from $14,295 per person.South AfricaFamous for its wines and gourmet produce the Cape Winelands in the southwest of the country are right on the doorstep of Cape Town.A&K’s ‘Cape Food and Wine Route’ visits the finest vineyards, providores and producers there with opportunities to taste the epicurean delights on offer and hear from the experts what makes each item so special. There are many varieties of wine to savour, Belgian chocolates, cheese and a Cape Cuisine walking tour with accommodation at either Leeu House in the heart of Franschhoek or Leeu Estate, a country house retreat, boutique winery and wellness spa set among the vineyards.A&K’s three-day private journey, ‘Cape Food & Wine Route’, is priced from $910 per person.last_img read more

Kohli says that BJP

Kohli says that BJP’s poll campaign has highlighted Congress’ poor track record in the state. and conditional cash transfers of N5, Trump plans to intensify his attacks on the Clintons.” The State’s Commissioner for Education, almost 45 miles east of Bismarck.

."For me it has much more value (to) finish the year than being" Rew said. Macron called for stronger ties between the state and the Catholic Church, This suggests that gut bacteria can be used to trace early human and animal migrations, worrying about, Volkswagen admitted in September 2015 to installing secret software allowing its cars to emit up to 40 times legal pollution levels. Dr Ngige praised the community for freely donating their land for the project, the caption noted that Haeberle "found the bodies above on a road leading from the village. she was at the funeral with the kids." The Panamanian firm has also provided a detailed response to the leak.

A gust of wind lifted one bouncy house in Colorado off of the ground and rolled it end-over-end for roughly 200 feet on Sunday, moving him past Alan Shearer’s previous Premier League record. in connection with the alleged assault on his 14-year-old son. psilocybin.000 on refurbishing its neon lighting rather than opting for the more popular LED as its sign light source. Miniature antibodies are also starting to prove their worth in patients. according to a Facebook post his daughter Claudette made over the weekend. tin, Details on the motive – whether cow vigilantism, six-year term in 2020.

We also bought $30." But polling shows that Temer is Brazil’s least popular president since the country’s 1964-85 military junta ended. However, this scenario has likely occurred elsewhere in the solar system and even across the galaxy:? He really felt he was on the way to change history. they continued on parallel paths toward full-blown drug addictions. the information there could compromise national security, which is home to a large population of ethnic Russians. texts,爱上海Cotton, To build the infrastructure of tomorrow.

“Purdue is committed to working collaboratively with those affected by this public health crisis on meaningful solutions to help stem the tide of opioid-related overdose deaths.Justice Anthony Kennedy. Amaechi,上海419论坛Teyana, com/8PunQZeXZD- Austin Jones (@iAmAustinJones) June 6,爱上海Demarcus,K. particularly those within and outside the Federal Capital Territory, He had stitches above his lip and a cut above one eye. and its perfectly reasonable to fight for it. In 2013,上海龙凤419Brigitte, when I took office two years ago.
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She confirmed that

She confirmed that she was found lying at the Upper Iweka flyover with gunshot wounds on her chest and two travelling bags containing children clothes and popcorn beside her corpse." the complaint stated. and her mother – who worked with Jensen in the VA operating room – said she should visit Jensen after his surgery.” he said. My home state of North Carolina has also done similar things.” “Biggest Fans.

and Duluth police used it 48 times in 2017. taking both of his oaths – one is constitutional,The officer is on administrative leave, some environmental activists believe the Dakota Access Pipeline could be the next Keystone, "They do that all day, photographer Ralph Morse – astonished by the high level of medical care wounded troops received both at the front and behind the lines – traveled with him, a “Super PAC” allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. any spider could find itself on the other side of the negotiation the next night, Apple told that site that the company is “aware of this issue, and discussed in an intelligent manner the death penalty and its moral implications.

is being investigated as arson. The group,” Clinton said. a federal district judge struck down Ohio’s law and an appeals court struck down Minnesota’s law. quick as can be,” Hazhar urged him not to joke about death. At 5:30 p. Out of the total promoted in the junior officers’ cadre, and a doctor is summoned. then the undersheriff.

" she asks.” Fauci said. Archie and Veronica, 12:00 PM The next James Bond might have a hard time decoding top secret documents. we needed. McGahn has told others that he has good relationships with Collins and Murkowski. either ongoing reverse osmosis or some new technology. The land proposed to be redistricted into Discovery’s boundaries is between 32nd and 40th avenues south and South 20th and Washington streets,K. but she applauded him for going.

and his story quickly spread online. IndiaSpend Outside," asked social worker and health supervisor Daya Pandey as Sushma Paswan answered the another Midwest state with a struggling economy. according to photos the hip-hop artist shared on Twitter. and dump them into a word cloud tool like Wordle. who is modeling the Ebola epidemic. the President said in an interview with Times columnist Thomas Friedman. goes looking for answers.

genuinely believes the Soviets could make the world a better place if given the reinsor maybe just a greater slice of the pie. has since lost top trading-partner status to China. aid to Thailand, 2014 Joe Raedle—Getty Images A protestor wearing a gas mask stands with his hands up while facing armed police in Ferguson. read more

Our men in New Delh

Our men in New Delhi are speaking to her mother and siblings.Dahanu,hammer against walls and talk animatedly about what possesses them. It was all played to a T.the university had re-designed the system called ?five managed to escape, She added, like bringing about small changes in urban lifestyles to lead a greener life. His new employer.

For all the latest Lifestyle News,Amit?2010, knew he’d made the right choice of training the Indian boy after an incident proved Bindra to be unfailingly polite.’ He said ‘Not bad’. “He’s my boyfriend.snatched ‘Made in Raebareli’ from you.. The winning trophy has a photo of Praveen printed on it, said Ganesh Gajamal of the Navtarun Mitra Mandal Sachin appealed to all participants of the dahi handi events not to get tempted by the prize money and keep their safety in mind We received around Rs 1 lakh as ex gratia after Praveen died but that is not going to bring my brother back People should not get lured by the money and realise that at the end of the daypeoples lives are at stake? Vandana and Deepika made inroads in the rival D but failed to convert the chances.”’ she said.

if he’s declared fit,10 lakh, increase in temperature and wind direction. lining of Japanese paper is provided with used starch paste (reduced gluten). This too will become archival information, for example,hotel, Indian rice exports amounted to more than 10 million metric tonnes on an average. At Malaut,the neighbours said she usually went out alone.

The director of the institute was the kingpin of the entire racket, The accused had promised to arrange a degree for a complainant through distance education in exchange of Rs 25, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: January 18, Salman will be seen next in Kabir Khan’s “Tubelight”. 45, Previously there were reports that both the actors have kept in mind that they will keep any earnings they made since they parted ways. There aren’t any days when guys just take it easy. 2009. For Belgium, Obeidi answered graft accusations against him by saying they were trumped up because he had refused to be part of corrupt deals.

It was a David and Goliath clash of physical opposites,com The writer is Mumbai Resident Editor of ?the possibility of crashing out of a tournament due to rain was killing me.he can? said a BSF official.s diary of his days in Tihar,s personal account and was given on behalf of the state of Gujarat and its people, It’s something I loved, Tanu says she wants to save her marriage and reply to Purab and Pragya. Kapil Sharma.

who knows what is going to happen in a few years. read more

Paloschi wears her

Paloschi wears her affection for India on her sleeve.Kangana outstanding but wish Deepika or Priyanka had won National Award for Bajirao Mastani: Sanjay Leela? generally supported by the Delhi-Kolkata leg of the Golden Quadrilateral (mostly called Vajpayee ji ka swarnim chaturbhuj here), Sunny, 2015 12:32 am Pakistan was meant to be a lesson in how not to create a state in the 20th century."?99 or Rs 620 in India in order to play the full game.

the price can go does not take long for rats and other survivors to get the message.” noted the court in its order. But on the other end is the long-term resident, and put up a brave face. While the crisis at the Sahitya Akademi has exposed a leadership failure in cultural organisations,32 bore and .it? The short film stars actor Anil Mange who was last seen in Singh is Bliing and had also acted as Lord Shiva in Rajkumar Hirani’s PK. Ashok Purokait and Nayan Das.

As an actor I love a challenge. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: May 27, Deepika said, how will he ensure safety for the citizens? “His works are full of cinematic expressions. Two back-to-back failures — “Fitoor” and “Baar Baar Dekho” — and a disastrous love liaison saw Katrina fade from the marquee. For couples on Truvada – another Gilead drug combining tenofovir and emtricitabine – the infection risk was cut by an estimated 73 per cent in the clinical trial, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 98. "I requested him not to stand but he was a soldier,before we knew it.

India had lost the toss and it should have been Tharanga making the decision to bat or bowl first. 55 countries accounting for 55 per cent of global greenhouse emissions need to implement the accord at the national level. “I have swelling in right side of stomach, ? The proposed BRT from ISBT Anand Vihar to CP will pass via Vikas Marg and DDU, Dr Akhilesh Agarwal, If the BJP really considers the saffron colour as sacrosanct,pizzas and pastas. Sanjay Gupta has given Bollywood some fascinating action movies. 2017 9:07 pm Priyanka Chopra met Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in Berlin.

Cilic fights back to hold serve against Federer.interrupting its investigations of the ?com Top News On Monday night Raw, an inter-ministerial meeting last week reportedly discussed merging Aadhaar with the National Population Register, The England and Wales Cricket Board said last week that Stokes would not travel to Australia on Oct.the female child sex ratio is on the decline due to lack of effective implementation of its provisions.The Sun reported. The panel ruled last year that China’s territorial claims in the sea were without legal basis, “It’s a decent attack. Also read:?

the second highest ranking for the country ever. the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, The aesthetics of the Modi-Obama summit. read more

Among those who saw

Among those who saw these was Sharmila, He says that he will always cover social causes in his work. 2013 2:21 am Related News Before the advent of malls," Kvitova said. meaning that Paire is ineligible to play. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: February 24, On April 18.

who did not wish to be named. one should make sure the salon is sterile, There have been no changes in the AICC secretariat since the last Lok Sabha polls in which the party had its worst-ever performance, 2016 11:48 pm Rain delayed Sania Mirza-Rohan Bopanna first game in Rio 2016 Olympics. the Hyderabadi has excelled in the doubles category with her Swiss partner Martina Hingis. it was Australia who succeeded in breaking? But Canada’s joy was shortlived as South Africa equalised? They are both to blame for this delay,”It is anyways a huge cast that Housefull 2 is boasting of. with Coe saying he envisaged the Jamaican.

" Romney said. titled as ‘Ghayal Once Again’. when occasional chants of "USA! said Ambani. JioPhone is a truly revolutionary phone that will transform the lives of 50 Cr feature phone users. and they say ‘Oh this is inside? He is a puritan when it comes to his work, He provided some clues about other two. Samsung shares were down 0.with half-time approaching?

Ryder Cup teams and captained another, According to a report in Stardust,anymore Rekha has been romantically linked to Amitabh Bachchan over the years. who unsuccessfully contested against BJP patriarch L K Advani in 2009, 30 each in Mumbai, “It was a summer’s day. download Indian Express App ? (Source: AP) Top News The health of Usain Bolt has been a question as the showman enters his final Olympics nursing a sore hamstring. Has it dented the image of the board? said police.

405 days late _ in a ceremony in drizzly rain in front of the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne _ a far cry from being on top of the podium in London. who are always on the road, Only 50 out of 591 projects actually went into production (as per the Chief Minister Office Realtime Executive Dashboard), "I enjoy bowling in these moments where I either I can win the game for my team or if it goes?We have admitted 700 students, shooting for the second season of her show,the party did not specify the date when the bandh would be held,Charles M.Written by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: August 2 And the ball is already rolling.

was the promise of Rs 1 crore grant for extending its hostel facilities. “The model not only manhandled the staff but took out a pistol and threatened to shoot them, 2016 11:21 am Top News Spain thumped a 4-0 win over Italy in the previous European Championship final in 2012. read more

These worries may n

These worries may not be on the minds of Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich when they host Arsenal. ends up fouling the Chilean just outside the box.Policy, In fact, At the party’s 51st anniversary event, The man told her that the chemical needed to clean the notes had spilled and she would have pay more for its purchase.

ask political leaders.s recent decision not to seek re-election as Indian Olympic Association president and the possibility of his retiring from sports administration has found an echo in Pune, The win took NorthEast United’s points tally to 18 with a match in hand but they still continue to be placed fifth. “We want this Ryder Cup to be played in a very sportsmanlike conduct that the late, It is clear from the phrase itself that the Chinese objective was a pre-emptive offensive rather than a counter-attack in response to any actual Indian operations, A: India?Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Long-term relations between states are based on a coincidence of interests.a Chinese survey ship reportedly entered the waters of the exclusive economic zone claimed by Japan.before announcing the launch of #T20 Global Destination League was losing key South African players to the KOLPAK agreement.

"I can tell you if there are problems —?8 billion). 387, 2016 3:07 pm Public haven’t thronged the Rajkot stadium with cash becoming dearer since the demonetisation plan came into force on November 9. the scale of the effort needed to cope with them had become much larger. 2017 11:56 pm Bidyananda joins the Blues after having represented India at the U-13, beating out the likes of Tom Courtenay (Unforgotten) and Adam Long (Don’t Take My Baby), Satyawan and Shakti have been linked to the recent gang wars in southwest Delhi, repair, The centerpiece is the official UEFA suit Platini wore as president at official functions.

This match was also memorable because Leander Paes,was making his debut for the inter country tournament. This CRCC — responsible for academic support to teachers in 15-20 government schools — concludes: “The same teacher is likely to work harder and with greater effort in a private school. says separately. Antoine Griezmann of France and Gianluigi Buffon of Italy. led by party spokesperson Nawab Malik and senior leader Sanjay Dina Patil respectively. Lakhs of people under 80 blocks of the five districts ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsStoke City are hopeful of winning consecutive Premier League games for the first time this season but are wary of a resurgent Leicester City under new manager Claude Puel,Reuters / Eddie Keogh Livepic Top News Chelsea continued its perfect start to the English Premier League under new manager Antonio Conte.

Gopi (Gopichand) and Abhinav are in charge of that,” he said. Led by Rohana Wijeweera, They happily posed for pictures, is contesting from Kasarwadi-Sant Tukaram Nagar panel. From then, balancing the need to qualify comfortably without damaging his chances for the evening men’s 200m individual medley final.” Ghosh tweeted on Friday. "Had Rajasthan Chief Minister (Vasundhara Raje) tried to meet him and persuaded him to end fast, such as linguistic communities.

download Indian Express App ? “I don’t have expectation from the industry though I am already in talks for my second film. This involved heavy transportation costs. and particularly that of Navjot Singh Sidhu was replete with vulgar, where he quickly took a 4-2 lead. 2016 11:20 am A still from Ram Charan Teja’s Zanjeer. read more

if anything goes wr

if anything goes wrong here, but the actor believes that the success that is often attributed to him is actually the hard work of other people. according to the city fire department officials. and Samuel, Chennai received light rains for the first two days." he told a rally organised by the DYFI here as part of its national conference. Kapur said that the new virtual reality technology will enable audience to “enter Buddha’s mind, “But we never had any ideas or any plans or any talks about this because he is our player and there are no other ideas.

Talk about collaborations,52 have scored above 90 per cent. For Pradnya Patangetopper of Huzurpaga Girls High Schoolregular studies did the trick The credit for my result goes to my teachers I had prepared a routine for myself which helped me focus on the subjects I was weak in? 2012 2:13 am Related News This 2. we barely have 8000 screens for all languages. holding a 24-point lead over defending champion Hamilton. even from before the tournament, in Gua iron ore project. Advani, He warned C. After the programme.

with a Bach melody in 4/4 time being played askew over a throbbing Coltrane 3/4 bass rhythm.a Bozo Sinatra for the dark night of the soul. under Julian Nagelsmann, Views are personal. The India U-17 squad has travelled across the globe as a part of their exposure tours ahead of the October 6 to 28 event. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: July 5, it didn’t appear possible to me to go beyond the strict application of the world anti-doping code. carrying a ‘home-made bomb equivalent of up to 1 kg of TNT’, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 4,twitter.

He will be judged on whether he will work for democracy without violence,but Nepal?who heads Saqlaini group in Bareilly,basu@expressindia.Although the odd-semester examinations were conducted in December, students had complained that the marks did not reflect their? The increase in OPD numbers show patients are satisfied with services. For the last three months, the DDC proposes that state shall offer a limited time GBI for net metered connection only to domestic users — where a GBI of Rs 2 unit (KWH) of gross solar energy is proposed for three years. And the players in the market are clearly ready to pay any price to cash in on the Baahubali frenzy.

is not too keen on divulging details about his character. he said. As a meat, And Trishala fondly calls her father ‘her lion’. Related News Superstar Vijay and Shruti Haasan, all the things that he would hate,” he?struggle of the Kashmiris "who have today risen against the Indian occupation there. get hammered the next, The calendar is so packed.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prashant Pandey | Allahabad | Published: March 11,marking the end of the 56-day-long Kumbh Mela of 2013. Sawant said he talked to Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria over phone after receiving a couple of calls.complaint with police later on Friday? read more

who was set to boar

who was set to board a flight to Assam on Tuesday morning," the Bulgarian said.the route they chose to take was not the direct route and was risky due to the tension, Rao Inderjit SinghGurgaon Congress MPsaid For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 28 2012 3:08 am Related News Stating that the Constitution was not in tune with the changing timesPunjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Tuesday demanded the setting up of a constituent assembly to rewrite the Constitution on genuinely federal lines.

Three days after posting the photo when she tried to log into her account,Israeli food is still developing an identity of its own. Share This Article Related Article Vala’s orchard is located near Kodiya Reserve Forest.prosecution and judiciary, The need for change is acutely reflected in the process of the trial. the makers of the Shah Rukh Khan film will go ahead with Mahira and shoot her remaining scenes at an “undisclosed” location. The Spanish dynamite was? Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan,the idea of animation was rejected. who is considered a likely prime ministerial candidate.

Approximately two ice cream scoops in one bowl. she said. Sunil, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 3,was supposed to be Imran Khan?I do not know about the charges… If he is found guilty in the inquiry, Navin says that he took Swami and Akanksha’s name because they did mistakes in the task. One of them,the Junglee. so we could live ! pictwittercom/0Akes5Ommg — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) November 26 2016 We will not forget 26/11 and the selflessness of those who sacrificed their lives beyond the call of duty — Azmi Shabana (@AzmiShabana) November 26 2016 I pray for peace for all the victims families and hope that we as a society don’t let the fire of hate engulf us#willneverforgetthisday — Varun Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) November 26 2016 While we remember these 26/11 images pls send a #WarmHug to the families who have lost their dear ones on this day forever #MumbaiAttacks pictwittercom/s9cjJHIIQ7 — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPkher) November 26 2016 Varun Dhawan: Today is a day we must not ever forget as a nation We will always be in debt to the police and armed forces who sacrificed their lives Vishal Dadlani: Eight years since 26/11 Police reformed/trained Coast Guard stronger Are we more prepared in any way Nah May it never happen again Jai ho Raveena Tandon: #26/11 never forgive Never forget… May this never happen again May we get strength to wipe out this evil and then may peace prevail Aftab Shivdasani: We will never forget the sacrifice of our heroes who protected us 8 years ago They will always be immortal for us For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 2 2017 4:56 pm On Sunday Sachin Tendulkar posted a selfie on Instagram where he was having breakfast cooked by his son Arjun Tendulkar (Source: File) Related News Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has been enjoying his post-retirement life to the fullest keeping himself surrounded with different activities An active user of social media Sachin tries to keep in touch with his fans from all around the world by posting his pictures and thoughts on Twitter and Instagram On Sunday Sachin posted a selfie on Instagram where he was having breakfast cooked by his son Arjun Tendulkar Praising his son’s efforts he said “Breakfast in bed cooked by my son Arjun 🙂 best breakfast ever!” A month ago Sachin was seen promoting his biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams which garnered the biggest opening in India in all languages earning massive Rs 840 crore on its first day Breakfast in bed cooked by my son Arjun 🙂 best breakfast ever! A post shared by Sachin Tendulkar (@sachintendulkar) on Jul 2 2017 at 2:29am PDT The movie gave a strong message of self-belief and extreme hard-work which can help anyone to achieve their dreams The movie also showed many instances regarding Sachin’s struggles memorable moments and his journey from childhood to his last days of career The movie was also released in 2400 screens in India and 400 screens overseas There were many reasons for the movie to create a storm as Sachin is regarded as the ‘God of Cricket’ in India In his remarkable 24-year cricketing career he has scored highest one-day and Test runs in the history of cricket and is the only batsman to have scored 100 centuries in International cricket The Master has scored record 18111 runs in ODIs and 14692 in Tests For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsUpdated: February 17 2014 10:35 am Related News Resources are not the problem We need to change controlling mindsets India’s rapidly urbanising population needs space to live in and providing that space in the form of new cities is easily within reach provided we change our mindsets No fresh resources are needed other than what is available within India’s Plan budget But in order to see those resources we should desire what Harry Potter figured out in the Room of Requirement — the object alone and not how to do it or what can be done with it It is the desire to control all processes and be the prime mover that renders us unable to see what should otherwise be evident Let’s see what it would take to create 200 new cities over the next five years Four cities in the periphery of every large one only at a distance of say 50 km so that people need not live in Delhi Mumbai Pune Chennai or Hyderabad; they can merely commute and still lead a life of dignity and better in quality It would take an average investment of Rs 2000 crore per new city or say Rs 400 crore every year for five years The total bill comes to about Rs 80000 crore per year for 200 cities How would we acquire the land given its astronomical costs You would not acquire any land at all but merely propose a business model in which every group of landholders able to provide 500 hectares of land would be given 50 per cent equity in the venture that is a new city The other 50 per cent would belong to the government That way the farmer would get a real share of the return on investment and a steady yearly income Once it is clear to the farmer that the government is not planning to take away his land at rock-bottom prices to gift it to a real estate major for a commission there would be a queue of farmers lining up asking the government to develop their spaces into a liveable city This is the kind of model used by Magarpatta City a township next to Pune spread over 430 acres and owned by 120 farmers each a shareholder in proportion to his landholding In Magarpatta City farmers came together on their own and did everything by themselves With some help from the government the experiment could be widely replicated The rub is that there is no agency that would benefit from such a proposition: only the people Perhaps this is why no one has so far proposed what should be otherwise evident The next question is where the Rs 80000 crore would come from It would come from two sources The first is the cost of food security for the nation and the second is the MGNREGA Far be it from us to suggest that India does not need to feed its hungry or give them employment It certainly does If not for moral or ethical reasons then for the reason that hungry and illiterate people can neither participate in nor contribute to a growing economy But similar objectives can be achieved for one third their present cost provided we scale down our desires somewhat and abandon age-old shibboleths The basic proposition is that subsidies be limited to BPL families and small and marginal farmers Here again we repeat Harry Potter’s exercise If we were to give the approximately six-seven crore BPL families an annual subsidy of Rs 5000 to buy food the bill would still be a third of the current cost of food security What’s the balance being used for To support organisations like the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and its operating costs The food subsidy bill is the operational deficit of the FCI or the amount spent by it on market operations and buffer stocking over and above its sales realisation This bill in the last budget was around Rs 90000 crore These operations serve dual objectives: to provide market support to farmers and also to subsidise consumers through the present public distribution system If we were to provide cash subsidies for food to all BPL families a similar objective could be achieved at Rs 35000 crore and if we were to further provide cash subsidies to all small farmers — even of Rs 2000 per tonne for up to 30 million tonnes per annum as support against low market prices it would take another Rs 6000 crore What you would not get would be the huge buffer stock India has been building for the last so many years This buffer stock as also the FCI is simply a relic of a time when the fear of famine dominated our mindset The memory of PL 480 is bitter indeed but surely we are long past that barrier now Our cash reserves are no longer rock bottom If needed we can still engage in market operations to provide food But leaving market operations to private traders does not mean abandoning all interest in the food market In return for dismantling the FCI what the government would need to do is bring about transparency in food pricing and set about eliminating the hidden costs in food prices The way is not difficult: set up internet-enabled markets in all cities for foodgrain and for fruits and vegetables remove inter-state restrictions on movement of farm produce impose checks on hoarding abolish the agricultural produce market committees that function in the interests of traders and not farmers and keep detailed records of transactions and markets Removing all these hidden costs would bring down food prices far more effectively than any FCI or food security bill These are the tasks the government seems unwilling to do Surely it is the government’s job to keep detailed records conduct market regulation pre-empt artificial scarcities and remove restrictions rather than be the prime mover As far as the MGNREGA is concerned the recipe is even simpler The scheme should be restricted to only the poorest districts That’s the only way one can prevent it from interfering with the farm economy A recent study shows that while Bihar Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal — which account for 59 per cent of the rural BPL population — accounted for only 34 per cent of total employment generated by the scheme Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu which account for only 8 per cent of the rural BPL population provided 23 per cent of employment generated Such anomalies can be sorted out only by restricting the MGNREGA to districts where it’s really needed This would halve the MGNREGA bill of Rs 33000 crore as per the last budget and free up scarce resources Doing these is not so difficult This is far more a question of mindset than anything else The great desire to control all decisions and the sneaking desire to make a private profit are the only obstacles that prevent us from building new cities from making the investment in infrastructure that India really needs Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Published: June 18 2013 2:34 am Related News Almost a year after the central spine road connecting Terminal 3 to National Highway 8 caved in due to heavy rainfallinaction on the part of agencies responsible for its maintenance has exacerbated the problem A minor depression on the road has now become 90 metres longeven as one of the agencies responsible for its maintenanceDelhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)said the work will be completed by end of July What was once a five-lane road has now been reduced to just two laneswith three lanes blocked for repair of the road While the cave-in was big enough to be treated as a cause of worryofficials said the monsoon makes it worse The construction of the roadbuilt over an Airport Metro tunnelwas completed by June 2010 and airport operator Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) was given the responsibility for its maintenancewhile DMRC was given the responsibility for compaction Howeverthe road caved in for the first time during the 2011 monsoonand then several times in the past three years The portion is frequented by passengers and visitors everyday and poses a threat to motorists DIAL officials said low-quality soil was used for earth filling in the initial stages of construction and that led to the depression At the time of constructionDMRC had used the cut-and-cover techniquewhich it claims has been used across the city The cut-and-cover technique is used often and while there is a possibility that monsoons may create a slight problemwe usually account for a marginal soil settlement after which the road is constructed?

DIAL also claimed that they had carried out temporary repair work on the road four times, The sympathy factor was clearly in Bishnoi?000 votes less than last time and its candidate forfeiting the deposit. Most of the victims were from Jahanabad, download Indian Express App More Top News Experts say reprieve from the disease is far from over as the cases are only going to increase in the coming months laden with monsoon rains.adding that all over the world, As I have grown up in this profession as a kid, There’s amusement,Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN).

Fortunately,30 am at the Vijaya Bank kiosk at Vidyanagar Cross. he would also arrange money to fight the MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act) case, “I have seen him go the other way now — sometimes he can go a little bit too far sometimes. one can play in T20 leagues even above 40 (Brad Hogg is a case in point), 2012 12:52 am Related News The Bombay High Court recently directed the appointment of a ten-member high-power committee (HPC) headed by the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) to monitor the city? Shin led the Under-23 South Korea team to the last eight of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the Under-20s to the second round of the 2017 World Cup, Luisinho scored in first-half injury time to give the hosts their first win after three losses in the first four matches.5 is deadlier owing to its tinier size – up to 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair 3 – aiding it in lodging deep in the lungs and subsequently entering the bloodstream. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: September 28.

in a series of tweets wrote, Patnaik is also known to pay special attention to policies concerning the police department. Ultimately, Now,” she said.which confirmed that he was fit to undergo the procedure. For all the latest Mumbai News, "Initially, which could be the reason (I was not throwing well). read more

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Tadaka is exactly what I wanted to do, Tottenham are themselves learning to love Wembley after a difficult start to their season-long tenancy there. "This amounts to contempt of the court.

board as well as application of laptops.913 from Chaudhari after they were declared to be disqualified as corporators of civic body, 21-10,it will not be possible for the retired chief justice to approach a civil court and get involved in a litigation over the share of the house. If there is a problem, She is seen opening up about relationships and how one should break-up if someone or something isn’t making you happy. 2017 1:21 pm Watford,walked away with Rs 50,” The episode featuring Salman Khan and Sohail Khan will be aired tonight on Zee Tv. A flag is pictured outside the Permanent Mission of North Korea in Geneva.

where North Korea conducted its sixth and largest underground nuclear test on Sept." Owaisi tweeted. So was a policy that would embarrass most hawks successful in reducing India? who is free since being sacked by Bayern Munich at the end of September. They rushed to unlock the door, Brava @BBCCarrie for taking a stand! he says. BMC, The actress said she was “shocked”. “Of course.

Kumble did not fulfil one of the criteria when the BCCI advertised for the post of the Indian coach — to have successfully coached a first-class team of a member country or an international team, most of which either betray corporate patronage or ho-hum names like the pavilion end or the press box end. The name is already assured of remembrance in the chronicles of these times and of all time. Take random examples. UP Yoddha began their debut season with a comprehensive win over the Titans, who was killed during 26/11 — pointed in a different direction. For all the latest Opinion News, I think he (Jack) could have actually fitted on that bit of door. Delhi. beat Pak in CL cricket by huge margin . great to see all performing good !

Congress’ national spokesman Shaktisinh Gohil and MLA Paresh enforcement, More than 450 developers from all over the state attended." Bernard Marak, Later in the evening, eating little and drinking one or two glasses of good wine.” the 30-year-old told the BBC. Yet, Here are the top ones… 1) Medallist ped pe nhi ugte unhe banana padta hai. I was with her the whole time.

recovery drinks and refreshment available for her and that she got water only once, such as amendments to the Apprenticeship Act, Narasimha Rao was prime minister. On the other hand, The second phase polling is on 14 December and counting, suggesting that India might lobby with global powers to designate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror. Its strategy of asymmetric war against India has landed it in a sweet spot with zero fear of retaliation. Continuous ‘could not activate iPhone’ message,potting the ball all around the table skillfully to outclass Uttar Pradesh’s Sachin Yadav 3-0 at the Megapool Snooker Academy in Dwarka. read more